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  1. @Andyroo75 Brisbane local here. No buses unfortunately. Taxi or ride share only. There’s also some private shuttles that offer tranfers.
  2. We got the news over the weekend Leigh @possum52 Kuranda Scenic Railway is now out until 1st May at this stage. πŸ˜” Skyrail is running and available up and back. All of the private bookings on my Edge Cruise for 29th February or 1st March are getting the official emails now. I also chatted to my private transport company today. Port Douglas road has reopened today... but now they have no water. πŸ˜‘ Please let this new cyclone stay south of Cairns and Port Douglas. These poor people need a break. 🀞🀞
  3. OMG!... Yes Leigh @possum52 you are spot on! The Hokey Pokey ice cream is divine πŸ˜πŸ˜‹
  4. Hey Laurie @cookiersmom If you love Pearls, you might also consider the world renowned Paspaley Pearls. They originate from Broome Western Australia but they have boutiques around the country. Their flagship boutique is in Sydney CBD. This website will show you their collections. Their products are very high end and they have a stunning array of designs in their collections. The USD exchange rate will work in your favour. www.paspaley.com If you scroll to the bottom of their website, there is a link for "Boutiques" which will give you the locations. See you soon πŸ˜ƒ
  5. @cargig21 You're welcome. I didn't know about the slippery tracks either but doing this journey in wet season, I think it's good to know about the potential for problems / delays. Let me know if you need a great contact for private transport. My contact Nicky, has been amazing to work with. We have a large group and booked out her entire fleet on the day. She has an 11 Seater mini bus, as well as vehicles that can seat 4 and up to 6 people comfortably.
  6. Hello @cargig21 Can I make a suggestion for you to consider? This comes from a lot of personal research I've done for my own privately arranged Kuranda excursion in late February (also arriving into Yorkey's Knob by a tender). Consider switching to Skyrail up and Scenic Train back if that combination is available. I was told by a friend that on her excursion, she did train up and they had issues with the train losing traction due to wet slippery conditions. The staff were constantly having to stop and put sand on the tracks so the train could get traction. My friend had booked the 9:30am train that was due to arrive at 11:25am but the trip up took much longer than usual. Once they arrived in Kuranda, they had very little time and had to go back as they had booked the 2:00pm train back. Keep in mind that Wet Season runs from November to May. By taking Skyrail up to Kuranda first, it gives you flexibility that if the the Tender situation from your Ship has you running late, you will not miss the Skyrail. There are Gondolas leaving every 30 seconds. You may just have to wait for some free space to board a Gondola in between other bookings. When you book Skyrail, the departure windows are spaced 15 minutes apart and it's okay if you miss your booked time. March April is low season so it won't be that busy and they can easily slot you in once you arrive. This was the advice I was given directly from Skyrail staff. Then, you can book the the Scenic train back (if seats are available on your date). There is a 2pm Train departure arriving Freshwater Station 3:32pm or Cairns 3:55pm. Or a 3:30pm Train departure arriving Freshwater Station 5:02pm or Cairns 5:35pm. You will need to line all this up with your Cruise Ship Tender arrival and departure times. On my cruise we have an overnight stop in Cairns (anchored off Yorkey's Knob) and I have planned to do Kuranda on Day 1 so we're not racing to get back to ship before it departs. I have also arranges private transport for our group so we're not stressing about catching taxi's or Uber which can be hard to come by at Yorkey's Knob. * Note that it should affect you with March / April but the Scenic Railway is currently closed until 11th February while track and bridge damage is repaired after the Cyclone that hit in mid-December * I happy to answer any questions you might have.
  7. @sandinmyshoes As a Queenslander (and Brisbane local) who is sailing on Celebrity Edge to the Great Barrier in Feb / Mar next year... here is my bit of advice for you to consider. If choosing to go with a cruise taking in the Great Barrier Reef ports, there will be a lot Tendering as these locations don't have anywhere to dock the large ships. If you are Tendering and want to experience the Great Barrier Reef or somewhere like Whitehaven Beach, seriously look at the Ship-arranged excursions in stops such as Airlie Beach and Cairns (could be listed as Yorkey's Knob if you are tendering). With ship arranged Reef excursions they will be expensive but they will pick you up directly from the ship and return you direct which will save time, and also guarantee that the ship waits if the tour is late getting back. You MIGHT be able to book Reef tours cheaper yourself, BUT the tendering process largely eliminates a lot of tour providers because you won't arrive onshore in time, or the tour gets back too late and you would miss the last Tender back to the ship. You've found the right place to ask for advice as there are so many great people here who can help. If it's at all possible and you'll only get down here once... Can you do both? The New Zealand destinations (especially the Fjords) are spectacular and Picton is another favourite of mine.
