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  1. They have been on our TA's website (UK) if you want to join the cruise, and on a certain well known consolidator website. However, I am waiting for my TA to contact me to tell me about the changes to the itinerary. I seem to be doing most of the investigating and phoning so far. Will be ringing them this afternoon. There has been a lot of availability on 13 March cruise since we booked last year.
  2. We live in the UK and are booked on 13 March Voyager sailing from Tokyo to Bangkok. I contacted our TA this morning to find out whether they had any updated information on our cruise - we like to be prepared. Late this afternoon the TA called me back. The only changes they confirmed were, as expected, to Hong Kong, which was cancelled. Any new ports would be advised on board.
  3. We are on 13 March sailing. The quoted link (above) to Regent's statement is not on the UK website as highlighted by flossie009 but can be found at this link: https://www.rssc.com/coronavirus-statement. From it, we know that that the cruises on 12 Feb, 1 Mar and 13 Mar are being reviewed and rearranged. We, too, have heard nothing from our Travel agent or Regent directly - but we would expect advice to go through our TA. And, Regent's offices in the UK are closed on Sunday. Rearranging itineraries will be carried out by US related staff and not those in the UK. We will wait - there are those with much higher priorities than ours. We only have to self isolate if we start to feel ill as per GOV.UK advice directly quoted below: Based on the scientific advice of SAGE the UK Chief Medical Officers are advising anyone who has travelled to the UK from mainland China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia or Macau in the last 14 days and is experiencing cough or fever or shortness of breath, to stay indoors and call NHS 111, even if symptoms are mild. Waiting is never easy...
  4. Yes, we had this happen when the port was a new one for our upcoming cruise in March - Ishigaki. The excursions were not available for booking for several weeks. Just keep an eye on your 'My Account' listing. Of course, we may not get to our destination at all, now, but that is another story!
  5. At one time we cruised, almost exclusively, on Celebrity, but I found a good deal on a Regent cruise through the Middle East and persuaded my DH to go although he was rather nervous about the location. We were hooked - not exclusively it has to be said - but we are now drawn to Regent as most things are definitely a cut above. The only area where I find Celebrity to be better is at breakfast but, frankly, I can manage on slimmer pickings for one meal a day. If only I could go without the meal altogether!
  6. Can't recommend tour companies as we took Regent's offers when we were in Haifa. Our morning trip to Caesarea ruins was fascinating and definitely something we can recommend if you find a tour guide. Also, walking the Baha'i gardens from the top - there are so many steps it would be an incredible work out!
  7. We are cruising from Tokyo to Bangkok (Laem Chabang) next year on Voyager. Our one night pre-cruise is at the Prince Park Tower in Tokyo. As you say, the hotels can certainly change... hope this helps you make those all important decisions.
  8. We've had it twice in three cruises. As rcandkc said, it is great fun, although if it's held in Monte Carlo/Monaco there is no music/dancing as the owners of the flats on the other side of the marina complained. However, the view does make up for a lot!
  9. Thank you for a great read. It brought back wonderful memories of our first cruise with Regent on Voyager in 2016. Which Voyager spring cruise are you going on?
  10. Oh yes, I had noticed the 320 days to go! But there is nothing like a bit of planning to help pass the time until you can actually make your reservations. One of our cruises we booked Dec 2015 for Sep 2017! We like to get our fix in early and discuss our excursion options. Then we do it all again later... You will enjoy Regent.
  11. We find that the excursions listed are generally close to what will be offered unless there is a new port and then you may have to wait until those firm up. We like to read through each trip and discuss the options so that we can make our selection as soon as possible when they become available. If for some reason you are delayed making your selection, do contact Southampton and get wait listed. There will often be additional transport or whatever laid on so you can be lucky. Regent Roll Calls do tend to be quieter than some other cruise lines, but you have plenty of time.
  12. There's no equivalent to this on Celebrity. We like it and join in every time. It's one of the few times when you get to meet your neighbours. And yes, some are already dressed for dinner, others not yet started and a few in dressing gowns - not that they were in evidence in the recent programme about Explorer! Everyone wanted to look their best for the camera and was already togged up. It's all very relaxed.
  13. Ooh that's definitely news re lifejackets. I actually thought it was a good idea. I know they are not complicated to put on but when under stress it can be difficult to remember things.
  14. Welcome to Cruise Critic! And to Regent - we have also cruised mainly with Celebrity but love Regent. Boarding usually commences about midday but can vary slightly. We have rarely had much in the way of queues when we have checked in with Regent but we have taken their transport, and the process is more or less the same. If you are making your own way there, I believe you can check in any time. I expect Travelcat2 will come along and confirm this. And you get a welcome glass of (real) champagne on boarding rather than the sparkling wine that Celebrity serves. Both tend to be a little on the warm side for my tastes! Suites will be available about 13:30 although we have had one occasion when it was quite a bit later. I few glasses of champagne filled the gap quite nicely. Do be prepared for a much more rigorous muster drill than on Celebrity. You will be asked to bring your life jackets and shown how to put them on before trying it out yourselves. And finally, if it's a wet afternoon, you should have a mac with you as you will go outside to your lifeboat position on deck. Once finished and unpack - relax. I am sure you will have a wonderful time on Explorer. Bon Voyage!
  15. A few years ago we were on a Regent cruise which stayed overnight in Haifa. First day was exceptionally long with a visit to Jerusalem. I would certainly recommend any visit to the ruins at Caesarea, which we did the following morning. A good guide will bring the whole place to life. Additionally, in Haifa itself, and visible from the ship are the gardens around the Baha'i temple. These are shaped like cascading turtles and beautifully lit up at night. It is possible to walk the length of them from the top to the bottom, but beware of the steps!!! A trip may well combine both of these. You will need to return reasonably early in the afternoon to be back for the muster drill, so a long day probably won't be practical.
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