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  1. Haven't been on CC for several weeks and just saw you're sailing again! I always look forward to your posts. Will have to catch up on 68 pages of these posts! Bon Voyage.
  2. For what we pay for the cruise, having clean towels every day doesn't seem much to ask for.
  3. I watched it too, was hoping to see more pictures or video of the ports. My screen froze and I had to back out and rejoin. Hope I still get the 5 points. This webinar was better than some I've seen. Looks like their tech is somewhat improving.
  4. Glad to know you're back and all is well with you and Iain. Always enjoyed your reviews. Your June 2019 cruise on the Summit to Bermuda and New England was right after the same cruise for us - so reading your reviews "extended" the trip for us. Wondered where you had gone for the last year. We're ready to cruise again with a 12-day Caribbean cruise on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 out of Brooklyn this December and a 9-day cruise on Celebrity Summit out of Bayonne next May. Luckily we picked cruises we don't have to fly anywhere so we avoided those high air fares. Bon Voyage on your cruises next Spring.
  5. Just finished watching the Youtube video and took the quiz. Didn't have any problems so I guess it's fixed. I almost missed these points because I haven't been online for several days due to illness, but was finally checking emails and saw it in the monthly newsletter. Thank goodness they posted it there. I'm hoping they do a few more of these before our cruise next year so afterwards, we would be Elite. These PUP exercises have really helped. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out the PUPs tasks for Facebook, etc., so never earned those points. Congrats to all earning points!
  6. I saw the email too late to join. Maybe they will send out another one. Didn't see any PUPs mentioned either. Oh well.
  7. Can't watch at the time they offered, but not problem because from your posts, it seems that there are no PUPs with this one.
  8. How many bottles of wine can you bring onboard? I think it's two. Just realized that I should do that rather than ordering them. If I drink them in the room (love to have wine with cheese and crackers, etc. on the balcony), I won't have to pay corkage. I will just order wine by the glass at dinner. The water/soda beverage package will work for me.
  9. We just booked Cunard QM2 to the Carribean in November 2021. Haven't been on the QM2 in 10 years. We were wondering about the drinks package. We've been cruising Celebrity for the last few years and always manage to snag a free drinks package. From what all are saying, a $12.00 limit for drinks and wine wouldn't work for us. We'll pay separately. Having my kids "gift" us bottles of wine for the cruise (all I can drink is 1 or 2 glasses a day). I might get the beverage package because I drink lots of bottled water and seltzer water. If anyone hears of a better package on Cunard, please post the information. Bon Voyage
  10. I sent an email to the captainsclub and received a reply today that there will be a recording and they will be sending out another invite for that. They said we will get the 50 points when we watch the recording. Yea!
  11. I haven't received the letter re signing up for the recording. Does anyone have a link or email address where I can sign up? Thanks.
  12. I didn't get my email until 3:16 and it was full by then. Last time they sent out another email that you could register to see a tape of their presentation and still receive points. Hopefully, they will do that again.
  13. Maybe we'll try booking through Celebrity the 2A cabin we want that's in a blocked out group and see what happens. If we do, I'll let you all know what happens.
  14. Thanks for replies. Was hoping to transfer the 125%. Guess will request refund at 100%.
  15. Thanks for your thoughts. Figured its probably something like that or blocks reserved by travel agencies. Just want to make sure not joining a Chartered ship.
  16. We have a FCC from Celebrity. Wondered if anyone has been able to transfer a FCC from Celebrity for a Royal Caribbean cruise? Also, if so, did the whole 125% transfer over. Thanks.
  17. We're checking out the May 2022 cruises to Bermuda. It seems like large blocks of cabins such as the 2A cabins on Deck 7 are unavailable. It's strange that they may be booked up this much already - unless these cruises are charter cruises (partially)? Or do you think that travel agencies have the cabins on hold? Any thoughts?
  18. We did a L&S from December 2020 to December 2021 on the Constellation out of Tampa. Wish we knew for sure if that sailing is going forward before we book flights. We love the Millennium class and usually sale on the Summit out of Bayonne since we live in NJ.
  19. Did anyone else get closed out of the recent Celebrity Apex webinar? It filled up in about 20 minutes. I wrote to Captains Club and they said they would provide a video and another opportunity to earn points for that webinar - maybe by watching the video?
  20. We're thinking of booking the 9 day Bermuda cruise on the Summit on June 4, 2021. Surprised to see it's off the Celebrity website and a big box site I use sometimes. I'm on the CC roll call for that cruise and they haven't heard anything from Celebrity so they don't know what's going on either with their cruise.
  21. Not tech savy on Facebook. How do I just make a post public for Celebrity without making it public to everyone else in the world? If not, will skip this PUP.
  22. Ps thanks for the link, I think I deleted their email by mistake.
  23. I don't use Facebook much so don't know where to find my handle. I don't want to open up my page to public but willing to post a picture as they requested.
  24. I would like to see videos about the captains and crew members from their ships.
  25. The videos were very nice. The audio had some issues. But they did offer some interesting information about the islands and animals. I'm sure they will learn from this for future webinars. Galapagos looks beautiful. They did mention that you need a certain amount of mobility to get in and out of tenders and doing stairs. That counts us out. Wish we had tried a cruise like this when we were younger and more mobile.
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