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  1. We're doing this cruise next year. What themed balls did they have? I used to bring a suitcase with outfits for the themed balls. We haven't been on QM2 in awhile so really looking forward to next year's Caribbean cruise. Mostly for the warm weather and sunshine but we also enjoy dressing, etc. for dinner. Hoping there will be some reviews of this year's cruise.
  2. Luv2Crus40

    On board QM2 now.

    Thanks for the update. I was watching NY Harbor Cam and was wondering why the QM2 hadn't left port yet. Hope the rest of your voyage is enjoyable!
  3. DH & I have gone to greet & meets on other cruise lines but wondered if they have them on the QM2? When I look at QM2 roll calls, there never seems to be many people signed up. When we previously sailed on QM2, my TA's travel company arranged their own meet & greet cocktail party for their customers (they have since discontinued this practice - bummer). We were not cruise critic members at that time, either.
  4. Luv2Crus40

    Notes from an 8/26/18 EB QM2 crossing

    Thanks for all the information. Our cruise is not until next year. It's been awhile since we were last on QM2 and really looking forward to it. I was reading some drinks lists on another post but did not see any seltzer listed. Does anyone know if seltzer is available on the QM2?
  5. Luv2Crus40

    Cunard drinks are such a rip off..

    Thanks for the info. Now know what's offered to plan for my QM2 cruise next year. I was looking for seltzer on the drinks menu but didn't see it.
  6. Luv2Crus40

    Captain Kate?

    My DH and I have sailed with her twice. Both times she made the trip more enjoyable by being so visible and personable. I was even able to pose for several pictures with her. She is also a really good captain and cares for the safety of her guests. She also used to take the Summit by the Statute of Liberty before leaving NY Harbor. I see other ships doing that now so I wonder if she started it. You know you are in good hands sailing with Captain Kate!!
  7. Luv2Crus40


    Thanks for the list. I've been waiting for the 2020 schedule to see if we could fit in a cruise. We're back on QM2 next fall to Caribbean. Have to wait that long because of upcoming surgeries. Bon Voyage!
  8. Luv2Crus40

    Summit Dailies July 22, 2018 to July 28, 2018 - NJ to Bayonne

    Thanks so much for the dailies. We had to cancel our cruise this year to Bermuda due to illness, so it was nice to spend some time "on board".
  9. We usually do Celebrity Summit to Bermuda before the middle of may to avoid kids (This is a 7 day cruise though). Weather can be iffy in early May, but captain usually tries to find good weather on cruise. Bermuda you can't predict. We have been lucky to have great weather each time we went but ocean was cold. Also, there's not threat of a hurricane in early May. Since we only walk along the shore, not a problem for us. Summit is a great ship for a relaxing cruise. No bells and whistles but still lots to do - if you want to. WE don't - we just sit on deck 11 forward to relax (past the pool area where it's a little quieter) and enjoy the seas and sky during the day, and enjoy the ambiance of the main dining room and entertainment at night. NOTE: you can book the room you want now and then watch for the promotions. Also, they usually drop prices significantly in March/April to get the ships filled. We had a cruise booked for 9-2-18 to Bermuda this year but cancelled due to illness. Not too many kids this week because they're going back to school. The weather/ocean is much warmer but you might encounter hurricanes, etc.
  10. Luv2Crus40

    QM2 Brooklyn Sailaway and 1st Dinner Seating

    We've never had a problem. After going under the bridge, we can usually make it to the dining room between 6:15 and 6:30 pm. We make sure we already know where we sit so we can get seated quickly.
  11. Luv2Crus40

    Cunard... first time and last time

    Sorry to hear your cruise did not meet your expectations. We've been on the QM2 a few times and found the service to be very professional, efficient and pleasant, but more reserved and stiff than other cruise lines. This does not bother us as my husband and I like our privacy. We like to eat without our server chatting us up the whole time. We also like Celebrity where there is more interaction between officers and guests, and the staff seems more friendly. Depends on where we're cruising. Did you go to the balls in the Queens Room? Some don't start until 9:45 pm so that may be why it seemed there weren't a lot of people around. We usually do the balls until bout 11:00 pm and then we go to the buffet before we retire for the evening.
  12. Thanks for all the input. We decided to go ahead and book a cruise on the QM2 for late next year.
  13. Thanks for your thoughts. Much better than many of the reviews I have read where the food is under/overcooked and service has severely declined. Of course, food is always subjective. We noticed on our last cruise that QM2/Cunard wasn't quite the treat to sail on as it had been before it was sold to Carnival. We changed to Celebrity Cruises because we received almost the same food and service quality as we had previously received on QM2 without the higher price. We have also met chefs, entertainers, etc. on our Celebrity Summit cruises that we had remembered from QM2 and they told us they had switched to work for Celebrity because they were treated better. We're still going to put a deposit on our booking on QM2 but will also book on Celebrity and decide next year which cruise to take.
  14. MDR and Kings Court. Sorry I didn't specify.
  15. We're thinking of taking a Caribbean cruise on QM2 in 2019. We haven't been on that ship in about 6 years or so (been sailing mostly on Celebrity for convenience of Bayonne departures and we love the Summit). We noticed on our last cruise that Carnival had cut back on some of the niceties we used to receive. We don't mind the little idolsyncrasies of the QM2 but we always loved the dining. Has the dining experience deteriorated as much as they say in the reviews?