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  1. As many times as we have been to Falmouth, I was unaware of those wonderful looking patties. Can you tell me where the location is that sells them?
  2. Very similar to ours. That was one of the jokes by the CD. Stating we made 500 drinks so drink up. 😪
  3. On our Dec. 15th sailing on Oasis, we were told they issued approx. 900 top tier invitations and only about 200+ came. Maybe they didn't receive the invitation ( we heard several guest saying they didn't but saw it in the cruise compass), or they didn't want to come to Studio B. It is odd they have switched the venues on this ship. Super Mario had a few jokes about the low number of quest as did the CD.
  4. Has "Taste of Royal" replaced It? Where do you dine if you do Taste of Royal?
  5. I am with Laura, our Bulldogs came up short. So very close. I grew up in Louisiana though, so Geaux Tigers of the purple and gold variety. On a side note, you know John, come to think of it, I did not see a single " service" animal on our Dec 15 Oasis sailing. Interesting.
  6. An FYI to the OP. There is a plug by the bed on Oasis class ships. You have to virtually stand on your head to use it, but it is there. You have to look behind/under the top of the mattress. It is near where the phone plugs into the wall.
  7. We were on December 15-22 and it was amazing top to bottom. Now John, I will disappoint you in that for us it was amazing in that we did not suffer through Cats, but enjoyed the ship amenities. It will be extra special for you because of Cats. The new show One Sky was "interesting". Excellent performers, strange performance. Still enjoyed it even though I did not understand it.
  8. Definitely following. We board in two weeks on the same itinerary , so excited to get a "sneak peak" Can't wait to hear your thought on the new Aqua show and the new Theater show replacing "Come Fly With Me" and so much more. If you have time I would love to see a drink menu with prices. We do not get the drink package and I am curious if the refit, "refit the prices".
  9. I just looked at a picture of the Epic and oh my gosh how ugly. It does look like a LEGO was added to the top of the ship. I am so grateful they did not ruin the lines of the front of Oasis ( like they did with the back IMHO).
  10. I so agree with you. I know they are loved by many. I just wish they could have left one of the "Sisters" unmarred with the ugliness of them. It totally changes the beautiful aesthetic of the ship for me. ( I know I am in the minority just My Humble Opinion)
  11. I'm truly sorry, I never saw a response. Will try not to be redundant in the future,
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