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  1. We are sailing on her tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to being on board again.
  2. Capt. Albert joined the Zuiderdam in Quebec yesterday.
  3. We have not been put off by this. There are usually not many kids of board anyway, especially on cruises of more than seven days. We've seen very few...and on some cruises, none at the sea view pool. I would not let this be a game changer in deciding about a HAL cruise. IMO
  4. I love the lack of loud noises and confusion on board HAL ships. The music is generally reasonable and not intrusively piped throughout the ship. That's a plus. Dining outside on the aft deck is really important to us. Most of our meals are eaten out there when we're not in the main dining room or one of the specialty restaurants. The ease of embarkation is a plus as is the usual trouble free disembarkation. We are often off the ship by 8am on our return. The general atmosphere of a pleasant calmness on board...supported by a great crew and staff gives one the feeling that being on a HAL ship is a really nice place to be.
  5. With respect, it is certainly not a hoax. That deck can be a wonderful, relaxing part of any cruise for many of us.
  6. It would be an unwelcome departure from the norm for a Carnival ship to be there with HAL ships. The outcry from HAL passengers would be heard all the way from Half Moon Cay to HAL headquarters in Seattle. I don't think you have to worry about that.
  7. There is plenty of space on the island for the passengers from those two ships. Having them both there should not have a negative impact of your visit. We've been there with two much larger ships and the impact was not unpleasant. There's lots of space on Half Moon Cay
  8. We find the crow's nest on the Nieuw Amsterdam to be just fine. There is a bar, good seating, great views, an interactive map/ book/library area. Great place to read, chat or drink. There was happy hour there during our cruises as well. There are some games held there from time to time and they are a bit disruptive, but not too bad. There is also coffee there in the morning. We enjoy that space on Nieuw Amsterdam.
  9. For some of us, the incredible beauty of the place along with a few good drinks and a comfortable chair make a most rewarding day. We go ashore in the morning...sometimes stay ashore through lunch....sometimes come back to the ship for lunch. Whatever your plan, it is a magnificent place.
  10. I can't imagine the sand is imported. I'm not disputing the post above, but I surely would like more supporting information about it. I'm not convinced.
  11. Personally, I would suggest one of these.....Nieuw Amsterdam, or Eurodam, both cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale this winter. We have sailed both more than once and found them an excellent choice. I hope you enjoy your first HAL cruise. We've been cruising HAL for many years and rarely have been disappointed. Winter Haven, FL
  12. Fourteen pages of this.....If you don't like HAL cruise another cruise line. That's not complicated.....Fourteen pages....
  13. I have cruised consistently since 1968. I'm paying virtually the same amount of money today, sometimes less, than I paid for a cruise then.....around $80 to $100 per day. For HAL to provide the level of service it provides today for virtually the same amount of money it charged more than 40 years ago is remarkable. In my view, based on a lifetime of cruising, there is nothing to complain about. HAL provides a great "Bang for the Buck"...and it always has. For those who find many things about HAL not to their liking, there are lots of choices.
  14. Perfect place? Probably not one... but if you don't want to fly and love being on board a good ship, Central Florida may be nearly perfect. Reasonable housing and living costs, magnificent winter weather, low taxes and within one to three hours by car of four cruise ports with a wide variety of cruise lines and itineraries. Nearly perfect.
  15. Eurodam December 1, 2019 10 Days Panama Canal Partial Transit Birthday Celebration
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