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  1. Well I hate the windjammer, and we eat in the mdr whenever possible. I’d bet that it will be there, but won’t be self service.
  2. My 11 year old daughter wore mostly jump suits and dresses on our last cruise. We were on royal and had two formal nights and the rest smart casual. We were also on over Christmas, so it was a little dressier. What cruise line?
  3. If I were supposed to be cruising in the next 4-5 weeks, I’d be cancelling.
  4. No, I don’t mind. I’m one of those people that doesn’t like to linger over the meal. I like eating, enjoying, and then getting out and enjoying the rest of the night,
  5. Just wanted to see how royal handled food allergies, especially dairy. Will they make something special for me?
  6. You could go on a ship that you like and do a spa package or a dining package.
  7. I don’t really consider any of the Royal shops fancy. Are there certain things she is looking for?
  8. We’ve done 4 in a cabin for a many a cruises. Next year the kids will be 16 and 12 and we are done. We are going to do a balcony and an inside next cruise, extra space and a second bathroom. Plus the kids are boy/girl and we need private space.
  9. There is a difference between seeing children on a ship and a toddler acting up in a restaurant and no one taking them out.
  10. Best thing we did on our last cruise was luggage valet.
  11. Just wanted to see if anyone know if there are 2020 champagne glasses for sale on January cruise, and if so how do I get them if I’m not going on a cruise?
  12. Lots of extended families with kids, but it’s amazing. Very festive and lots of Christmas activities. We’ve done one three years in a row. This next year we are doing a New Year’s Eve cruise and can’t wait.
  13. we’ve done a Christmas cruise the last three years, including this year. Next year will be New Years as the way the holidays fall and my kids school schedule. They are off from 12/23-1/3, returning 1/4. We are looking at the freedom 12/27. I suspect that this year it will be full of kids.
  14. We are in one too and it’s been amazing as always. Yes the ship is full of families and lots of large ones, but that’s the fun part. We were in st Martin yesterday and most of the French side was closed. Other then that there have been a lot of Christmas themed activities. Love our Christmas cruises.
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