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  1. Cancelled sailing due to Coronavirus all got $600 OBC. Other amounts come with rate drops after your final payment date has passed.
  2. There are no perks for VIFP unless you are Diamond or Platinum level. You may be thinking of Faster to the Fun (FTTF). You can find that in the Shore Excursion section of your cruise planner. It is not always available, and it is capacity controlled according to the number of Diamonds/Platinums already booked on a sailing. You need to check often, it can be available one day then gone the next.
  3. I think it is fun to see the impressions others have of their experiences. And as you said, it's YOUR experience...whether or not anyone likes it or agrees with it is kind of besides the point! I hope you have a fun time. We have to wait until October 2021 to sail on her again. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through others! 😁 Happy New Year!
  4. Some of the pricing depends on the itinerary and date of sail. We found it to be about on extra $300 overall for the cabin on our sailing. Totally worth it for us. I booked another Havana for an 8 day southers on the Horizon in October 2021.
  5. Recently sailed in a Havana Interior on the Horizon and absolutely loved it. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to book it again. However, the area on the Mardi Gras is much smaller, and has no pool. I don't think I would do it.
  6. That is exactly what they do. If you still have a balance, it gets reduced by the amount of the difference. Pat final payment, you get OBC.
  7. One is always free to voice his or her opinion on social media. That does not exempt one from others voicing their dissenting opinions to yours. Don't want the input, opinions, or experiences of others...don't post. There. Solved your problem,
  8. I was on the Horizon in September. Havana is NOT open to all aft cabins. Only to those in the Havana area.
  9. I did my first solo on the same ship and itinerary. Also had an inside. You will love it. In Key West, I did the walking tour excursion. There were several couples on it as well. We ended up hanging out after the tour was over and had a great time. I had intended to head to Paradise Beach in Cozumel, but it rained the day we were in port, so I stayed on board until it was later int he day, then ventured out for some port shopping. Dinner was great. I had a table with several other singles and a family of 3. Lovely conversation every night. Enjoy!
  10. It's $1.50 a teabag. Not that expensive.
  11. There weren't many "inside" viewing areas with windows. However, there is a fantastic area that pretty much runs the length of the ship on Deck 5, called the Lanai. There were some seating sections that were more covered there, but you are on an open deck. I really enjoyed sitting out there.
  12. I 1 litre sizes are those for purchase. The $85 price tag is if you pre-order a bottle to your cabin. That bottle would be the same size as what you would purchase in your local liquor store.
  13. We were on this sailing too, so we probably crossed paths out in the pool area. I never went out there after 7, but my son did say the hot tubs were crowded then. The last sea day there were quite a few around the pool, but it never felt crowded or busy to me. We had a fantastic time!
  14. Vista Class ships have the Family Harbor area dedicated to families...that could be viewed as "elitist" as well. There is a special lounge with snacks and ice cream all day. If I opt to pay extra for a Havana cabin, then I deserve to have the dedicated area on the ship, nothing elitist about it. Stayed in a Havana Interior 3 weeks ago and absolutely LOVED not having kids running around, behaving badly, and using the hot tubs as their personal jumping pads. Would pay for it again without hesitation.
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