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  1. I don't know if it is different because we are in the UK but we rebooked a few days ago and got the 25%. We did not pay any further deposit; the previous deposit was applied to the new booking. We were happy with that.
  2. Hi BlueRiband We telephoned Cunard and were able to get agreement to protect our money paid so far as it was obvious that the announcement would have to come very soon. Which we now know it did, even though it was after our final date.Unfortunately a call to them several days earlier would not give that agreement and caused a lot of anxiety. We have now received the email and , as promised, have the option of money back or 125% FCC. We are considering those options . So ended well (eventually). Thank you for your encouragement, BlueRiband. Sandra
  3. Hello Roger and Chris Spoke to Cunard this morning. The final balance for our 4 September 14 night TA then second week on board to Quebec was due on 6 June. We don't want the 125% cruise credit on the full amount as next year's Canada/New England itineraries do not appeal : just want the TA and do not have time in our schedule to use more between the time we feel comfortable cruising again and the expiry date of the future credit. We have agreed that our deposit plus pre paid airfare is protected even though we are not paying the balance, so will get the 125% on the money already paid. We also had to prepay our airfare as we wanted to return from Toronto instead of Quebec so are happy with this arrangement. (Previous emails were not answered , only a standard acknowledgement which did not address any of our questions.) An announcement to cancel Canada cruises is apparently expected this week. I would suggest that those with an imminent final balance date should telephone if the announcement does not come this week. Unfortunately I have to agree that Cunard hasn't performed well on this occasion and has caused a lot of additional uncertainty, but am now satisfied with our outcome. I hope that that information is useful. Sandra
  4. Hi Chris and Roger I hope to have an update when we phone Cunard tomorrow. On Saturday we phoned 3 times and after pressing a variety of buttons with a variety of options (you know how it works!) each time it went to cut off. The intention was to discuss this ridiculous situation with them and ask for a week's extension. We expect to get through tomorrow and reach some amicable agreement. If necessary I shall ask a very devious question : If we transfer our booking to the same thing leaving Southampton on 2 October this year , that would give us an extra 26 days before final payment. It is still showing as for sale. Of course, we all know that will also be cancelled. I don't remember seeing anything to say we can't do that. Just a lot of trouble for all of us and the same end result. Just wish I had thought of it sooner. Will let you know what happens. Sandra
  5. Thank you for that, Blue Riband. Looks like it's going to be an anxious few days for us to make a decision. Looks like they are dictating their rules to their advantage and I am so disappointed in what I believed to be a more customer orientated business than this . After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer who will also recommend therefore it is good business practice.
  6. Thank you for your responses Captn Poldark and phbr. This morning Cunard are still selling 4th September TA, New England and Canada. We have cruised quite a few times but this was our first with Cunard . We had said that maybe in future we would cross with Cunard either before or after our annual visit to family in Toronto. A good way to arrive without jetlag or even better to avoid it when returning home! However, I am so disappointed in how they are handling this that at the moment I don't want to do business with them again. Unfortunately they hold more of our money than usual at this stage as they said we had to pay in full for our return flights from Toronto instead of Quebec. No problem if all had gone to plan. We now have to decide our way forward with this and be thankful that in these times our family are all safe and well, which we all know is much more important.
  7. Very disillusioned with Cunard. Our final payment due 6 June for Canada/New England. It won't happen, Canada won't allow it, but if we don't pay we are deemed to have cancelled and lose our money paid so far. Other lines have cancelled their Canada cruises, why not Cunard? Why can't they do the decent thing and cancel with all that entails?
  8. Very disillusioned with Cunard. Our final payment due 6 June for Canada/New England. It won't happen, Canada won't allow it, but if we don't pay we are deemed to have cancelled and lose our money paid so far. Other lines have cancelled their Canada cruises, why not Cunard? Why can't they do the decent thing and cancel with all that entails?
  9. Will let you know what happens. I intend trying to phone in a few days to ask for an extension on final payment date but certainly not optimistic about that Yes, if the situation next September is appropriate we would book the return Transatlantic only as we wanted the crossing with the orchestra. However, the Canada/New England itineraries next year don't appeal to us so we would add on some sort of land tour while visiting family. BUT we would like to decide about that much later, not give a long term loan to Cunard to feel pressurised next year. Meantime, hoping that they will do the honourable thing....... Sandra
  10. Hi Roger We are due final payment by 6 June. As we intended visiting son and family in Toronto we were to fly back from there instead of Quebec. Same price but Cunard said we had to pay them the full air fare in advance as well as cruise deposit so they are holding more of our money than is usual at this stage. If they do not in the next few days give us notice of cancellation , It looks like we would lose that money if we do not make the final payment. Not acceptable. Neither is it reasonable to expect us to make the final payment as the cruise obviously will not happen. I emailed Cunard this morning as we booked direct with them. Looks like we are going to have a tense week. Could be interesting to see how quickly various companies respond to the extended closure of Canadian ports . Sandra
  11. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cruise-ship-october-1.5589821 Thank you for that, kmerlin 14 Am I reading correctly that the QM2 departing New York on September 11 finishing with an overnight in Quebec will not be able to continue. Or will there be a way for Cunard to avoid cancelling? We are booked Transatlantic from Southampton on September 4 followed by the week from New York to Quebec. It is booked as one journey. Final payment due next week so we would prefer Cunard to cancel.
  12. I totally agree. We have booked 4 September TA to New York then second week onboard to Quebec. Even if this goes ahead which is very unlikely we would not want to go. We either have to pay the balance by 6 June and hope it is cancelled or commit to transferring to next year to avoid losing our deposit. If the balance was due at 60 days there would be a much clearer picture and probably a cancellation notice with the option of a refund. Whilst we will go next year if it seems safe to do so, we would prefer to make that decision in our own time.
  13. We also are in our 70s and don't want to cruise for at least a year. We have a cruise booked for September (Southampton to New York then second week to Quebec) and because we wanted to return from Toronto instead of Quebec we had to pay Cunard the full airfare as well as the cruise deposit which makes it a bigger amount than we are prepared to lose by cancelling. Like others we can either transfer the booking to next year or pay the balance and hope the cruise is cancelled . I am feeling that we are pressured into committing to cruising next year because they won't say if the cruise is cancelled until after our final payment is made.
  14. We (2 Brits) spent 5 days in Boston so had time to see all we needed to see. The day we went to JFK Presidential Library and Museum was a highlight of our stay. We had time to use public transport but if time is short it is worth the taxi or uber fare. Sandra
  15. Norris, many thanks for that great picture. I love the whole County, the peninsula is all beautiful and what a great helicopter ride it must have been. Sandra
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