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  1. It is most unfortunate that there will be NO true promenade deck on QA as exists on the other ships. It will be mostly very narrow, and most views blocked by lifeboats. Cunard must be hoping that no one notices. What a shame and it is the reason I will never book her. FYI, I just came off the Christmas cruise on QM2 and when the weather was nice the promenade deck was hugely popular, and it was often hard to find a deck chair. Deck Chair
  2. Hello! One thing to do is not rely on the Cunard Website. You or your TA needs to call up Cunard and ask directly. Good luck. Deck Chair
  3. Hi. Because of the single supplement in this case, I am paying about $21,000 for an Oceanview on deck 4. This is for a 40 day cruise from LA to Sydney. Deck Chair.
  4. Hello! Thank you for all your interesting responses. I am reading many opinions, speculations and guesses but few hard facts regarding this change of itinerary. Strange how it was announced after final payment. If it had been before final payment I would have cancelled and booked the Queen Mary 2 to get me to Australia. What would be truly helpful, and illuminating is for Oceania to explain exactly why these changes were made instead of just blaming BERTHING CONFLICTS. The fact that Oceania has failed to do to leads me to suspect they are just out to save money, the consumer be damned. As I indicated in my OP, I have been sailing on ships such as the QE2 and Sagafjord for many decades and except for a very few weather-related causes have never experienced any changes in itineraries until Oceania. As I said, most especially because of their growing reputation for unreliable itineraries I will think twice before I book another Oceania cruise. Thanks again for all your comments and thoughts. Be well. Deck Chair.
  5. Hello: I typically sail with Cunard line but decided to try Oceania and the Sirena this past January on a 20 day cruise from Miami. I had a fabulous time, fabulous enough that I booked a 40 day cruise on the Insignia from LA to Sydney on the Insignia, a segment of the ATW. I was very recently informed that there have been changes to the itinerary: 1. Kailua-Kona has been added with port times 8-6. 2. Hilo is now 7-4 from7-5. 3. Nawiliwili has been added with port times 11-5:30. (Why even bother?) 4. Maui has been eliminated. (No surprise.) 5. Honolulu has been changed to 7-5 from 8-10. (Shorted by FIVE hours!) 6. Nuku Hiva has been eliminated. I am most disappointed the call to Honolulu has been drastically shortened. All these changes were blamed by Oceania on "BERTHING CONFLICTS!) Count me as skeptical given Oceania's growing reputation for changing port calls and times. Is Oceania telling us that port spaces were not fixed well before the routes were published and then sold to the unsuspecting public? O t could it be that Oceania is doing this to save money and screw the public? If that is true, it tells me that Oceania is incompetent and cannot be trusted. It also causes me to worry that our several port call sin New Zealand and French Polynesia will be altered as well for some reason. It's too late to cancel because final payment was months ago. I have been sailing on ships since I was six years old, a passage from New York to Beirut. I have been on countless hips on countless voyages over my many decades on our beautiful planet. I quite understand can change routing and owe passengers nothing. In this immediate case, for these changes is very suspicious. Not weather related or due to political unrest. Guess how many times itineraries have been changed on my many ocean sailings on such ships as the LURLINE, FRANCE, LEONARD DA VINCI, OCEANIC, ROTTERDAM And others. Four to five changes all weather related. What is with Oceania? Unless I am missing something I don't get the sense other cruise lines have these same issues. This episode has left a bad taste in my mouth, and I will think twice before booking them again notwithstanding all their many qualities. I could go on, but I think readers will get the point. Be well. Deck Chair.
  6. Not good news that Dottie is going to be CD from LA to Sydney. She LOVES making announcements. She is an excellent CD otherwise. Hope Oceania ends this low rent practice before I sail in January.
  7. I was on the Sirena this past January for 20 days. It was my first Oceania cruise. Out cruise director was Dottie who made many annoying, incessant and mostly unnecessary announcements. It was especially bothersome when I was trying to enjoy a quiet breakfast in the GDR. It was a shame because otherwise she is an excellent CD. I just hope I don't have to endure this while I am on the Insignia for 40 days on the trans-pacific to Australia. I typically sail on Cunard Line where there are no announcements unless necessary. Announcements are limited to the captain's noon report. Deck Chair.
  8. Thank you for your review. QV u sed to be my favorite after QM2 but after the refit when the Chart Room was removed to make way for the BC restaurant it is no longer. The new Chart Room is crowded without much comfortable seating. And no live music as there used to be in the old. In addition, with the added cabins the regular dining room became more crowded. I don't get the enthusiasm for the new QA. The ship won't even have a real promenade deck such as exists on the other Cunard ships. Good luck to all. Deck Chair.
