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  1. I did pub crawl with hubby on an Alaskan cruise last year and it was TONS of fun. There was only about 10 of us but the crew made it very entertaining... It was more than just drinking. Only bad part was they did it the last day of the cruise so everyone you met and made friends with the next day you were leaving.
  2. My hubby likes a specific Scotch and the website doesn't have it listed. So anytime we cruise, the first day we either ask the concierge (if we are in a NS) or go to guest services and ask if they have that brand of Scotch on board. They always have and they charge our room for the bottle and we get it delivered about 30 min later. Very easy.
  3. The first cruise we booked with HAL (never sailed with HAL before) we got an email offer to pay for a higher category cabin from a balcony to NS. We jumped on that offer. So, we were not loyal members at that point as that was our first cruise. I am not sure who, what or why determines who gets an upgrade/upsell offer email... Sometimes we have gotten upgrade/upsell offers thru email a few weeks before sailing or a week before if we've booked a guarantee room. I can't advise if people who have booked an actual stateroom get offers for upgrade/upsell, so if someone has experience on that feel free to answer that. I don't want to give any incorrect info. Usually we book a balcony/SS or NS cabin and have gotten offers. But never before have I gotten a Pinnacle Suite offer email before until our last cruise in Alaska.
  4. 🙂 The worst they can say is No. I would have paid $750 but doesn't hurt to ask and surprisingly I got it a bit lower.
  5. We booked a NS guarantee for a 7 day Alaska cruise in May 2017 and a week before sailing we got an offer for Pinnacle Suite for 1000 pp. I called the number and spoke with someone and made a joke to them that if it came down to 600 pp then I'd do it. The woman on the phone told me they wouldn't go that low and I thanked her for her time. I didn't think much of it and then two days later I got another email for 750 pp for the Pinnacle. I called back and said would you do 600 pp and ended up settling on 650 pp for Pinnacle. It was worth it just to say you experienced it. I was surprised no one else booked it before we got it and even more surprised I could negotiate with them some what.
  6. Thanks for the info I will give the 800# a call. I didn't realize that booking online didn't give the PCC credit. I assumed, incorrectly, that their name would be attached to my mariner # anytime I book something. We've cruised with Holland America the past four cruises and only got OBC once and it was pretty minimal. We usually book within the final payment window so maybe that is why?
  7. Not sure if they still have this but they used to have the hot chocolate individual packs. So you would just pour that into your cup and then get hot water and stir it up. They have lemonade and sometimes a fruit punch from what I remember.
  8. Hi all, hoping to get some info from you fine folks. Hubby and I booked a guarantee veranda cabin on the N. Amsterdam. If there is availability can we pay to change our room to a Signature Suite? We have tried to reach our PCC but haven't gotten a response and it's been several days. We've already made the final payment for the cruise. I wasn't sure if this is something that is allowed, or if anyone has done that previously? I'm assuming we would just pay the difference... Also, if we are able to do this, would we get the bonus suite points for mariner purposes since it technically would not be an upgrade/upsell since we'd be paying the difference? Thanks all 🙂
  9. Thanks for the tip. How long would you say the walk is? Do you need reservations, or are walk ins welcome?
  10. What's the best way to get to The Office? You get off the ship and then what... Taxi, not sure if Uber or Lyft is available?
  11. I've done a signature suite with four people and it wasn't ideal. Although a larger room, the privacy aspect and bathroom availability was a hassle. Still had a great cruise.
  12. I don't know why HAL seems to lack severely in the communication department when changes are implemented. I've never used a TA and the PCC we've been assigned with is not helpful. I have sent numerous emails and never gotten responses or responses a week later. So, I just book everything thru the HAL website on my own, but feel like I am missing some perks based on this thread and other threads about how one books their cruise. We get the casino rate on most cruises with HAL and wasn't sure if that would be something a TA would be able to get as well... Biggest thing we like if available is OBC. And sadly we never get any when I book thru the HAL website...
  13. Thanks for the review, i'll be on this ship in a few weeks 🙂
  14. I cruise out of San Diego on April 21st for the 7 day Mexican cruise. Very excited!!! Never been to the San Diego port before. How can I see if there will be other ships there and if that will impact the amount of people coming in and out?
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