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  1. You were very fortunate. I did that on May 9 and still the website is saying they are reviewing my documents.
  2. I am there with you. Mailed mine first week in May, They updated my account on their website on 6/3 that they were reviewing my documnets. 7 weeks later it still says that. I bolded that I have a trip out of the country on August 22, but they must have overlooked that. I am not anticipating getting it back before that cruise. Glad I have an old yellowed faded certified copy of my birth certificate.
  3. Our first cruise was on the SS Norway. What a magnificent lady she was. Our second cruise was on the Sovereign of the Seas. So sad
  4. My understanding is that you can not make them until you are on board the ship. You will use your Royal App to do so.
  5. It could have to do with the number of shows that need to be scheduled, and the scheduling of activities.
  6. I got an email today regarding my August 22 Allure of the Seas sailing and it said that online check-in via the RCCL app will be availbale 30 days prior to sailing. It also said that entertrainment can be booked using the app once on board hte ship. Prior to Covid, that was avaible 90 days out, after final payment.
  7. This has to be much easier for RCL than trying to call each person, which they were initially doing . Yes, they are needing the info for % of vax vs. unvax.
  8. OK, so I want to make sure I understand you correctly regarding using the app for texting your family on the ship. I do not purchase the voom package, so can I still get free texting through the app and how does that work? As you can tell from this post I am NOT tech savvy. p.s. I finished reading the entire thread after I posted this, so it seems I must have voom to use the app.
  9. Does the water from the cans have a metallic taste to it? I never drink can drinks anymore so am curious. Thanks
  10. I've loved all the positives and "love" being shown through Birds review. Such a welcome change to the negative threads of the past 15 months. I really feel we have made it through the tunnel. I check CC every few hours holding to find another live review. So those of you who are tech savvy and time generous, thank you from the bottom of my cruising heart. To all you Dad's, hope you are having a wonderful day.
  11. And IMHO totally not needed. Why the vaccine then? Are we or are we not protected when we take it? Personally , I think the statistics are showing that the vaccine is working and people are going any and everywhere without mask safely. Game changer.
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