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Any other Scrapbookers!!!


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Dear Allison:

I'm finding I'm getting a lot done during the night with this jet lag hanging on, and I've got some more ideas you and anyone else might be interested in. When I first started scrapping I just created individual pages, leaving me with little cohesiveness that I later noticed in others' books. Go to http://www.simplescrapbooksmag.com (it's the same magazine). under Simple Scrapbooks in a navy blue box is a drop down menu under "Start Here". print out the Formula sheet.

I found it really helpful to organize the book that I had been so overwhelmed about how to even start. If you follow (not necessarily to the letter) the part about the order and things to include like: title page, table of contents (I have to leave that for the end and dont do page numbers-just sections of the book to make it easy to locate something special, a dedication page--it's hard to write at first, but your descendants or the recipient of the gift book will love you forever. Sometimes I even make a section/chapter page at the beginning of each section. It was really vital when I made a family history book.It would look nice to divide the book into: the ship, activities, friends made, your waiters and steward, ports of call...

The reason I sound so bossy is that I am going to be making some books for some of my fellow cruisers (for $) who don't scrap and I am trying to set up my own organization form. It will be difficult since I don't have their photos, so I'll just have to leave mats or frames for them to attach their own pictures. Also, for myself, i like to include little secret notes to myself about the trip that i put in a pocket behind a photo.

Another tricky trick to make the overall book look better is to stick to a color scheme. I'm going to try to use Navy, yellow gold, and light blue for the ship and tan and blue for beach scenes.Try to picture what colors you remember most .

You also might want to duplicate the album I bought on the ship by getting one with an opening for a photo on the cover and put a postcard or photo of your ship in it.

For ideas and wonderful stuff look at tropicalscrapbooking.com and


I apologize for monopolizing this forum. I just have so much fun doing it and have some big plans to try to make a business of it to sell a ready-made, just paste your photos in a scrapbook to try to sell to non-scrappers. It may be a dumb idea, so suggestions are welcome--probably at my private email address.

Thanks for putting up with me and I hope I have some good ideas--AZKathy

ps-look up the E-cuts web site. You can download neat clip art (frames, borders, journal blocks, etc) for a good prive and then print them out as many time . Try it, you'll like it.

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When my sister in law and I took our 10-day Caribbean Cruise, I pre-made door signs for each day of our trip on 12 X 12 scrapbook pages such as "Day at Sea" "Hondurus" "Formal Night" etc. I designed them with stickers and graphics of things we had planned to do. I attached strip magnets to the back and they stuck right on the cabin doors. Once we were home, I removed the magnets and the pages went right into my scrapbook each one followed by pictures and memorabilia from that day. You can view these on the following web site. http://community.webshots.com/user/georgi0316 and check out the 6 Splender cruise albums also while there check out "OrangeVale Royal Crew" these were door signs I made for a group cruise on the Monarch. Makes nice inserts into scrapbooks plus people left notes on ours which was like getting autographs. Easy and fun to do and memories for a lifetime.

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Hello Fellow Scrapbookers.


I need to join a "scrapbookers anynomous" club(or forum).

All of your suggestions I read are great! I usually save my sign-and sail card as well. I like to take pictures of those great towel animals that the cabin stuart makes in your cabin. One time ours made a hanging monkey hanging from the closet bar with my cheap sunglasses on its' face. It was hilarious, becuase I thought we didn't have one until I opened my closet that evening!




What a hoot! anyways, walmart has very reasonble prices on stickers, photo corners, die cut outs and (one of my fav's) -TAGS! Tags are soooo fun! You can use little rhinstone letters, or even sparkly stickers from your local dollar tree to "doll" up those tags. Make 'em say "travel" or "my cruise" or even"the prom I never had" for formal nights! Champane, wine glasses labels are great or even wine glass, martini stickers are super cute(try new years party type of acid free stickers.) Oh don't forget the wavy scissors(llike the ocean) to cut shinny paper for pics. a great website is

www.francesmeyer.com(you don't have to buy just get ideas and then shop to find the best deal at the dollar tree or walmart. hope this helps( I know all of your ideas have helped me!)


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I've been scrapbooking for several years - mostly doing family gift books. Last year a friend decided to join my sister and I on a cruise in Jan/Feb so for her christmas we created a cruise scrapbook that she could just add her pictures to after the fact.


It was pretty basic, cover page with the Ship and the sail dates. Double spreads representing the ship and the each of the islands we were going to: Pool Page with cocktail stickers on it for the pool events, sea/turtles for Grand Cayman, Beach scene for Labadee etc. Also included some generic cruise stickers for her to use. I'm just sorry I didn't do the same for myself as I haven't got around to scrapping my cruise.

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Kansas, I will upload my scrapbook into my Yahoo photos and make it Public so anyone can view it. I am doing it now, as I type. This is my first attempt at scrapbooking, so I used my first Cruise last April as my "guinea pig". I was so excited waiting for the trip that I bought alot of stuff (cruise-related stickers and such) before I even went. That might have been backwards, in retrospect, but it turned out very pleasing to me! I bought most of my stuff off Ebay and a few things at the local crafts store (Michaels for Tucson area). I also bought a tablet of colored construction paper to use for under some of the photos, to make them stand out mroe. Anyway, I will leave the link at the bottom of this post, and if it doesn't work, let me know and I will try it again.

