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  1. A bit of caution if you bid on XL. Oftentimes the only XL cabins available at the last minute are the ones on deck 8 above the red room so that’s where your “upgrade” will be. These have noise factors of 4 or 5 out of 5. If you want to know the noise factor of your cabin you can ask your TA. Every cabin on the ship has a number between 0 and 5.
  2. If you've booked a Med sailing this year, check your prices. Huge price drops overnight. Yes, you lose the Bar Tab, but the savings MORE than make up for it. Some prices dropped as much as $1,000 on some of the more pricey sailings and cabins. Suites are not included in the sale so no savings there.
  3. This has been changed. You can now go in and look at your "Friends" in the app and choose for them not to be able to see your agenda. (Just click "profile" and then uncheck the "see agenda" slider). That way you can still get the "celebration" bottle of sparkling wine without them being part of your agenda. Your TA can also just choose "celebration" and not dining when creating the "travel with" link.
  4. Sorry about that. I was looking at the November Scarlet crossing that just dropped by about $1,000 in the last week. They are starting to pull back a bit from the high prices as I assume bookings are not as rosy as they hoped. Maybe we will see some more price adjustments. I anticipate the popular San Juan itineraries will go up a bit from their introductory pricing, but some of the 2025 will come down from their high starting point.
  5. recheck your booking. Prices have dropped quite a bit on this sailing. Some categories up to $1000 less now than a month ago.
  6. no, just trying to get reservations for the April Transatlantic that opened up this morning.
  7. Dining reservations are a mess this morning. Even supervisors at VV can't get it to work without crashing.
  8. Also highly recommend the lunch with the locals at her home. It was so much fun and the food was delicious. If you decide to go to Delos on a private non Virgin excursion, do it on the first day. The ship won't be leaving without you unless you camp out on Delos and stay too long on the second day!
  9. If you are converting old Placeholders, you can pay in full if the placeholder was purchased before pay in full ended. Pay In Full is not available to any booking created after PIF ended around the beginning of December. The Loyalty 10% discount ended quite a while ago. It was a promo last summer.
  10. Thank you! Love following your "Live From". Enjoy the rest of your cruise...I mean Voyage!
  11. Do you know if this class sold out quickly on board and if they had any walk ins. If someone isn't SoR or Deep Blue, do they even have a chance to book this class? Thanks!
  12. The cabins that are designed for 3 have the bed by the window to accommodate the Pullman bed in the middle of the room. If you look on a deck map you will see that those 3 person cabins are every other cabin since the cabins alternate between having the bed by the window or closer to the bathroom.
  13. Pure speculation, but this would be a Brilliant way to start the Brilliant Lady's career. Launch her from Miami to Australia via the Panama Canal, Hawaii, and the South Pacific. Then have Brilliant sail the Aussie 2024-2025 season. The Resilient can finish up her Med Season and sail back to San Juan and base out of there for 2024-2025 Winter. Those sailings seem to be very popular and getting nice reviews. Maybe mix in some longer sailings that include Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, etc.
  14. There's just not enough time to get from Singapore to Athens for the start of the Med season. 3 cruises will have to be cancelled. It's just a matter of which 3 they choose. I'm guessing they will cancel the 3 from Australia to Athens and keep the Med Season in tact. There are a lot of people who book all 3 sailings from Oz to Athens, so just cancelling 1 is still going to disrupt a large number of passengers. They might as well cancel all 3 and start the Med on time. That's my 2c
  15. Should see an announcement in the next few days. Carnival corp cancelled a bunch of cruises yesterday. I'm hoping they keep the cruise to Singapore. I think they might be able to sail from Singapore to Athens in 28 days going around Africa. They would just need to make a few technical stops for fuel and supplies. It would be nice if they could get away with just cancelling 2 out of the 3 transit cruises from Oz to Athens, but probably more likely will be cancelling all 3. Probably any way you slice it, 3 voyages will be affected one way or another by this reroute.
  16. You should put in for an upgrade bid. Usually the minimum bids from Limited to standard or Central are not too bad. There are always no shows and cancellations that might allow your upgrade to go through.
