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  1. I filled out their form a few days ago for a one day rental in Feb and haven't had any response whatsoever..
  2. ...and the 2 Summit cruises in Aqua I booked well over a year ago for this coming Feb were $7,176 when I booked. Now, after final payment, they would cost you $12,647 with less obc.
  3. Certificates were probably for a different ship...
  4. Shoreexcursioneer or Caribbeandaypass? Maybe neither one?
  5. $10 for beach chairs and $40 for an umbrella. Sun must be intense... :)
  6. Problem solved. I was trying to check-in for the second half of a B2B. No need to do that and the software won't let you anyway.
  7. I've been trying to check in for a cruise in Feb since Sunday both on my laptop and using the app. No luck... App says check-in paused and website just gives me a blank page.
  8. Not exactly sure but this is what it says... Your Vehicle Standard Group R SFAR (R) Suzuki Grand Vitara or similar
  9. I booked on the website back in April 2019 for a Feb 2020 rental. One day, 9-4. $70 Pickup is at the Divi Flamingo.
  10. I was talking about Carlisle. The conversation seemed to have veered off from Brighton's.
  11. And I skip the fries and throw the bun,,, all beef and cheese :)
  12. Well, it's not like there is a set price for Wagyu that is adhered to all over the country. You can probably buy it for $28 per pound but I'm sure you can pay a lot more. Locally, it's $40 per pound.
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