Some of my ideas- I collected the "Princess Patters" or daily activity newsletters that were delivered to the cabin each night for the next days' activities, and I cut those out and used them with photos I took. Like the Captain's Welcome party, or the facts about the ship. or the ports we were going to , the musical shows ...things like that.

Each person will have their own style, and you will find yours. I had so much fun doing this!

My personal favorite page is the one where I took a photo of the restaurant names , then got photos of me with all the waiters we had ,and I put them together on the page. Another page I made was my "souvenier page" where I took photos of the 3 dimensional items I bought or acquired along the way. That way, they were still in my scrapbook but not as a bulky item.


Hope you (and whoever else wants to look) enjoy them!




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Wow they all turned out great! I haven't posted many of mine from this last cruise. I am learning what to use differently as I cruise so they don't all like the same. I used our excursion book with our port photos on the frist cruise. On the second I did our port photos with the counrty flag and a little tid bit of the counrty with it. I think on the next one I will use the info from the patter (if it is okay with you). I was trying to think Of something different on this next one and thanks to you I found it. I love seeing other cruise layouts they are fun. Did you see the link to the scrapbook store I put on one of my earlier posts? They really do have some next scrapbooking things and pages I haven't seen any place else. Plus they have some pages to go with the countries as well.

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Kansas- Feel free to use the Patters. I actually got that idea from someone else on these boards before I went. I thought it was a great idea too!

I did bookmark that website you printed, as well as a few others I saw on here and I will for sure use them!

I don't have any other cruises in my near future (but I will be scrapping again!)


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Did you know that you can post pictures right here? Just hit the "button" at the bottom of the page, "manage attachments" and then upload your file. It needs to be within a certain size, or it won't upload. It is certainly large enough to see very clearly each page. I'll try to see if i can get one of my pages to upload and show you.

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I have been scrapbooking for 5 years now and I must be the consultant's best customer. I have many scrapbooks, all with different themes. Most are the 12 x 12 variety. Most are Creative Memories. They are pricy, yes, but some are priceless.


They have the pocket pages for memorabilia, the calendar pages where you can write in a bit for each day you are away and the stickers and lots of other products.


Sometimes I buy stuff at Michael's stores too and they have a nice selection and knock-off CM pages at less money and also the page protectors. In fact, they have the albums as well and you can get them with 40% off coupons you find in newspapers.


I buy postcards at each port as they have the wonderful sights of the places and the correct spelling and it sure helps you remember what you did where.


Journaling is important too with the acid free pens as that helps you remember as well.


Pictures can be cropped and unwanted skies and such can be cropped off and therefore, you can get more pictures on the pages making it more economical and easier for people to go through your albums.


Even stores like Staples have things of interest to scrapbookers, like the corners which are great for the postcards and the pictures you don't want to stick down or cut. They have the scissors, The Fiskars 12" cutting system, (like a guillotine) and such.


There are rubber stamps that can help with the decorations and also the punches which have many different themes.


It is so nice to have the albums with all the different places. Now when we are too old and can no longer cruise, we can relive the lovely vacations we had through our albums.


We just finished our trip to Australia & New Zealand and have 14 rolls of film developed so I should start on that very soon while it is fresh in my mind. I was disappointed that on Princess you could not buy postcards of the ship - Sapphire. They sell photos in their photo shops but not postcards. Holland America has them free in the cabins and always available in their libraries and other lines sell them in their gift shops at 5 for $2.00 but not Princess. Even a lot of pre and post hotels have the cards in the room free.


Creative Memories products can be bought on eBay and often cheaper than from the consultants. It is fun to just go through the listing and see what people are offering. Even if you buy it elsewhere, you will know what is available.


Yes, it is good to keep all the cruise cards, other small items, etc.


Happy Cruising and scrapping.

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I was in COSTCO today, doing the usual shopping, and found a pack of two beautiful leather-bound scrapbooks (with/without an open window on the front), post-bound, for $12.95! I also found some Acid Free 12x12 cardstock in beautiful colors (lots of different colors) for $12.95 for 300 sheets! Wonderful buy. You'd think I won the lottery.



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I have a couple scrapbooking newbie questions if you don't mind -


I bought all this cool stuff from the yahoo store and something came that I thought was stickers and turns out to be a transparency. What do I do with a transparency? It says to attach with hooks and eyelets ?? :confused: or mount and frame :confused:


and what are these tags that you've mentioned??


Dumb in Delaware :o

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I just stumbled onto this thread. I am very excited to find it. Transparencies can be used as titles, the center of a slide mount, frame, place them on pictures, tags. I have attached mine with eyelets or brads. Most glue will be visible. Hope this helps....I am going on an Alaskan cruise in August. The website scrapyourtrip- has an amazing bunch of stuff.

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We are going to Alaska for the first time on our very first cruise in May. I want to do a separate scrapbook for that trip and I would like to get an "Alaska Album". I've been looking on the internet, but can only come up one album that isn't quite what I was looking for. (Blue cover this a silver "Alaska" in the bottom right corner.) Has anyone seen anything different?

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We must have just missed you--we were on the ocean crossing of the Sapphire (Nov 22-Dec 23). Anyway, if you want a postcard for your album, I have extras. They are not the glossy photo-like postcards, but have an oval shaped picture of the ship on the front. Email me: khmccorkle@cox.net

I'd also be curious to learn some of your opinions about the ship. Our trip had so many disappointments and errors. I hope they learned from our fellow passengers' comments and suggestions.

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