  17. this was one of the things they mentioned when they discussed the 2023 solo sale. Since there was no solo supplement, many couples booked 2 cabins for the extra bar tab and just left 1 cabin empty. So when they came up with this year's solo sale, they didn't want to make it too good so people do that again. But instead of being too generous, they went the opposite direction and made it insultingly bad. I was hoping for something like a 125 - 150% fares for solos so that couples couldn't abuse the sale and solos get a decent offering. Instead we have 195% and told it's a great "Sale" for our solo passengers. The thing is, solo passengers came to Virgin's rescue and helped fill up cabins in the 2023 Med season (albeit with almost too good to be true fares). They bought up MNVVs thinking that they would be able to keep booking Virgin. Now they are faced with these staggering solo fares and almost worthless MNVVs. It's not a good way to treat those who were there to fill the ships and spread the word about Virgin. Now they rightfully feel ignored.
  18. I would think most booked this 12 night sailing for the overnight in Lisbon along with the late night in Casablanca. If Ibiza was the main reason for you, then you might want to look at changing to one of the Barcelona sailings that include the overnight in Ibiza.
  19. Solo specials are a bit underwhelming especially for the Med. Looks like the sale takes the Central Sea Terrace down about $250 - $300 (less than 10% discount) over 2 passengers. They advertised up to 40% savings, but haven't found that sailing yet.
  20. These cabins would be a good opportunity to accommodate solo sailors. Make these cabins have no or very little single supplement. Not all solos like to be in insiders or sea views.
  21. I was a little shocked yesterday at the prices but started digging a little deeper and comparing to Celebrity 2025 prices which seems to be probably the closest mainline competitor to VV. I found the fares to be pretty close For example, the 7 night Greek Island Glow itineraries are about $5,000 for a Sea Terrace with included WiFi, Gratuities and $300 Bar Tab Picked a random Celebrity Ascent 7 night Barcelona to Athens cruise on Aug 2 A Standard E2 Infinite Balcony is $4,600 without any perks. Gratuities will run about $250 for the cabin and Wifi another $150+ depending on the deal. Throw in a couple specialty restaurants, and you are well over the Virgin Fare of $5000. The Ascent is shiny and new and will command higher fares but even if you book a 7 night on the 20+ Year Old Infinity out of Athens on August 2, A balcony is still going to run you $3,500 before adding in WiFi, Grats, & dining. So even on the older ships you will be paying $4,000+ for a 7 night Greek cruise and probably closer to $5,000 with a drink & WiFi package. So, it just looks like Virgin is going to test these fares for now. People planning 2025 cruises will be comparing against other 2025 cruises and not current or past VV Prices. The good news is that Virgin is still allowing no fee changes up until 45 days before the sailing so you can reprice if the prices drop due to market conditions.
  22. That's not been my experience in Miami or Athens. If you have DBE or Romance Pkg, you can ignore the check in time on your app and show up at the earliest time. You will be sent to the 1:30 line and you will board right after Rock Stars
  23. The new CEO must not have studied science and learned about the frog in boiling water. Cranking the fares all the way up to 11 so quickly is going to cause some pushback. We all knew pricing had to increase, but didn't expect it all at once and at these price points. The product is more premium than what they have been charging in the past, but I thought we would gradually find how much the market will bear. But by the looks of these new prices, they are skipping right over being at par with Celebrity & Princess pricing (with perks) and going straight for Oceania/Azamara pricing. The difference being that O/Az have beverage packages included while VV just slashed their bar tabs. At least Virgin still allows repricing at no penalty (for now 😬). I hope they keep the consumer friendly policies in place. If they match all the mainline policies like non refundable deposits and rebooking penalties, then they have really lost their way. I guess we will learn in the next few months if this "wave season" sale is a success and if these prices are here to stay.
  24. Free Promotional Bar Tabs will only be for Rock Star and Sea Terrace. No Insides, Seaview or "Lock It In" rates Purchased Bar Tabs now have more options. There's still the $300 + $50 bonus, but now there is $200 + $25 bonus & $100 + $10 bonus
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