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  1. The information comes from a CRUISE INDUSTRY NEWS Bulletin which was emailed out today.
  2. The first steel was recently cut for HAL's next new ship, due in 2020. She is to be called RYNDAM. I hope she is as pleasant to sail on as the previous Ryndam.
  3. I'm following the Viking Sky situation with great concern for all involved, but I still don't understand why the OP of this thread started by suggesting the Nieuw Statendam has engine problems. Can the OP please explain that.
  4. Excellent review of a good cruise on a super ship. We love the Rotterdam.
  5. Completely agree about the crowded buses. We stay away from them and either do a van/car tour or just a walk about. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Your posts are a delight. Your New Zealand and Australian posts have been a really interesting. Stay safe and have fun.
  6. Your posts are great fun to read. Wonderful writing and vivid descriptions of what you are seeing and doing. The pictures are an extra treat. Thank you for sharing your journey.
  7. We were on Nieuw Amsterdam recently and there was almost no HAL logo merchandise and, over-all, we were disappointed in the shops inventory. Maybe what the OP experienced represents some positive changes, eventually reaching all the ships in the fleet. IMO
  8. Your postings are always interesting and great fun to read. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey with all of us.
  9. Great fun to read your blog and the pictures add a lot. Keep up the good work !!!
  10. The itinerary is very different from World cruises of the past few years. Lots of Northern Europe and Ireland near the end. I haven't seen this before. Bon Voyage to all the lucky World Cruisers. Amsterdam is a great ship.
  11. They will get there, one way or another. The original announcement may have been a test balloon. On-board charges are the future of popular priced cruising.
  12. Seems like Smoke and Mirrrors with a $50.00 per day up-charge. There's a lot of that going around in the cruise business today.
  13. There are lots of HAL cruisers who will not welcome this news.
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