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  1. We have done this on several Az cruises and it's fine. The extra bed is basically a wide chair that they lay a mattress topper over, but it suffices unless your teen is large! We have no problem with sharing a bathroom between 3, after all, we do at home! And we are only in the room to sleep. We get a balcony room.
  2. We had to cancel our Oct b2b sadly. The chances of actually getting there from NZ were about nil, and with government imposed quarantine coming back for 14 days.....just not viable. ☹
  3. Was it a full refund teacherman? On applying for our refund for our deposit, before the 151 days required to get the full deposit back, we were informed Az had changed the policy to having to cancel 999 days before to get the full refund. So we are waiting for whatever it is we can get back.
  4. New Zealand's borders are closed for the forseeable future, so no cruising this year for us. Trying to get back as much of our deposit as we can, but it's looking like not much!
  5. In New Zealand we are about to go into a total lockdown with only essential businesses staying open. Schools have just closed, and all cafes, bars, public places etc. We are told this will be for at least a month. We suspect our borders will not be opened until there is a vaccine. The sun is shining, we have plenty of food and can only be grateful that at the moment we are all healthy!
  6. Our final payment is in May for an October cruise. At this point, we will not be paying it, however if they shortened final payment dates we would hang on to it. I find it interesting that some groups have been great about cancellation and others not. For instance both Marriott and Hilton emailed me with new cancellation policies. Accor - not a word. It definitely makes a difference how you feel about these companies! Come on Azamara, give us some hope!
  7. QueenP


    New Zealand has closed its borders to all cruise ships till the end of June. The reality is that soon there will be nowhere for cruise ships to go.
  8. New Plymouth is a lovely little town. Theres a great walking/cycling track along the waterfront to the Whalebone Bridge, Pukekura Park is delightful, the Len Lye museum is a great photo op, and if you get the chance (and its open) take a trip to Tawhiti Museum (in Hawera, South of New Plymouth), imho the best small museum in NZ, packed full of Maori and settler history. I hooe you enjoy the rest of your time in NZ!
  9. True, they would have wanted your booking! Thanks.
  10. Who did you talk to AJCM? I even have a screen shot of the EBB paragraph from the terms and conditions from the time of my booking (Oct 2018) but my TA has tried and failed to get it reinstated. I'm told it was never in my account to start off with (it was!) and that they won't honour it.
  11. Thanks, would be interested to know. When I booked our next cruise around that same time, we actually had the EBB in our onboard account. About a year later it vanished. Due to the holidays, I'm still not sure whether we're going to get it reinstated, but Bonnie has said it should be honored. We're in NZ so clearly our T&Cs very similar to yours.
  12. Following! I'd really like to know where we are docking too.
  13. QueenP


    Thanks Bonnie, we will try!
  14. QueenP


    Bonnie I'm wondering if you can help! I asked my travel agent to sort out our b2b OBC for us. I checked today, and it was there, however our EBB that had previously been sitting in our journey planner appeared to have vanished! On attempting to look up EBB on the Az website, I got a page not found. What has happened to it? Penny
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