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  1. The numbers allowed are pretty restrictive and are likely to hurt the economy. If the hurt gets bad enough, I expect there will be some softening when that happens. We like Key West a lot, both when cruising and driving there from time to time.
  2. You live in a very beautiful part of the world. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed my visits there. We can hope these ships will be on the move soon...perhaps sometime in 2021.
  3. I am very sorry to read of your loss. Ruth is correct, you will always have those wonderful memories. Stay well and stay strong.
  4. Please check your politics at the door. Our lives are saturated with politics right now. We don't need them here.
  5. It would make one feel more like a hospital patient than a guest. Wonder if they would issue the gown as well.
  6. While I agree that we need to move forward and manage the situation as best we can, I do not agree that where it originated does not matter. IMO, it matters a great deal. That information could very well help us prevent future calamities originating from the same place. We also need to know how it originated....the specifics about its origin.
  7. It would be nice to be looking forward to a cruise again soon. The longer the restrictions of the pandemic persist, the more difficult it is to stay positive...about a lot of things. I do volunteer work in the library bookstore, read books by the dozen, paint, ride my bike every morning at 6am for several miles....and do it all while thinking how nice it would be having breakfast at sea on the balcony of a HAL ship. Tough times.......but still very thankful.
  8. Thank you for your garden pictures. Your flowers are really pretty. They should make you feel proud.
  9. Lots of emails from HAL. Almost none from Celebrity. I ignore them all.
  10. Fine ship. Will be missed by many of us who enjoyed her over the years.
  11. For me, she was the quintessential definition of an elegant ship. Really beautiful and great fun to sail on.
  12. Great picture. Those were the days.....
  13. Don't quite know what you mean, but I also enjoy going off on my own. I don't like being herded around. I don't consider that breaking the rules. Just would not want to cruise without that sort of freedom. Apologize if I misunderstood you.
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