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  1. Boarding in an RS on Silly in 9 days and still had no contact with shoreside concierge... feelling slightly neglected! any one have a UK phonre number?
  2. I think there is some confusion as some of the prices quoted are from US sailings and some from UK. In the UK any gratuities must be included in the displayed price and I believe the same for Aus. so for UK sailings the package limit is nearer to $18 and in the US $15 but the onboard prices displayed in bar menus will be different depending on home port
  3. What sort of thing were people wearing on the Chic Night? Were the any men wearing Black Tie (DJs) on other nights?
  4. OK so Silhouette is in the UK and likely to stay here until the end of Septrember. The passenger demographic is basicaly Brits. All of us on these staycations have prepaid our gatuities ( included or not) . Any extra tips one might want to give to an attentive barman or butler who has gone above and beyond' I am absolutely sure wil be gratefully recieved. But in what currancy? I have sterling in my wallet and if I bring a couple of hundred on board in cash and give to staff who I feel deserve it then great. If however I feel the service has not quite reached the Xtra level then I can take that
  5. Just to say I have spent many nights on the sofa bed in and RS and also CS and will vouch for their comfort. I snore , apparantley, so to eleviaty my dearest wifes torchered sleep I opt for the sofga bed and , yes, I find it very comfertable.
  6. Jackie I already have the premium but does it incude the martini bar? This is a menue from the MDR a couple of nights ago.... note the bottom line. UK VAT will be added as aplicable. So is the Caribbean Cobler in fact $18.60 and is it covered?
  7. Can anyone onboard say what are the drinks limits are for thew premium package and do the prices shown on menus (app) include UK VAT and 20% tips? The app on my phone for our 6th Aug UK circumnavigation is showing martini drinks as $16 are they included or an upcharge?
  8. @Jim_Iain they are the converted FVs at the front of the ship on Silly with two forward facing windows. The balcony however seems small for a suite. It is just below the bridge arm On the m class ships that have them the FVs were at the aft with extra large balconies so justifiably one up from a CS but on the Silly due to the smaller balcony it seems they should be below a CS despite the two room layout. Personnally I would only consider them on the Revolutionised m class ships.
  9. So @cantstopingcruising where does one fit the second jetted tub if you have no balcony? 🤣🤣🤣
  10. Follow the link to ABP on Celebritys website ( https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/uk-cruises-from-southampton-2021/exclusive-offers#upgrades ) enter the promo code “CELEBRITY”. Find your cruise and enter your booking reference and cabin number and the price should show as £0.00.
  11. Found these from our last cruises in Aug and Oct 2019 on Silhouette . Both are out of Southampton but hope fully this will give you a guide...
  12. @york surveyWe too are on the 6th Aug UK circumnavigation and had a July Infinity booked but to save heart break again (9 canceled so far) we shifted our July 2021 to Aug 2022
  13. I did it all on line. Be careful though and if needed you may need to delete cookies etc. The abp system won't allow two bookings for the same reg on the same cruise
  14. Jackie I cancelled our £89.10 booking and recieved as full refund....ten minutes latter rebooked using the lingk from Celebritys website and the code CELEBRITY and rebooked for £0.00
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