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  1. Correct, obviously. I guess one could say my talkative nature gave the answer to those who know where to look.
  2. I looking through the list of ports one more time, I identified four that I have visited - only one of which was on a (non-Cunard) ship. One of them was from my pre-digital camera era (25 years ago, roughly), so I would need to find the box with pictures from that year and hope to find something useful. One was on a work trip, for which I evidently didn't take any pictures - or at least nothing I could find. I'm having difficulty finding a picture for one of the remaining two that the location would not be immediately obvious to everyone - if I can't find anything better, I'll post it just to
  3. This appears to be a here-today-gone-tomorrow thing in the US. A month or so ago, one could go to "Booked Guests" and on to "Before You Sail" and "Life on Board" to a page that gave names, deck on which cabin is located, cabin number, and bed configuration. This now appears to be missing (again). As far as I can tell, this information is no longer given anywhere on the booking summary pages. Rather irritating, actually. Previous discussion on the topic:
  4. Excellent point. I would add to that idea that sometimes the type of plane can change and still have the same flight schedule and flight number. This happened to me recently, where there was no indication of any changes on the schedule, but the plane changed from a 757 to an A321. We still had the same seats assigned on the new configuration, but we were no longer in the exit row. The change in aircraft sacrificed our leg room, which is important on the ATL-LAX flight. Had to go back and re-select seats to get ones we wanted, which I was able to do on the Delta Web site. Fortunatel
  5. Not for their recent history. The United schedule out of Charlotte is pretty thin, so I haven't flown them much in the past several years. Back in the days when I was flying out of O'Hare a lot, their schedule changes were mostly on Saturday or Sunday. They also did them on other days more often than did Delta, but definitely less frequently than on the weekend. I don't have enough data from recent years to make a definitive statement as to whether that is still true.
  6. I'm not involved in this Delta schedule change, but have been in many before. Several years ago, they would send me an e-mail about every schedule change when it occurred, even if a flight time moved by only a few minutes and more than once when the only thing that changed was the flight number. At some point, they started just letting me know about major shifts in timing (30+ minutes) and ignoring the smaller ones. Recently, I've not been getting e-mail notifications on any discernable pattern. Not sure how it works for everyone else, but maybe they think I ought to have it figured out by now
  7. My "PUP catch-up" e-mail offer was to watch the Apex Webinar. The first time it was offered, we (my wife and I) registered for the Webinar and joined it at the beginning, but had some transmission issues (our connection, not Celebrity's problem). Our signal dropped after about 15 - 20 minutes, but we got it back and rejoined near the end. I was under the impression, based solely on my increasingly-unreliable memory, that we had received the PUPs for attending, but perhaps not - since they are offering it to us as a catch-up. I'll probably watch it because why not, then see if they
  8. I found what appears to be a match to that blue railing in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, Wales. I haven't actually been there (Swansea is as close as I've been), but it is on the previously-unseen port list.
  9. There is a brochure that links the names to the numbers: https://www.cunard.com/content/dam/cunard/marketing-assets/pdf/us-brochures/2019-Grill-Suites-Overview.pdf After the brochure's marketing talk over how the Grills Experience will change your life (perhaps a bit exaggerated), around page 25 or so is a listing of Grills cabin categories that give the name Cunard uses and the numbers that are more common on these boards.
  10. We have been in Queens Grill twice (one was purchased as QG but was upgraded from Q6 to Q5, the other was an upgrade from PG) on QM2, in cabins 9023, which is located midship one (or so) doors down from the B Stairwell, and 9063, which is located aft at the D Stairwell. As noted somewhere upstream, a few cabins forward and aft are located past the lifeboats, so they are not particularly visible from the balcony. This was true for 9063, in the first picture shown below. For 9023, it was in the middle of the life boats, but immediately over the rescue boat (the smaller, f
  11. Probably not a grand testament to my travels in that I recognized (or at least thought I did) the industrial waterfront easier than the lighthouse. It looks to me to be Dalian (Liaoning Province), China.
  12. Happens to me every now and then. If I lie down for a while, it usually goes away.
  13. I was concerned reading the thread title: Am I supposed to cut my hair differently on S class ships than I do on M class? Fortunately, it was just another example of my native-English-speaking confusion over my own language.
  14. I have found that the luggage tags ordered from the cruise line sometimes arrive after I have already left home, considering we usually spend a week or two in the area before taking a cruise (ours have all departed from ports at least three time zones away). I found the same plastic covers very useful when I print out luggage tags from the hotel business center and have no other way of connecting them to the suitcase. You'd be surprised how rarely hotel business centers include a stapler.
  15. I believe that all the Celebrity ships currently sailing with passengers are supported by the app. My question is, since they are moving things to be done preferentially on the app (e.g., check-in, muster drill, etc.), are they also spending the current downtime getting the app to support the rest of the ships, or are we still going to be waiting on the now-further-postponed Revolution on each?
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