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  1. Your whale pictures are really great! I was always JTL! - just too late! (as against JIT - just in time). It is such an amazing experience. So glad the weather is generally being kind.
  2. The cabins are most definitely smaller than Celebrity Solstice class cabins in both room and bathroom space. But there is good hanging storage with an extra hanging area above the drawers in the third cupboard. Below are four small drawers and and there are four more in the desk/dressing table. Plus other small amounts of storage alongside the safe etc. Suitcases can be stowed under the bed(s) and you could always leave stuff in there. Having just come through Drake Passage in Force 12 winds (gusting Force 16) on Quest which is exactly the same as Pursuit... we certainly felt the motion in the heavy seas but she held up really well and the only things which broke were a few plates and glasses. But I would rather be on board Azamara ships than the huge ones in bouncy seas.
  3. Yes! Fabulous voices and great range of music from classical to modern stuff - and their outfits shine too!
  4. We saw these wonderful singers/keyboard player on board during the later covid years and the concert was almost as good as the theatre experience we had before covid. Highly recommend it!
  5. Kitekat

    The Patio

    The sign was up to prevent through traffic on the day of the BBQ on deck - all of the food and the barbecue itself were located in the Patio area. The notice was removed as soon as the area was cleared
  6. Wow! That is interesting. And a new CFO as well...
  7. Now wondering what the chef's table might be on our South American cruise in a few weeks. As we have just spent a month and half in France and our village has several excellent restaurants, we are in no hurry to eat more French food. It must be so disappointing as the Arabic menu reads really well but a poor rijstafel sounds awful. We can't wait to get back for a curry...
  8. Oh yes! Have seen them twice - once in the theatre and once on board and definitely fabulous both times! Would happily see them again.
  9. That's quite possible especially as MSC embark and disembark at most ports on their cruises.
  10. If this is the same women singers (and keyboard player) it will be equally fabulous having experienced this Azamazing Evening in both locations - ashore before covid and on board after.
  11. Once uktog highlighted the article in the Daily Mail, I investigated a bit more and discovered that the Guardian reported this back in April this year and it's been on the cards for several years. It's just they have now set a date to enact it. I also discovered that Tarragona, which is about an hour down the coast from Barcelona, is building a new cruise terminal which should start operating early next year and be fully open in 2025. It's an old town with roman remains and a gothic old quarter. The nearest airport is Reus (approx 8km). It's certainly possible that some cruise lines will relocated here as their start point.
  12. Thank you for this info but as we are leaving Japan by ship, we won't be able to return one. Google is definitely going to be our friend...
  13. This is very interesting - where can we pick one up and for those of us who are on B2B and not flying out, how would we be able to return it. Oh, and how much is 'pricey', please?
  14. Good luck with renewing your passport, we'd hate you to miss the cruise!
  15. We have sailed mainly Celebrity with some Azamara and P&O before we sailed Viking Ocean. We would not rush back to Viking - we would describe it as bland. The food was of good quality but spoiled on one occasion with stale oil. Breakfast was limited choice with Celebrity options being far superior. The afternoon tea can be good but we had dried sandwiches on one of few occasions we tried it. As this was a cruise in Feb '22, we were confined to the ship unless we were on a tour so we were able to test all the furniture and found much of it to be uncomfortable. If you do not book a suite, many of the tours can be full by the time they open for regular cabins. You can go on a wait list but you do need to monitor availability and contact them directly to book the excursion. We had a great time ashore and saw the northern lights. But we would not rush back to Viking...
  16. It took some time but Infinity leaves from Terminal C. Here is the link... https://contentv5.portdebarcelona.cat/cntmng/gd/d/workspace/SpacesStore/e4ec9294-0697-4254-abfd-b23405e01811/en.23-05.pdf
  17. Kitekat

    New website.

    I filled out the form giving the details of our missing cruise (the others were visible from day 1) and it has at last shown up followed by an email from Azamara a few days later stating that they had updated our account and we should now be able to see our cruise. Our loyalty points are still incorrect but I am now more confident that things are progressing in the right direction if they have found the cruise. But they do have a long way to go...
  18. It's not VAT but the all up price including gratuities which have to be included in UK and European cruises. Fortunately, I believe it's only Spain which includes VAT on drinks and other purchases while the ship is in port.
  19. At the moment the Roll Call for this particular cruise is very quiet! But hoping more may join us, so please do and connect on the roll call! We have not done this trip before but have seen whales on cruises to Alaska and Hawaii. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. We are on the preceding cruise, and are staying on in Rio for new year followed by a trip to Iguazu Falls.
  20. We need to be on a cruise with you and learn how to play! We have never gambled... that being said my DH prefers to spend his time at the martini bar and that is definitely a diminishing return!
  21. Agree there is no right or wrong way to do this. We have used it as a way of getting a better deal on USD although that does depend on the rate. We watch the trends and make the decisions. We check excursions and would only book ship's tours if it is something special that we can't get elsewhere - we have had situations where we were obligated on one cruise, due to covid restrictions and there was no getting around that! You do get penalised if you take cash out at the casino - and if you have put the cash into your account that would negate the benefits of buying the 'Gifts'. If you are on B2B cruises you need to load each cruise separately and then cash out at the end of each one else it will go back to your card. 6 months sounds like a fantastic holiday! Have fun and enjoy!
  22. It is worth checking the exchange rate that Celebrity are offering. Last year when the rate was $1.22 (bank rate was lower than this), the exchange rate through 'Gifts by Celebrity' was $1.27 with no commission charge. We bought several lots of $25 directly onto via credit card - the charge was made in sterling so there was no further charge (and we have a Natonwide card as well as Starling). We used this onboard to pay for restaurants or excursions. The cash at then end was great as we could convert to smaller bills and for additional tips for our steward, wait staff etc. I would emphasise that this is not actually OBC - it is like putting cash into your account before leaving at an advantageous rate. I have seen it when it goes the other way - which is why it is always worth checking what rate you are being offered. We have done this many times - indeed, it was brought to our attention on the CC boards several years ago!
  23. This is under 'Gifts by Celebrity' and is treated similarly to OBC but not exactly the same. It can be given by any friend or family member who has your book ref etc or as in our case 'bought' by ourselves for us. It is a way of loading US dollars to your account prior to your cruise. If there is any left at the end of the cruise it is refunded to the card used to gift it. And as it was a 'gift' you are able to do with it as you want. Including convert it to a cash account at guest relations with no penalty. This does not work with OBC directly from Celebrity, in those cases clear OBC rules apply. If you live in the US you can still purchase gifts of $25 - although you do not gain any benefit of exchange rates which you would from Australia, Canada or the UK. But friends might like to buy you a drink or dinner perhaps...
  24. I have done this a number of times when the exchange rate has been in our favour. It's an excellent way of getting OBC in USD. You can purchase up to 9 lots of $25 in one go - process all of those to full payment. It irritatingly requires you to put in a message and 'from' for each $25 but other than that it's not an issue. You can then go back and purchase another nine lots of $25... and go through the whole process again. For those of us overseas - there is no commission charge and the cost of $25US that you see ($36.5 above) is what gets charged directly to your card. It's a complete no brainer to do this (and we did it for both of our Eclipse cruises B2B last year). If you have any left over at the end of the cruise, you can ask for your account to be converted to cash and the excess given to you in dollars - useful if you cruise regularly, need money for future tips or have a trip to the states planned.
  25. Thank you for the information - our points are way out (missing some 200 points!) and a future cruise, so fingers crossed.
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