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  1. When we missed Ponta Delgado last month on the Getaway, we got a whopping $9 each for port fees and taxes for the missed port
  2. We missed a port on my recent TA--got refunded a whopping $9/person for port fees!!
  3. Just off the Getaway on the 8th of November. Spice H20 is alive and well on deck 16 aft. Had a sailaway there and went there when weather was permitting. Nice and uncrowded!
  4. Is this for everybody, or just Haven guests? It was my understanding from my last cruise that Moderno breakfasts were only for Haven and Suite guests
  5. I just wonder if having door decorations could lead to a stalker-type situation, especially when traveling with teenagers. Your door is easily identifiable! Yes, you can find your cabin easier, but so can anyone else. I would think that this would be a HUGE safety issue! JS.......
  6. I've got reservations for every night of my 19 night cruise in October on the Getaway--all reservations were at Savor, Taste or Manhattan--I just booked everything online, no problem!
  7. If I remember correctly, it was a 3 hour tour, so we had plenty of time to stroll around town. The taxi rate is a flat rate, so if 2 couples go, the cost will be less. No need for reservations, you just walk to the taxi stand (just up the road from the tourist information center--the center is worth the visit as well!!)
  8. You can walk up to the taxi stand and ask for a Taxi tour--it is a set price and quite reasonable (forgot what I paid for it last year). They will take you to a few spots where you can get out and walk around and take pictures--you can take as long as you want. The tour does not include admission to the park, which needs to be paid separately (can be paid by credit card). They will take you to the end of the world. Be sure to get a driver that speaks your language--ours sorta did, so we did okay, but one fluent in English might be hard to find. The taxi tour gets you back to port so you can walk around and have a drink or two before heading back to the ship.:D:D:D
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