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  1. Last time we went through Southampton - the guy checking documents said he was so pleased we had paper docs. The light was shining on screens and he was struggling to see anything.
  2. As stated drink packages include service charges. However if you exceed the max price for a drink while using a package ( currently $13.50) then you are charged the full cost of the drink + 15% service charge less 20% discount ( for having a package).
  3. I cancelled and rebooked online with no problems.
  4. Just watching Landscape artist of the year on Sky arts. Among other buildings in Liverpool they are painting the Cunard building. Love this programme, and its sister programme portrait artist of the year
  5. I know on Celebrity when you make an upgrade bid the strength of the bid increases if you are on a higher tier in their loyalty club. Does the same apply on Cunard - do you have a greater chance of obtaining an upgrade if you are a higher tier in the Cunard World Club?
  6. Looks like she’s now making her way down the Adriatic.
  7. I worked on a hospital ward for many years. There were multiple occasions when norovirus was rife on the ward, it is very contagious. I never once caught it. Sanitizers cannot be relied on, but regular washing hands is the way to go. Always a good idea to carry hand cream as if you are washing properly and often your hands will get very dry and sore.
  8. I notice that afternoon cream tea includes clotted cream. I’m sure I read somewhere that they usually have double cream. Clotted cream would be great.
  9. There is a post on social media stating that QA sea trials start this coming Friday - 2nd February.
  10. That’s how I read it. Perhaps someone who has experienced it could clarify the situation.
  11. That is concerning. The cancellation came with only 2 weeks notice according to reports I have read. 😩
  12. So sorry you had to go through this. Am pleased that Cunard eventually made the correct decision, but you should not have had to go through this. You are understandably feeling bruised and upset right now. I hope that once you set foot onboard that these feelings fade, and you have a wonderful time with your family.
  13. We have recently done a comparison, this is tricky because until you are onboard it can be hard to know exactly what you may drink. There are several factors to consider. Take into account that if you buy as you go there will be 15% added in gratuities for each drink. This made the difference for us. We made our calculations and thought that we would buy as we go - however once we added the 15% we had to think again. Something which also affected our decision is the expected temperatures. We are expecting the temperatures to be quite warm and therefore will most probably be drinking more sodas, juices, and water. For a cooler trip you may be drinking more hot drinks. Remember that basic drinks are free with meals in the MDR and buffet. Remember if you have port days that you will not be drinking onboard for some of the day. If you were to take a package then any drinks over the maximum ($13.50) would cost the full amount + 15% gratuities less 20% discount. You may need to take a calculator! Final thing to mention is that if you take a package you can do away without having to sign for each drink and work out the cost each time you buy. It sounds like it will not be viable for you to take the package, but there are a lot of things to take into account when deciding.
  14. This is on the Cunard site, but I don’t know if it is up to date. https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/marketing-assets/pdf/life-on-board/drinks-packages/wine-collections-brochure.pdf
  15. I can appreciate many people like mobile apps, but if the day comes when they are mandatory we will be finished with ocean travel. Seriously???? 😮
  16. I suspect the poster has got confused with the name of the loyalty club they were referring to.
  17. He didn’t actually say that the person had tested positive he said that it was a likely reason for what happened. Apparently it was not uncommon at the time. It was also how they tracked down people who had close contact with people who had tested positive.
  18. Captains club is the name of the loyalty scheme on Celebrity.
  19. While on a Celebrity cruise just after lockdown, we were in a bar when security entered and spoke to a gentleman and walked away with him. On enquiring what was happening we were told that it was likely a Covid test he had submitted onboard had proved positive and he had been found via face recognition. Have no doubts that even without a medallion you can easily be found by the staff if needed.
  20. There is a lot more that can be found on an app. Menus, up to date account information. Maps. You can even sometimes bookmark activities and get reminders - always useful when you are in a quiet corner and get lost in a book. I can well understand that some people are happy to go with the flow with the traditional methods. You can still do that if there is an app. Choice is king.
  21. I am only able to cruise once a year. The time onboard is valuable to me and I always want to make the most of every minute. Any way to access information to help me plan my time is very welcome. I have found an app to be very useful on another line.
  22. Got my 5 points in my points total. Takes it to 302, but still showing as Select although that should be Elite. I guess it will show the correct tier eventually.
  23. Found this through Google. Prices at last September - for some reason I couldn’t post a link. If you google ‘Paul and Carole love to travel laundry’ there is a lot more information.
  24. At last themes are now available for Queen Anne, 14 nights, May 10th to the Canaries. 3 gala nights May 11th Black and White May 16th Masquerade May 21st Roaring 20s. Hopefully other Queen Anne itineraries will be showing themes soon.
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