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  1. Run into the same problem in the crows nest. Yes Bolt, time to change your ways; perhaps think, and run your errands prior to choosing a seat
  2. Hlitner, if I google SNCF bus, the site shows me train, bus and shared ride.
  3. Try SNCF. Train and perhaps bus info.
  4. How difficult/ easy is it to get from Brest to Quimper; preferably by train.
  5. Thanks Lois. Read your posts for years; hope we cruise together some day.
  6. Decided to bite the bullet, and with moderate extra charge, changed my flight(s). Now leaving FLL at 1:30 leaving me with a leisurely disembarkation. Also changed my FLL arrival from 9pm to 3:30. Worth the expense.
  7. Thanks. My only alternative was a couple of flights with connection in Atlanta of less than an hour; too old to make that run.
  8. Think I cam make a 9am flight if I carry my own luggage?
  9. Last 2 times I ordered ribeye in PG, it was tough. Guess I need to learn how to send it back. Think I'll go with the filet next time.
  10. Had to cancel a cruise last minute due to a family medical emergency. No refund on Orange club.
  11. 2 or 3 months ago there was a lengthy post about Guernsey. I'm having trouble finding it. Can anyone post a link? Thanks
  12. Checked my hotel today and price had gone down. Canceled and rebooked saving about $60; every little bit helps
  13. My long time PCC retired, Lisa. She had worked at HAL for many years and was wonderful. I have a new PCC who tells me she was randomly assigned. Time will tell...
  14. Thank you Haljo. I don't remember being told when I booked . Just hoped to get that extra $500 back. Oh well, ship happens.
  15. Had to cancel nonrefundable cruise, family emergency. Was a bit surprised to find Orange Club nonrefundable.
  16. Anyone with experience with Chesterfield London?
  17. Cruising in April; all hotels seem expensive. I bit the bullet and booked Springhill Suites for 1 night. Have stayed there previously. Airport shuttle. Breakfast. Shuttle to ship, extra charge. Very good location. I kept waiting hoping prices would fall; no such luck. Shop around and choose what appears to be best for you
  18. Thanks Deano, staying there in November.
  19. Specialty dining problems? Just phone them and they will arrange. I have elite beverage package on an upcoming cruise . I understand that means top shelf alcohol but have no idea which brands that involves. Does anyone have examples?
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