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  1. On the Regal Sept. 2023 I won $25 but my husband one a free day in the Sanctuary for two.
  2. Or depending where they are located they got slammed with snow. Give it a few more days.
  3. At least Princess still allows stockholder credit. More than I can say about Royal. Diamond Plus on Royal and Elite on Princess. Royal just keeps taking more and more perks away. But with that said…..Princess needs to leave well enough alone. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…..imo
  4. Why not use the email which is so, so simple
  5. Not sure.....I did mine in Dec and cruise in May
  6. I would give it the 5 days first. You don't want to confuse them.
  7. When doing through email, I also received an acknowledgement immediately then within hours received that it was approved. Went to Princess and it was there.....easy peasy Onboard Credits for this Booking Credits are in U.S. Dollars (USD) Donald Donna Total Booking Total Onboard Credits $300.00 $300.00 $600.00 Military Benefits* $250.00 $0.00 $250.00 Shareholders Benefits* $0.00 $250.00 $250.00 Onboard Credit Promotion* $50.00 $50.00 $100.00
  8. Several of us had posted about using hello@stockperks. Had my confirmation in less than 24 hrs and checked my account on Princess.com and sure enough it was there.
  9. On the Regal the Premier desserts are in the Gelato station. It just becomes "premier" because of all the junk they put on it......IMO
  10. Does anyone know how much internet is if you don't have plus? We are Elite.
  11. Maybe that was our problem....we were in Crooners. They usually had maybe 4 servers that also had to handle the sushi area and one server always left for his/her dinner break around 5:30ish. Right in the height of people trying to get a drink before dinner. The only time we had no problem was sitting at the bar outside of Crown Grill waiting for our table to be ready. We will be back on the Regal in Sept. Will try the wheelhouse.
  12. If we have the beverage package we always ask our room steward what he/she likes, then swap all the soda and liquor out for them.
  13. Especially now that the cruise-lines are all cutting back on bar services since they have instituted the beverage packages. On the Regal in Oct. it could take 20 minutes just to get a drink. They work the servers to death not to mention the bartenders.
  14. I sent mine to hello@stockperks.com. Had it in my account in less than 8 hrs. Thank you Cruising Deacon for the info.
  15. We are in a window suite on our next cruise. Does it get full suite benefits or is it like a junior suite?
  16. I’m happy with the Absolute….but not that New Amsterdam….lol
  17. Do you have the fax number that you can share with us? Is it still 661-753-0180?
  18. Can you not fax the info anymore???????????????
  19. Can you request a specific item or only what is included. I always swap out the others for vodka. But I just saw pictures of New Amsterdam Vodka. IMO it's like the worse vodka.
  20. And when RCL did it years ago we didn't get a notification before our cruise. Nor did we expect one. Were we shocked when we got on the cruise? To say the least....did it ruin our cruise? Got 3 more booked. Anyday on a cruise is better than staying at home.....IMO
  21. Princess is the last one that allows stockholders to still claim the OBC even though they got a special deal or have other OBC. Royal & Celebrity did away with that years ago. You forgot to post the rest of my post. I was only referring to the ones I mentioned. But you are correct. I have never been on Carnival.
  22. I think you are in for a rude awakening. Princess is still by far the cheapest with much better itineraries IMO. NCL is $20 pp per day for tips in a balcony cabin. Royal did away with free room service (except continental breakfast) ages ago. I could go on and on....but have a great cruise on whatever line you choose. Bon Voyage
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