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  1. Having travelled in both a PV (Venice to Istanbul) and a V ( Caribbean) with Viking they are both great staterooms. We have decided to take the smaller stateroom (V and DV are the same size) and spend the savings on optional excursions and the drinks package if it is not offered as a promotion. Whether you need many optional excursions really does depend on your itinerary. Some have many great independent excursion opportunities which will always be cheaper than a cruise line excursion. With Viking the better category stateroom the earlier you can book speciality restaurants (n
  2. It is the outcome of completing the process of the pre-registration with the Icelandic authorities. You will get further detail from Viking ahead of your August 21 departure. Further information can be found under the resources tab on the Welcome Back Icelandic cruise page on the main Viking website.
  3. My understanding is that Viking are using the VeriFLY process to validate your vaccination status and therefore they are requiring all passengers to go through the VeriFLY process. I don’t expect that you can just turn up at the ship with your vaccination certificate in hand. In addition, some airlines may require it also.
  4. Can you help me to understand what cruise you are on and when. I am not sure any of the Welcome Back cruises are touching Italy. If you are not cruising until later this year or early next year, you are better off waiting to much nearer the time to ask such questions as the situations are changing very quickly at the moment.
  5. I genuinely believe we have applied ourselves more to this issue than Viking have, and I am not sure we are getting much acknowledgement from Viking of the grief they have caused. If I add this to the fiasco we had when they overcharged us by over £1000 when we booked our excursions because somebody couldn't convert dollars in pounds correctly. I do think they should comp' us the drinks package. Maybe that will be my challenge for next week before I depart on the 31/7. It will be interesting to see how many UK customers have stayed the course to travel on
  6. Iceland are happy with both a negative PCR or Antigen test providing you can provide evidence of full vaccination. In some territories Viking have added an additional burden by stating that only a negative PCR test will suffice. This maybe being cautious but it is not what the Icelandic Authorities website is saying. Viking in the UK have finally said that a negative antigen test will be acceptable.
  7. No doubt we will all do what we think is best. I am sticking by what the Icelandic website says and the slightly confusing communication received from Viking UK that despite what it says in the section title and summary, it does say an Antigen test is acceptable for vaccinated passengers. So it’s an antigen test for me and not a PCR test. I am confident that British Airways who are flying me and Icelandic Border officials who will check all my paperwork on arrival will be fine with a negative antigen test and a vaccination certificate. I will have a PCR test on arriva
  8. It is also doesn't come a great surprise that the link in the document that they sent out was to an old out of date document dated June 24th instead of the new one on the website dated July 21st.
  9. This is where I have got to with my TA and Viking as at close of play on Thursday. My TA called me back to say that Viking have repeated the statement that a PCR test is required. They explained that differing parts of the Icelandic websites say different things and in their view in such circumstances it is better to be cautious and therefore a PCR was recommended. I was told that I would receive something shortly from Viking. I looked at the website page that Viking had offered up as being at odds with the main site that says PCR or Antigen and it was far from conclusive that it w
  10. For completeness this is what the visit.covid.is site is currently saying for arrivals from July 27th https://visit.covid.is/registration/ Valid from 27.07.2021 Per Icelandic regulations all travellers arriving in Iceland, after more than a 24 hour stay in the last 14 days in risk areas defined by the Chief Epidemiologist, are subject to certain measures at the border due to COVID-19: See also covid.is including a web chat for questions. Travellers born 2004 and earlier: All travellers are required to fill out this pre-registration before arrival, w
  11. I have now found the document in the Resources section on the main website. I think it is better that further discussion be done on the specific Covid Testing post 26 July thread.
  12. I have just spoken to my TA who will contact Viking here in the UK. However, I fear they will just repeat to my TA what they have just published in their document. I will update when I get a response.
  13. This has just been posted on the Live Thread from Viking. https://docs.vikingcruises.com/pdf/14-210721-RestartPreCruiseRequirement-Iceland-US-UK FINAL.pdf It states that we need a PCR test to travel. This does not accord with what the Iceland.is site states from the Icelandic Authorities which says that an antigen test is acceptable. The following quote is a straight copy from the Iceland.is site https://island.is/en/p/entry NOTE: From 27 July 2021 vaccinated passengers (and those with a prior infection) born in 2004 or ea
  14. Linda This is very helpful in that it originates from Viking. Can you point me in the correct direction on the website where I can find this document because the requirement for a PCR test rather than an antigen test (Lateral Flow) does not match what has been said by the Icelandic Authorities. I would like to query this with Viking in the UK but it would be good to know where on the website I can find that document. The following quote is a straight copy from the Iceland.is site https://island.is/en/p/entry NOTE: From 27
  15. See post 1579 on the live thread for an explanation. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2786372-live-from-icelands-natural-beauty-all-sailings-2021/page/64/?tab=comments#comment-61492722
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