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  1. Got it. Filled it out an hour ago. January cruise. Done deal.
  2. saltshell

    PCR test

    What is the protocol when cruising in for the day ?
  3. Rebooked cancelled cruise to existing cruise. PCC linked the 2. What happens when the first leg is completed? I have the same cabin for both legs. Do I check in for both singularly or together? How does reboarding work? Thanks.
  4. Post said Holland so I gather that it was Netherlands; it did reference government. Sorry for any confusion. Thought it was good news.
  5. Just read that Holland has dropped quarantine requirements for vaccinated travelers. Afar post.
  6. The last time in Amber Cove had an all inclusive day at a resort with HAL. Very nice, large complex. Looks like HAL not currently offering. Anyone have idea where this was? Any other suggestions for a nice all inclusive day pass. Thanks
  7. Just looked at the Tamarind menu. Fist time dining there. Can I order multiple appetizers? Thinking of making a meal of appetizers only. Is the venue open for lunch. Thanks.
  8. Called HAL last week. Flying from ship departure to home. Was told ship will test before departure.
  9. Thanks Debscoco for the heads up. Seems the November 13 cruise is also canceled.
  10. Spoke with Celestyal. Nov. 13 cruise is cancelled. (This is my 2nd cancellation) 14 day cruises only sail in April, October, and November. If you want a refund it will only be available December 31. Getting used to disappointment ; how sad is that.
  11. Checked you Silversea thread. Thanks Lois. Looks like you really enjoyed the ship
  12. So Lois, tell us about the cruise, please.
  13. South Kensington is nice. Quiet, convenient. Stayed there a couple of times at a b&b. Admit to being a V&A fan.
  14. Museum tea is / was a cafeteria sort of set up. Harrods was nice, but pricey. Suggest you Google it. If you have time, take the train to Kew. There is a tea shop there "Newens" that's straight out of Dickens.
  15. Cruising in November. Please report back after your cruise with ship info. Hope you have a great cruise.
  16. Thanks Eagle. Not Sailing until November 21. Hoping situation has improved by then. If not, I plan to switch post-cruise days to another country. I've been trying to get to England for a year and a half. Sure hope this time pans out.
  17. Flying fron Athens to London. Which test do I need, how long does it take for test to be processed. Cruising into Athens, flying into London.
  18. When in the Neptune suite you can order afternoon tea or hordeurves. We ordered the latter and it was scrumptious and abundant; highly recommend.
  19. With 4 months to go, still planning on going. Will check with cruise office closer to sailing regarding heath status.
  20. Oh what I would give for a Maya Chan fish taco ! Pray that we'll all be back soon. I love those people.
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