  8. @Kozimoto1209 Oh wow! That will be amazing. I think that is still one of my favourite soundtracks (and movies) of all time.
  9. @kwokpot Thank you so much. Those are great tips and your photos of my beautiful home town Brissy are beautiful. I hope you had an amazing cruise and enjoyed your time in Brisbane.
  10. @Wineaux007 Thanks so much for taking time to provide these updates. They are very much appreciated. Enjoy your journey up to Darwin and beyond πŸ₯‚
  11. @Wineaux007 Thank you for this information. I've been watching Solstice off and on all day on the Marine Traffic website. They've been using a big Passenger Catamaran for the tendering by the looks of it. I'd love to get some information from you after tomorrow's events tendering into Yorkey's Knob. There's a group of us who have self organised our Kuranda excursion. So would love to know how the Tender process worked for independent passengers with non-ship excursions. Enjoy your sail away through the Whitsunday Islands. 🍹
  12. I totally agree! The Brekkie Creek Hotel is a Brisbane institution πŸ’–πŸ˜ The best steaks in Brissy. πŸ˜‹ Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. πŸ’–
  13. @cruisinsusin Another quick question if I may? What time were passengers able to disembark? The ship arrived early (before 6:30am) but Gangway down was listed as 8:30am. Did they stick to that time?
  14. @cruisinsusin Thanks so much for that information. I was looking at yesterday's activities for your cruise on the App but I couldn't find any details listed on the Shuttle. Your help is appreciated. Have a great day.
  15. Greetings to any passengers currently on Solstice who departed 19 Oct 2023 on the 15-Night Sydney to Singapore Cruise. I hope you're having a great cruise. Many of us that are on Edge's Great Barrier Reef Cruise leaving 25 Feb 2024 would love to get current information for planning purposes on Celebrity operations in the Queensland ports for this summer's Cruising season. My question today is about your Brisbane stop yesterday. Did Celebrity provided a Shuttle Bus into Brisbane city from the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal? I hope they did because as a local, I know the terminal is a long way from anywhere. We'd all love to know things like: How much did the Shuttle cost? How often did the Shuttle run? Where was the city drop off and pick up point? What time was the last Shuttle back to the Cruise Terminal? Thank you to anyone who can give us some insight and enjoy your day.
  16. Hi Jon @exiledowl I think that's a great way to look at it. If you are docked at Fisherman Island, they will have to put a shuttle on. It's my pleasure to help and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any specific questions. I'm happy for you to email me direct. triplem67 @ gmail dot com
  17. Thanks for that info Leigh @possum52 Nicole @nchr John & Ingrid @exiledowl Many people are posting information that I am sure is being shared in good faith, but I don't believe is accurate. Your ship will not dock at the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal (BICT) as Quantum of the Seas is scheduled as docked that day and now uses Brisbane as her base for the summer Cruising season. She will take up the whole dock and there will not be any other ship docked at the BICT on the same day as her. Also as has been said many times, you will not dock at Portside Wharf at Hamilton which is no longer operating as a Cruise Terminal despite many websites still stating Cruise Ships dock there. I believe that @possum52 is correct and your ship will be docked on the other side of the Brisbane River at the Port of Brisbane Shipping terminal. This is the only other option for docking in Brisbane. The Fisherman Island wharf is part of Brisbane's cargo shipping port and access in and out of the port will be tightly controlled. I don't think passengers would have any access to taxis, but I personally have never docked on a Cruise ship out of Fisherman Island. I would think that your cruise line will have to provide a shuttle into a central location in Brisbane for anyone not doing ship-arranged excursions. I recommend you go to your Cruise line and have them verify where you will be docked in Brisbane and if they confirm it is Fisherman Island, then ask what transport arrangements will be made. Any excursions that you want to plan for your Brisbane port day starts with that information. I hope this helps and you have an amazing cruise.
  18. Hi Nicole @nchr I just looked on the Port of Brisbane Shipping schedule and can't find any information on where your ship is docked. It's not currently listed for the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal, with only Quantum of the Seas listed for Friday 8th March. Does your Cruise line itinerary tell you where in Brisbane your ship will dock? Maybe you're docking across the other side of the river at Port of Brisbane Fisherman's Island. This is the Shipping Port where large Cruise ships docked before the new Cruise terminal was built. The old Portside Hamilton Cruise terminal could only take small cruise ships but it is now fully closed down. If you can confirm where you are docking first, then we can help with advice getting you to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.
