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  1. Easy problem to solve. Just decide not to send them any more money. They can't keep it if we don't send it to them.
  2. He is likely to provide better leadership than HAL has enjoyed in the recent past. There are several things which could be done better on HAL ships. He will not have to go looking for things which need improving. I wish him well, but I am not hopeful.
  3. I just hope he slows the "Carnivalization of HAL". I doubt it can stand much more of that. IMO
  4. I have high hopes that everyone will receive their luggage in good condition, but considering the chain of events taking place as it makes it's way back to the owners, I can't help but wonder what they will find when those cases are finally opened. I hope we'll see some posts here about all that in due course.
  5. It is a Sealey EuroTop. Claims to be custom made, but from what I gather, it is available from Sealey. Price was around $899.00 for a twin size.....last time I checked.
  6. I expect he will eventually have lots to say....on his terms and in his own way. I would not expect anything soon, but I would eventually expect a book. I hope he writes one and he may not be able to do that until some more time passes.....for many reasons. Actually, the story is not finished and may not be finished for some time to come. IMO
  7. That is great to hear. Glad you're ready to go again. I hope it is soon.
  8. Having never taken a world or grand cruise, I wonder what negative impact the "click" and "in crowd" factor has on the enjoyment of the cruise by others and especially new-comers over-all. Very little, I hope.
  9. At the rate things are going, I'd say the chances are zero to none.
  10. I would think it would drive Homeland Security absolutely nuts.
  11. As I understand it, Viking is owned essentially by one man who has very deep pockets and does not need to ask shareholders or a board for permission... Others may have better or more correct information...
  12. Neat Graphic. Thanks for posting it. Happy 4th. Everyone make the best of it and stay positive.
  13. Our visit was part of a DIY train trip through Scotland beginning and ending in Edinburgh. We were in Edinburgh for a week to enjoy the Fringe Festival, held along with the Tattoo. Scotland is the "other woman" in my life after Ireland. I love that country and its wonderful people. It is fun to read about other CCers experiences with the Tattoo. It hard not to have a great time there.
  14. GOOD FOR YOU ! I wish you many happy days there.
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