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  1. Also, remember that the price listed usually does not include the 18% gratuity, so that will be added to the list price when you go to check out. That can be a game changer in some instances. We have a November 2020 cruise booked, so I am really crossing my fingers.
  2. Only sister we haven't been on. Booked for Nov 28. Not getting suitcases out just yet.
  3. I will not get the vaccine until I know who conducted the trials and their results. I have a serious lung disease and even my pulmonologist is not making a recommendation on the vaccine at this point in time. I trust her explicitly and if she is unsure and needs more data, I certainly am not rushing out the door to be the first in line. I am one of those who takes the flu shot each year so I am not " against vaccinations"
  4. You might have to be a Texan to understand that one.
  5. That was beautiful and full of hope. I just booked my third cruise for next year , so prayers said for all these beautiful entertainers that we will be "back at sea" soon.
  6. I was told by my TA last week to expect 90 days for a refund. I received my FCC within 3 weeks, but still waiting for the refund for pre-cruise packages, port charges and prepaid gratuities. So not expecting anything till June or early July.
  7. I so agree. If social distancing is the new norm, then there are no church events, no schools ( other than online) sports, no movies, no theater performances, no eating in restaurant and bars and grill, no using public transportation system or, heaven forbid the sub. No air transportation, because they can't fly 1/2 0r 1/3 full and stay in business. Life will be reduced to living in a bubble with escape only for life necessities. Obviously, just MHO.
  8. And totally against the law, I would imagine. There are many laws protecting the rights of senior citizens. Talk about discrimination at its worst. Age is just a number. As a member of the medical profession, I have seen many much younger than 70 that are in far worse physical and mental shape than many 70 year old.
  9. We cancelled dining and Voom early March . I received emails confirming the cancellation and that the money would be refunded to the card used for purchase. Over 30 days and nothing. I am getting a little concerned now. Any suggestions?
  10. Ditto. My TA cancelled for us. We have received out FCC already but not a refund on our credit card for gratuities, port charges or from when I cancelled our on board pre packages. I am giving it to April 13th before I start contacting anyone. I will be following along. Please if anyone gets their reimbursement, please share .
  11. In our house hold that would almost be reversed. LOL
  12. Like you, I am a cardiac nurse and have worked with heart surgeons and cardiologist over 2/3 of my 44 year career. It always amazed me how so many of our patients had no clue what pills were in "their bag of medicine" and what any of them were for. Many had duplicate prescriptions because they were using different pharmacies and seeing multiple doctors.
  13. The horse racing was a blast and Ken was an amazing Cruise Director.
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