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  1. Denise, thank you so much. It never would have occurred to me to " swipe ". You're a dear!
  2. OK, got into " my account" screen. Inly see " my details" with personal information and my bookings. Can't find mariner status on screen. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Can you please tell me how to access my cruise History. I can find mariner benefits but not my History. Keep forgetting to ask my PCC. Thanks
  4. Wish HAL would do a seaday brunch. Have only experienced breakfast and lunch.
  5. There is a national park site off the main street in Skagway that documents the history of women in Alaska's early days. Really enjoyed visiting.
  6. Had the offer 2 days ago, now it's disappeared. Is there any other link?
  7. I like small ships and I can not lie...
  8. No, I was ahead by $39 total.
  9. Gotta love those PCC's ! Called, missed the 3 day sale. Told I could save $39 total if I gave up gratuities. Thought, what the heck, $39 is $39. Told her to go ahead. After holding was told my total was even more reduced and my onboard credit was increased by $125 ! Yep, I'm dancing too.
  10. Had them at tea once; can't remember which ship.
  11. Compound ? Enclave? I don't go to a foreign port to be locked into a false reality. Sorry, been reading too much about detention centers.
  12. Thanks for the map. I was asking about enroute proximity.
  13. Flying into Miami and Ubering or taxi to port. Is there a Publix ont the way or near ? Would like to pick up a few things Thanks.
  14. Holland has changed ports on 10 day cruise. Following is old to new: Flam to Skjolden Geiranger to Molde Cancelled cruising Geirangerfjord Please give me your thoughts.
  15. Thanks. Now if I can just figure out what " layers" involves.
  16. 'Nother Empress question. Read that Empress serves gratis mimosas and bloody Mary's at breakfast/ brunch. Only RCI ship to do so; am I making this up. Is it ancient history and discontinued. Does anybody know?
  17. Will Chops be open for lunch on port days?
  18. OK, so it's not just me. I'm stumped. Maybe my pcc will know; I'll phone Monday. Thanks for the help Happily.
  19. My bad Happily, I meant the week prior to April 22nd 2020. My brain must be scrambled! Do you know where the Rotterdam is that week. I embark April 22, but can't figure out where she is before that. I think she's transatlantic arriving Rotterdam on April 12th.
  20. Anyone know where the Rotterdam is the week before May 22 2020 ? I can't seem to find it; is it my blind spot?
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