  9. Hi! That is so awesome of you to share your thoughts about your Insignia cruise. I will be on her for 40 days on a LA to Sydney passage in January. I t typically sail on Cunard Line. Announcements unless absolutely necessary are limited to the captain's noon report on Cunard ships. Thank GOD! I am wondering if the Insignia CD made incessant, intrusive and annoying announcements about events that are already in the program as if the passengers are blind or haven't learned to read yet. If that is the case, it will mirror what I experienced on the Sirena for 20 days this past Winter. I could never get a clear answer if this was corporate policy or left up to the CD. Any thoughts? Thanks again for your review. Be well. Deck Chair.
  10. Hi! I have used CCL shares for OBCs for years. Plan on doing so for my next two voyages in 2023-24.. This seems very strange, and I wonder if you have received wrong information from whoever handled this. Please don' t drop this. Find out! Good luck.
  11. Hi! I assume you are in America. No need to purchase trip insurance until after final payment. Trip insurance through your travel agency or cruise line is not often the best with respect to coverage and cost. Always compare policies. Best site for that is INSUREMYTRIP. It will ask you a few quest ions such as your age, destination and duration of trip. Based on your answers it will then offer you a variety of policies from different companies. Carefully look at each one and decide on the best one that meets your needs. You have plenty of time to look. Good luck. Deck Chair.
  12. Thank you, SonuvaBeach! I hope I meet you one day!! Deck Chair.
  13. HI! What a nice video!!! Wasn't long enough!!!! Thank you for taking the time to post. I will be on the Insignia for 40 days starting in January. A bit concerned that I hear there is no piano player in Martinis from 7:15-to about 10. Is that the case on your cruise? It was on the Sirrena this past January. I hope not because Martinis is a dead zone if no live music. Not everyone eats early so for passengers like me who enjoy drinks with music before dinner who needs a dead zone. It's also true for passengers who eat early and would like to enjoy some after dinner drinks with live music. Thanks again. Deck Chair.
  14. Thank you.. I do hope we meet so I can buy you a drink. Deck Chair
  15. Hi Cruisemom42. I understand the tradeoffs. I am only wondering about the playing times for the pianist in Martinis. On SiRENA in January it was a dead zone from 7;15-10. Do you have any idea since you just returned from the Insignia? Thank you. Deck Chair
  16. CRUISEMOM42! Hello and thank you for taking the time to share your experiences and observations. I am booked on the INSIGNIA for the 40 day cruise from LA to Sydney that departs next January 14. I was last on the Sirena this past January for 20 days. My first O cruise. As someone who eats dinner about 8 and enjoys a couple of drinks before going in I was quite dismayed (Along with others) that the piano player in Martinis stopped playing from 7:15 to 10 or so leaving the room dead and lifeless. The CD Dottie could not fully explain why that was the case. I am hoping that is not going to be the case on this upcoming long INSIGNIA voyage because if it is I will just stay in my cabin and watch movies until its time for dinner. I am very interested in what it was like in Martinis on the Insignia during your cruise. I typically sail on Cunard Line and there is no way they would allow the cocktail lounges go without live music. Thank you. Deck Chair.
  17. I totally agree. Passengers can read and do not need the CD intruding with longwinded reminders three times a day. Especially annoying during breakfast when you are just waking up and want PEACE!! I just returned from 28 days on the Queen Mary 2 and the only announcements you heard was the noon update from the captain. Of course, during the day you would sometimes hear announcements about essential ship matters. Not the case on the Sirena where silly annoying announcements were apparently an inclusion in the SIMPLY MORE package or whatever you call it. I never found out if these announcements were dictated by corporate or were at the discretion of the CD. I am booked on the INSIGNIA this coming January on a 40 day sailing to Australia. Please, OCEANIA, drop the unneeded announcements!!!! Deck Chair.
  18. Hello! As I said, I am not getting into a tipping debate. The issue is NEVER RESOLVED. And the debates are tiresome. Passengers can do as they please. As a long time Cunard patron going back to 1992, I do what works for me and I ALWAYS get the table I want. I do hope the OP follows my advice once on the ship. DECK CHAIR.
  19. Hello! This is what I recommend: 1. Go to your cabin ASAP after boarding and find your Britannia Club table card with the number. 2. Go to the dining room and find out where and what kind of table it is. If you are okay with it there is nothing else to do. Enjoy your voyage. 3. If you are NOT satisfied with your table, you should meet with the MD ASAP. The sailing day MD hours are posted in the program. Do not delay. Prior to meeting with the MD, scout the dining room and make note of the tables you would be happy with. Share those table numbers with the MD who will no doubt do everything he can to help you. I'm not getting into a tipping debate however you may want to let the MD vaguely know he will find you most grateful if he can help with your goal. And follow through! Good luck! Deck Chair. PSL I just returned from a 28-day sailing on the QM2. This was my first time since covid. I was astonished at the huge number of tables for two added in the Britannia Dining room. If you wanted a table for two it was not a problem. The issue is that many of the tables for two were VERY close to each other, so you really weren't alone. FYI.
