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  1. I agree with this. There have been times when I saw something I'd never had before. I want a small bit so I don't waste it if I don't like it.
  2. No. I go to the buffet so I can have the quantity of food I want and the part of the food I want. For the latter, I'll give an example. Let's say there's a meat dish that contains the meat, carrots, and mushrooms. I would want to service myself the meat and carrots portion of the dish. If I got the mushrooms, they would be wasted because I wouldn't eat them. I agree with your point 2.
  3. This bidding for an upgrade is silly if they don't tell what cabin you are bidding on. What is also funny is that Princess says the Crown this weekend (20 Apr) is fully booked but it still allowed me to start the process of bidding. (Didn't complete the process. What Princess and I call great cabins are two different things.)
  4. You can walk up to the MDR and eat. However, most people do make reservations. Also, the turnover in the MDR is slower than the buffet.
  5. "Cali" is a city in Colombia and the name of my mom's cat. The sound of "Cali" when referring to the state ranks right up there with fingernails on a chalkboard.
  6. damiross


    What is causing tree nut/peanut allergy? When I was a kid (1950s to 1970s), no one had allergies to nuts.
  7. damiross


    Note a joke. There is an actual, serious warning. If you look, you can see the same time of warning on other "peanut free" snacks.
  8. damiross


    Southwest proudly serves a non-peanut snack. What's funny is that the package says the snack was made in a factory that also made peanut snacks.
  9. Airliners are "reborn" every few years when they go in for major maintenance. Same thing with ships. When they go into dry dock, they come out as a somewhat different ship. After multiple dry docks over 26 years, it's doubtful much of the original ship is there
  10. damiross


    So for the sake of maybe 2-3% of the cruising population, 97-98% of the cruising population should not eat peanuts? I don't think fish should be served onboard because the smell can make me feel sick. (Same thing as the peanuts allergy)
  11. Agree. It is hard to highlight the TV or app.
  12. .Perhaps even to boost their count? (Sorry - the grammar *** took over when I read your post. Also, I wanted to boost by count.
  13. Don't forget - the robe is one size fits all, er, most, er, some, er a teeny tiny guy named All Most Some.
  14. I can't think of a better use of my time than learning about things. Really helps in trivia contests.
  15. It's actually speed tape in this case,
  16. Or just skip the topic when you see it. The topic may not interest you but it might interest others.
  17. I started carrying either a multi-tool or a Swiss Army Knife all the time a few months ago. I don't use them all the time but it is nice to have when I do need a pair of pliers, scissors, screwdriver, etc.
  18. I understand that, I was posting what the email shows and what happens when I press "get your reward" now that it has been over 6 month since I bought the last card. It honestly never occurred to me I would need more than just the gift card number and PIN in order to use the gift card onboard,
  19. I know what the list of prohibited items says on the Princess page. But, it's probably up to security to interpret the rules. Princess says no knives with a blade of 2.5 inches. The Gerber Dime's blade length is 1.38 inches. Has anyone had any problem getting the Dime on board? Although the blade length is less than 2.5 inches, I'm just wondering if security might consider the length of the blade plus the length of the tool's body to exceed the maximum length.
  20. This is what I have in my emails: When I click "get your reward", I get this:
  21. I either didn't see or ignored the print option. I still have the emails from July-September 2023 but the links on all of the emails have expired. The emails I have do not have the gift card numbers.
  22. How can you print out the card? I have the card numbers. I plan on bringing the list of them to customer service to get OBC. I was thinking that having something that looks like a card might be better than just a list of numbers and their PINs.
  23. The bags we have we got back when Princess actually thought passengers were something good.
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