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  1. Ah ...you mean the little Welsh town of "St Mary's Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel near a Rapid Whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio near the Red Cave"
  2. Cunard already give a 5% discount to those who hold a blue light card . This card is only available to people in the Army, Royal Navy, RAF, NHS, Police, Coast Gaurd, Search and Rescue, St John Ambulance, Ambulance Service, Blood Bikes, Border Force, Cave Rescue, Community First Responders, Fire Services etc. To be honest I believe this is a very generous discount for those who work to protect us and one for which they are grateful. It works out at a little bit more than $250 (My DW has one and our booking for Oct 2022 it works out at nearly £1000)
  3. Aparantly that is a temporary measure due to limited numbers allowed in lounges during the Covid distancing measures 🙄
  4. The way I read the pdf E+ get 2 pressed items, 1 dry clean item and 2 bags of wash and fold
  5. Booked a Q2 on the 2022 October Northern Lights cruise in.........693 days time . I am hoping that should be safe enough and sail😁
  6. it has to be Funcal ..... and the Monte Gardens oh and I agree any cruise up the Fjords
  7. is that in the grand atrium on Silly?
  8. Yes it is on the bridge. I have viisted the bridge of at least 5 ships and have only see this idea on one ... and it was not on Connie.
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