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  1. I wasn't the person you asked, but I have the same opinion. Note, first, that "not unhappy with the changes" does not mean the same thing as "I like the changes." To me (18 CC points shy of Elite), the loyalty program for cruise lines don't factor into my choice of which sailings to consider. The style of the line, quality of the food, customer service, price for value received, schedule, etc. are important, but because we do not go on cruises that frequently - although it has been about once per year for the past several years, almost exclusively transoceanic - we tend
  2. Perfect - the pan around the room exposed all of the signal flags at some point. HD resolution would have been nice, but one works with what one has. What I made out (keeping in mind that punctuation is essentially nonexistent in these matters) was: "Queen Elizabeth 2 triumph of a great tradition 1969 2008" Seems you were right - definitely a message directly related to the model over which it is placed.
  3. Interesting to note that, according to the database I searched, "King James" was the registered trademark of a non-alcoholic fruit drink up to December of last year, when it was apparently abandoned. There is no evidence that LeBron James ever applied for trademark protection for that term, so if he was using that term for himself, he would have been in violation of trademark protection prior to December 2019. Seems a bit over the top to claim proprietary use of a phrase that has been used to describe a particular translation of the Bible for several hundred years prior to his bein
  4. The message of the flags intrigued me. What is visible in this photo appears to be "ion 1969" on the signal flags - not too sure of the numbers, as they were not easy to discern. I have only been on QE once and evidently took no pictures of this room. There was a photo on the Cruise Critic QE pages that showed more of the flags. From that I got "...of a great tradition..." but with no more luck discerning the numbers at the end. I'd be interested in finding out what the entire message reads, if anyone knows or remembers.
  5. If I recall correctly - and sometimes I actually do - the town at that location is technically Matosinhos, which is in the district of, but not actually within the municipality of Oporto. However, one can pick up the light rail very near the port and take public transit all the way into the central city, so I'd say it qualifies. Sort of comparable to being able to tell where Chicago ends and Evanston begins.
  6. This post made me curious. I did a search on the forum for the term "Cunarder" to see where it is used. The top 44 hits (first two pages...I bore easily) were divided as: 11 uses of the term in this thread 2 uses in other threads related to formal attire 8 uses in threads not related to formal attire and referring to people as Cunarders 15 uses referring to ships as Cunarders 6 uses related to the magazine named Cunarder 1 use related to the Cunarder mattress 1 use related to the Cunarder burger and the thread about what the term means in the first place
  7. A quick search on one travel Web site of transatlantics ending in New York during 2021 and 2022 revealed 20 different voyages on lines other than Cunard, many of which originated in the UK.
  8. One small point - there is a regularly-scheduled transatlantic service from Cunard on Queen Mary 2 that isn't repositioning. For most of the year, she mostly goes back and forth between New York and Southampton, with a few side trips like a Christmas round trip to the Caribbean from New York between crossings. I am fairly certain this is the only remaining scheduled transatlantic service after the advent of jet plane travel started reducing the desirability of ship crossings in the 1960s.
  9. I did run across one rather oblique reference (for which I have now lost the hyperlink...hate it when that happens) to the Cunard Royal Viking Sun visiting São Tomé and Príncipe in 1994. I could not verify (a) that it was in the port of São Tomé as opposed to elsewhere in that nation, if indeed it occurred at all, and (b) it occurred after Trafalgar house Co (Cunard owner at the time) acquired the line in 1994 or before - which would have made it a non-Cunard ship when it made the stop...if it made the stop. That was really useful, wasn't it?
  10. It can, however, cause one to spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the screen.
  11. Agreed, and very well stated - in our (limited) Celebrity suite experience, we have actually never had a butler at "average" or below, but we did encounter an average one on a different cruise line. By the way, I was taught that the verb form was "buttle" so that one who "buttles" is the noun form: "butler." Evidently, like innumerable other things that I learned in my long-ago youth, this has changed. "Butler" is now accepted as a verb, so one can now be observed "butlering" and be grammatically acceptable.
  12. The information that I received recently from Virgin (how many mailing lists am I on, anyway?) indicated that only "basic beverages" were included, evidently meaning pretty much all nonalcoholic drinks. Wine with dinner and any other alcoholic drink appears to be extra.
  13. One would like to think the third most visited port is Hamilton, since that is where she is registered, but QM2 wouldn't come close to fitting the port in Hamilton. Hamburg came to mind first, but I will guess Halifax just to be different.
  14. Thank you for these pictures. It is difficult to find information on what sheltered balcony views are like, other than some general opinions. Nice to have documentation.
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