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  1. I am a fan of thriller novels by Tom Clancy et al, Lee Childs, Michael Crichton, Clive Cussler, Dan Brown, John Grisham, etc..., and what is happening now - you couldn't make this stuff up. Everything has become surreal.
  2. It does really depend upon your tastes and if you desire to have a genuine dining experience with each evening meal. Many of the responders have already mentioned their opinions and perspectives. Getting a 3 dinner sampler package is a good way of trying out the specialty restaurants on a 7 night cruise or longer. One option not mentioned was that the best advantage of the ultimate dining package where you get your choice of any of the specialty restaurants each night of your cruise (or even more than one a night - if you can tolerate that many calories) is on a transatlantic or trans
  3. I will admit not knowing the specific answer to your question but we do use a large ultraviolet device in our operating rooms and hospital rooms to sanitize both the surfaces and the air for viruses. We do a antibacterial wipe down on all surfaces as another part of the cleaning process. A more technical person might be able to address just how this works. BTW - you articulate many health care facts and jargon. Are you a trained health care professional?
  4. We went through the Panama Canal in 2015 on the Jewel OTS (but in the old locks). The new ones were done but not yet allowing ships through at that time. I recall that passage had to paid in cash for each vessel, so at $148 pp, that would be about $600K for the Navigator OTS to cross in fees alone. It was a great trip and I would consider making the passage again on the Navigator westbound. But I would really be more interested in taking her around the horn, the long way from the Caribbean to Los Angeles.
  5. Back to the original question, I have been vaccinated as a HCW and DW has her second shot next week. We are set for vaccines. I do hope and expect that initial cruises might require vaccination for its passengers and crew. This would be a wise precaution, even when considering reduced capacities. I recently submitted the RCCL survey as well and indicated my preference for both vaccinated passengers/crew and no masks (in most situations). I am not adverse to masking when it makes sense (I have been using one plus face shields for my hospital work for decades but in the last full
  6. Can't explain the difference in prompts on the robo-agent directions but the automated system does work. Thank you again for that insight. The live agents are always helpful but harder to get through to. The NRD notation was clearly there since RCCL began to distinguish refundable and nonrefundable rates in the recent several years, but the invoice also distinctly marked refundable deposit as well. Now it is not that clear and only the NRD denotes that one's fare is subject to those nonrefundable rules. Don't know if there is reasonable rationale for this ambiguity. I do save
  7. Anytime I had previously made an online or via phone booking with RCCL, they had sent me an emailed confirmation. When using a TA, they sent it to the TA who had to forward it to me. This week, booking online, a new message indicating my deposit and booking ID number did not include any attached confirmations. The posted number 866-562-7625 worked well but the prompts were actually 2, then 1 to get options for payment or getting a confirmation by email. It worked well and all with a robo-agent. I do notice also that the invoice is now different and much abbreviated
  8. Thank you, will use this. I was thinking there might be a hyperlink somewhere on their website.
  9. Booking today new cruises for 2023, I received the confirmation of paid deposit via email but did not receive an invoice for the cruise as before. Anyone know how to get that invoice without having to call RCCL directly? Don't see a link on my order or account to get it. Perhaps I miss seeing it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thank you. That makes sense. I was hoping to claim the 125% OBC when I L&S'ed to another cruise. Wishful thinking. Have a good night.
  11. With the recent cancellation of the Odyssey OTS TA October 2021, the options for purchased items in the Cruise Planner (e.g., ultimate dining package) are a bit confusing to me. 125% future onboard credit is one option as well as a full refund of the Cruise Planner purchase. However, it also states that selecting the total cruise refund or a lift and shift (to another similar cruise) does not allow for the future OBC option. Hence it is only then a full refund? Can someone explain this better? How does one claim the 125% future OBC option then? Thanks in advance.
  12. That looks so delicious! I also like the apple cobbler you’d made. I made apple crisp the other day to go with ice cream also. So easy and so good.
  13. There is no hard information/evidence at this time about how long any immunity and protection developed by the vaccines will last. There are rare reports of individuals getting Covid-19 infection even after vaccination. But what is generally agreed is that serious illness and hospitalization is mostly avoided for those like you and me who have gotten our 2 doses of vaccine. It remains to be seen how this will hold up against the new variants showing up and for how long overall. Our "immune" status should improve (make more antibodies) as we get exposed (via vaccination or illness) to
  14. Generally that is true, I had my second Moderna shot on this Monday and felt mild chills that night, fatigue, achiness and mild headache the next day. Arm was sore for a day or so. Could have taken tylenol (acetaminophen) but didn't. Went to bed early and woke up at 5AM and felt fine. I'm working as the MD (prepared for any adverse immediate reactions) for our Covid Vaccine Clinic these past two weeks and have found no serious side effects in most. Only mild and short lived symptoms for patients who had gotten the second vaccinations have been noted, none at all health threat
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