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  1. Not tech savy on Facebook. How do I just make a post public for Celebrity without making it public to everyone else in the world? If not, will skip this PUP.
  2. Ps thanks for the link, I think I deleted their email by mistake.
  3. I don't use Facebook much so don't know where to find my handle. I don't want to open up my page to public but willing to post a picture as they requested.
  4. I would like to see videos about the captains and crew members from their ships.
  5. The videos were very nice. The audio had some issues. But they did offer some interesting information about the islands and animals. I'm sure they will learn from this for future webinars. Galapagos looks beautiful. They did mention that you need a certain amount of mobility to get in and out of tenders and doing stairs. That counts us out. Wish we had tried a cruise like this when we were younger and more mobile.
  6. I found it interesting to read about the Med ports although we'll probably never make it to the Med unless we do a TA. I also used the site to do some quick research on a couple of ports for our next cruise to either Charleston/Bermuda or the Caribbean (less walking/more relaxation). I'm happy to receive the points since we had our cruise cancelled this year. There probably won't be enough points offered to get us to Elite until after our next cruise but the extra points are helpful and appreciated.
  7. I usually get one on Wednesday but didn't see any Captains Club emails this week. Any one else get one?
  8. Just checked both of our Captain's Club numbers and even though I've only been doing the points through my DH's number, our Captain's Club points are the same amount. I guess ours our linked.
  9. Does it matter that we've only been doing the CC points under my husband's number? For some reason, I thought they applied to both of us. If not, I have a lot of catching up to do. Arrrgghhh!
  10. We did self-booking with United to departure port for last cruise and Celebrity Air returning. Can't remember why we did it that way. When booking with Celebrity Air, we were told we needed to make full payment to have confirmed seats on our returning flight (instead of waiting until final payment). Was told we could book seats but could be changed by airline before we made final payment so paid right away. With the Covid pandemc, we decided to lift & shifts our cruise to 12/21. United wouldn't refund our money. Advised to use our booking number and rebook next year when flights opened up for 12/21. Celebrity Air refunded our flight and we received the credit within 2 weeks. Next time will only use Celebrity Air.
  11. LOL. That sounds about right for the note. Can only imaging how many they have to use.
  12. One time on the Silhouette I had just come out of the shower naked and when I looked towards my balcony there were two employees cleaning my balcony. After quickly hopping back into the bathroom to put on a robe, I closed my curtains and then called down to customer services to admonish them that they did not let us know that there would be anybody on our balcony that afternoon. They apologized and surprised me the next day by sending us a bottle of wine and chocolate covered strawberries along with a lovely note of apology.
  13. Thanks for link. Went to your link and later got the email myself.
  14. Since some people are getting the emails and some not, can someone post one/the link when they come out? We can upload, etc. and populate with our own Captain's Club numbers. Thanks!
  15. Our May 2020 cruise was cancelled and we just moved our December 2020 cruise to December 2021. That will be our next cruise!
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