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  1. Refund received!! Queen Elizabeth Q010N ex Sydney 15 March 20 Cancelled by Cunard 14 March 20 Refund request lodged online 17 March 20 Follow up email to Cunard 25 May 20 Full cruise refund applied back to credit card 12 June 20 (appeared on statement today 15 June) So just over 60 working days. I am in Sydney. Hopefully the rest of you will start getting your refunds soon.
  2. I am on Queen Elizabeth at the moment and the captain has just advised that our next cruise to New Zealand (ex Sydney 15 March) has been cancelled. Very disappointed!
  3. My refund turned up on my credit card yesterday, so about 10 days after the cancellation.
  4. Hi Barry, I was booked on the QE Sydney to Singapore which was cancelled by Cunard probably the same date as your cancellation. I received my full refund from Cunard back to my credit card last night. So about 10 days.
  5. I would say that refunds will take some time. My voyage from Sydney to Singapore was cancelled and all I have received so far was an email cancellation notice showing a $2700 cancellation fee! I have since spoken with Cunard who said to ignore that notice so I am waiting to see what refund actually gets processed.
  6. Thanks Roscoe. I look forward to following your journey once again. Regards, Chris
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