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  1. Incorrect. People here have offered their guesses as to what will happen. There is, nor can there be, no definitive answer to the question 4 months before a cruise. Too many variables in the ensuing months.
  2. There really was no "jumping down your throat". Even 30 days is a long time in cruise time. I would expect that the cruise lines and the islands want to restore things are quickly as possible since tourism is the primary source of income. But there's just no way to know 4 months out what will be ready. And even if you are not able to visit Freeport, you will either get a sea day, or visit another fabulous port with all sorts of potential for new adventures. Try not to get too stressed about it and enjoy the trip...wherever it goes.
  3. We are flying in on Saturday. Let's hope our ships get around the "cone" and into good sailing!
  4. Heading out on the Western Caribbean route on the Horizon this Sunday. Any worries for us from your perspective? Looks fairly clear but for embarkation in Miami
  5. So important! We had something similar happen to us when we went to Bermuda.
  6. True if your cruise is in the next 4-6 weeks. If you are sailing more than 60 days out, you just can't know that yet. too many variables.
  7. There's just no way anyone can answer your question.Four months is a long time when you are talking about potential port construction, and a host of other things. You quite literally have no control over any changes that may or may not occur. You are going to have to just wait and see. No one on these boards can answer you definitively. Relax!
  8. You are WAY too far out to ask this question. Relax.
  9. I have not personally sailed on the Miracle. However, I think you have to take any reviews (good or bad) with a grain of salt. Every person's experience is subjective, and people have different expectations for their trip and ship. Go with an open mind and just have fun!
  10. I don't know who you are referring to, but I have to admit the way the title is written made me chuckle! Maybe Carnival can create a new position for those of us who indulge a bit too much on our trips. 😃
  11. Any lobster is a good lobster!
  12. Does it really matter? You will still be on a wonderful ship, with many fun things to do. Just go with the flow and enjoy wherever you get to visit.
  13. You'll get all sorts of answers to this question. Many people have been able to make early flights, but that ability is entirely dependent upon getting off the ship as early as possible. A number of things could affect that adversely. The ship could arrive in port later than scheduled for weather delays, or other reasons. It could take longer than usual to "clear" the ship once it returns to port. There could be an unforeseen backup at customs. Traffic to MIA could back up easily in the morning hours. Personally, I would much rather sit in the airport for a while (or book a post cruise excursion) than end my trip stressing out over making a flight on time. And if you miss your flight, you may end up waiting a long time for an available seat.
  14. When I first saw this thread, I honestly thought you were talking about the ship's bridge! Wouldn't the "bridge director" be the Captain? Hee Hee! Good things I realized you were talking about cards!
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