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  1. Curious on this too. I am looking at a "port" day, since the at Sea are very expensive. What is included?
  2. Oh how I LOVE the champagne bar! We had a fabulous set of bartenders in their last October as well. Hoping they may still be there in December.
  3. Question about 150 Central Park. I would love to do the Filet for 2, however my husband prefers his meat extremely dead...and I prefer mine a little more on the mooing side. Will they take his half back and cook it more?
  4. I didn't get one either. I called and the rep sent one right away.
  5. Nice to hear that you enjoyed the Fury Catamaran. That is the excursion we have been toying around with doing, but I couldn't really find many reviews on it. Did you feel crowded on it at all?
  6. Hey Frank and Family! Nice to see you! Hope all is well with you and your family! We sat with you at the group lunch last year during the Halloween cruise. (we had gotten upgraded to the family suite). Say hi to your wife and son for us.
  7. This is the reason we tend to get it as well, plus the specialty coffees/bottled water/soda etc...I also like to try different wines/beverages that I may not try at home. If I don't like it, I don't have to force myself to drink it. That is just us though. It may be different if the cruise was longer than 7 days. That may make me rethink it.
  8. Does anyone know if I added Trip Insurance to our cruise with RCCL, but I find it somewhere else, can I cancel it with RCCL?
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