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  1. Now up to 5 fatalities. Unfortunately these will be people who were rescued from the island, as they are unable to get to those left on the island at this time.
  2. NZ police have just confirmed one fatality, and have said it is likely there will be more, sadly. The Ovation of the Seas will be staying in Tauranga for the time being.
  3. QueenP


    We are on both of those cruises too. When I booked a year ago, we were unable to get a balcony on deck 7, our TA said they were all gone already. (We have 3 of us in a cabin, so that can be limiting). We had to book Veranda Plus on deck 8 to get our preferred mid-ship location. So I presume these sailings will be well subscribed! We were reasonably happy with what we paid too.
  4. Lol thoroughly enjoyed your description of Heathrow, our last trek through there was pretty much exactly as you described! Great review as always Norris, but if you loved Norway, you really should have New Zealand in your sights..... Looking forward to your next review, dont forget to let us know on the Az board that you are underway! Penny
  5. QueenP

    Azamara Newbies

    We love the Patio at night. There is usually a special offered each night there, and everything we have eaten there is lovely!
  6. Yes I'm on that one b2b with the one before. Should be great!
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Hope the weather is just as good next Oct for our Med cruises!
  8. What was the Azamazing evening? Tell us about it as Koper is where these ships meet and have an evening together next year.
  9. But what if you are sharing an unlimited package between 2 of you? Before you would just enter the code.....how does that work now?
  10. Very interested to read this. I was very comfortable in Premium Economy on Cathay last time I flew to HK. At the moment though in NZ we cant get travel insurance to go there, so it's a no go for us! Looking forward to reading about all of your trip!
  11. Looking forward to reading Norris! See you next year on Az!
  12. Thoroughly enjoying this thanks! What exactly did you have to do for the step test?
  13. I'm not sure if the boats to Oia will still be running at that point? They seem to go in the mornings, not afternoons.
  14. Not to mention that we were asked about it in a survey and I'm sure that most people, like me, said a firm NO to the idea. The perks aren't needed or relevant to me, yet I have to pay more for my preferred room
  15. Dont forget to pop a link to your review on this board Norris 😁
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