  19. Hi there @fstuff1 I will check in with Tim. Sorry - I have a pet sitting business and school holidays have just started so haven't been online for the past two days. I'll message Tim today to check. I am confident in saying that he won't accept USD. My understanding of what he's doing for the Celebrity Edge Group he's taking to Lone Pine is simply that they have booked him. He will meet them at the Cruise terminal. I assume they will have a trip booked in the Uber app. I rarely use Uber so I'm not sure how this works. I will check and get back to you.
  20. @fstuff1 Ooooh! You're on Solstice!πŸ™‚ I'm going to have some questions for you about the North Queensland stops on your itinerary. They are the same as Celebrity Edge next year. I'm really sorry but my honest opinion is even on a Saturday, I'm not sure it's doable if your "arrival" time is 8am. I'll explain why below. The things working against you is check-in and boarding for Miramar is 8:45am for 9am departure. The walk off the Ship along the gangway to the front of the cruise terminal, is approximately a 300 metre walk. Then you have to grab a taxi or rideshare. Once you're in the car, on a Saturday morning the travel time estimate is 28 to 35 minutes from the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal to the Southbank location of Miramar's Wharf. And then you also have to factor a short-ish walk down to the departure wharf from your drop off point. That's an awful lot to do in less than an hour. 😐 My recommendation for the easiest way to do Lone Pine yourself, is book a driver and have them waiting to pick you up and take you direct to Lone Pine then pick you up when you want to go back to the ship. That's what one group is doing on my Celebrity Edge cruise. I have a family friend who is an Uber Driver and he is booked to do exactly this. Another group from my Cruise has booked a shuttle bus service that I found. The company is a local private transport provider in my area and I put their details up in my Roll Call. So far one mini bus of 11 passengers is fully booked and they are selling a second one. I can put in contact with either of those options if you'd like. Once you have transport arranged, then you just have to buy your entry ticket online. As for $25 for a Koala photo... Sure if you like. I do the Animal Encounters at Australia Zoo and what I like about those experiences is you get to go behind the scenes and learn more about the animal's care. Also, funds raised go towards conservation work. So I think it's good to do those kinds of encounters. I hope that information helps. I feel really bad because the Miramar Cruise is a fabulous way to go to Lone Pine and back. It's just these bloody Cruise ship timings don't make it easy for people to organise their own plans.
  21. Hi there @fstuff1 I am a Brisbane local and want to caution you about some issues you need to consider before booking Miramar... ONLY from the point of view that it can be challenging to get from the Brisbane Cruise Terminal to the Miramar departure point. You need to look at what day you're in Brisbane - weekday or weekend, and what time you can depart from your ship at the Brisbane Cruise Terminal. I am doing a Celebrity Edge itinerary in late Feb/early March. We have a Brisbane port day on Tue 5th March. Our "arrival time" is listed as 8am which will not give people enough time in Peak Hour Traffic to get from the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal across the city to the South side of the river to meet up with Miramar for the 9am departure. The boat won't wait if you're late. If your Cruise is "arriving" in Brisbane earlier and you can depart the ship earlier on a weekday, then it might be doable to get to the Miramar wharf in time. There would be some taxis and possibly ride shares to grab at the terminal. But keep in mind that a taxi or rideshare can't drop directly at the departure wharf. They would drop you nearby and then you need to walk down to the river walkway to get to the departure wharf. I have connected some people on my Celebrity Edge cruise with a rideshare driver (who I know personally) and he is pre-booked to pick them up and then bring them back from Lone Pine. I have also found a few private vehicle transfer companies that can do private transport or shuttle bus. I have contact details for them if you need them. Another tip is that I have seen people quoting travel times using the wrong Cruise terminal. Brisbane used to have a Cruise terminal at Portside Hamilton which is now closed. Some international sites still quote Portside as the Cruise terminal. All Cruise ships now dock at the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal which is right out at the mouth of the Brisbane River and is a long way from the city. There is no public transport to or from the terminal. I think all Cruise lines put on a paid shuttle service but they would only go to a central location in the Brisbane CBD (usually somewhere like ANZAC Square). Having said all that.... If you can make the Miramar Cruise to Lone Pine work for your Cruise Ship timings... it's a wonderful trip and a great way to see Brisbane from the River.
  22. @GoTravelLife This would be a good post to follow information on GBR trips.
  23. Add Celebrity Edge to this list for tendering at Yorkeys. I'm booked on Edge for 25Feb2024 Great Barrier Reef Cruise and it lists us as tendering at Yorkeys not docking in Cairns. Great list Julie. Thank you for putting it together as it's very helpful.
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