  20. Hello! I just returned from a 28 day voyage on QM2 round trip from NY. Ship sailed July 21 and returned August 18. On the first two segments there were two dance hosts, a husband and wife. On the TA home (The ballet crossing) there were two new dance hosts, a man and woman who replaced the first two. In all cases the dance hosts were kept very busy. In fact, there was a crying need for more. These hosts were in addition to the professional dance couple. This was my first voyage on QM2 since covid. Prior to these sailings I have sailed on QM2 on 41 occasions since 2006. Prior to covid there were always 6-8 dance hosts. Why Cunard has cut the number is a mystery to me. I know I spoke with numerous single passengers who were quite dismayed by the lack of sufficient number of hosts and questioned if they would return to Cunard. Ony the bean counters can explain. I hope this helps. Deck Chair.
  21. Hello!! I am not talking about recorded music. I am talking about sophisticated live dance music. Look at YOU TUBE videos of the Rainbow Room and other supper clubs. Of course, instead of fixing the problem you may prefer that Cunard close the Verandah and add more cabins in the space. Don't put it past them. PS: The big QUESTIONS for you and others: DO YOU WANT TO SAVE THE VERANDAH ON THE QUEEN MARY 2? IF SO, WHAT DO YOU PROPOSE TO DO?
  22. Hi! i assume, then, that you never went to the Rainbow Roon atop Rockefeller Center. Or any other supper clubs.. If Cunard Line does not change the vibe of the Verandah on the QM2 it will continue to fail. Simple. Deck Chair.
  23. Hi! I think there is widespread agreement that the food and service are very good. So, the question is: Why is it very rarely full, often two third, three quarters empty? The answer is because it is a boring experience. There is no vibe. No buzz. Too quiet. Funeral home? It's been this way for years! It needs, music and dancing, the air of the special occasion. Romance! Candles! That will bring people in! And passengers will pay if you provide a memorable experience. If I recall correctly, the Verandah Grills on the Queen Mary and long departed Queen Elizabeth had food, music and dancing. Why not the Queen Mary 2??? One reason may be many current managers of Cunard Line are apparently bean counters and have no imagination. Be well. Deck Chair.
  24. Hello! At least on the QM2, you will not have any trouble getting a table in the Verandah. it's very rarely full even at peak hours. It has the personality of an ash tray. No buzz. No vibe. BORING. Food and service is very good, though. I really do not understand why Cunard doesn't put on its imagination hat and create a space that people flock to. Music? Dancing? Better lighting? A special occasion place!! Good luck. Deck Chair.
  25. Hello!! Some points: I I mean this as a general response but not to one post in particular, so I apologize for any confusion. One must understand the size of the stage limits the number of dancers. Dancers must have sufficient t room in which to move. The Queen Mary is not the Kennedy Center! The company has approximately 65 dancers in all. Given all the deep preparation and rehearsal time it requires to produce a program there is only such much you can do on a crossing with six dancers. One must have reasonable expectations. There is also a budget to consider. I attended the first night's performance and there were longs lines to get in on both sides of both levels. I was just fortunate to not have to sit behind a tall person who would have blocked my view. Of course, I was there to see the performance not count how many empty seats there may have been. Given the lines it is hard to imagine there were more than a handful probably in the least desirable seats. What was annoying was not opening the doors until 30 minutes before the performance causing these lines to build. Was that Amanda Reid's decision? I noted for the matinee the doors opened 45 minutes prior. I also attended the matinee (A repeat.) which to my eye appeared almost equally as popular perhaps because the weather was less than outstanding the final day of the crossing. And most importantly, the brilliant dancers inspired these great attendance levels. I attended (Along with many other observers) all the morning workshops conducted by Jenna Lee and Kate Hatrley-Stevens of the ENB. Both are vibrant enthusiastic teachers and related well the passengers attending. I could tell the passengers really liked them. The teachers inspired confidence and dreams. In addition, the ENB pianist Julia Richter played wonderfully as she accompanied the students. While I did not count the number of participants, the classes appeared to be well subscribed although seemed to dwindle a bit in numbers as the crossing unfolded. I did notice some passengers participating in the classes off to the side of the Queens Room independent of the others. Everyone seemed to be having fun. A wide range of ages. I especially enjoyed watching the young passengers out on the floor no doubt with dreams of being another Gelsey Kirkland. Because I had no interest in actually taking classes, I was not aware of the requirement for signing up. No doubt some passengers missed the sign-ups, or there were computer glitches, or were late to the process. This is what I do know: You don't complain to some poor soul at the purser's desk. You don't make a scene about contacting CCL. You don't make a fool of yourself. A person could have easily approached the two controlling teachers and asked to be let in. Chances are they would let you in. And if they couldn't for whatever reason then its reminder life is unfair and good luck the next time the ENB is on. Finally, I make it a point to talk to many passengers and crew members when I sail on the Queen Mary. I didn't hear one complaint from anyone about not being able to get into one of the workshops. No doubt, there were some complaints, but this was not an issue sweeping the ship! Be well. Deck Chair.
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