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  1. I like the red light/green light elevator feature also. The aft elevators haven't been too bad so far. We usually wait after shows for the crowds to go away. Why rush just to wait at an elevator. We watched the Thin Line last night. I was completely impressed!!! Love, love, love your door. We should do the same-only we have 4 cats to make pictures of.
  2. We are on this cruise also, so it will be interesting to see what you think and experience. We are from Richmond, Virginia but chose to drive down. It is an easy drive going 95 South. Much better than 95 North! I hope your pain stays at a minimal level. I am also a retired school teacher. When I heard people talking about not liking cruises with lots of kids, I tell them they don't know noise until they have spent all day with 30 kids in a class room during a rain day without outdoor recess. Kids on cruises are mild compared to that!
  3. We were on the Adventure in August 2018 and had a great time. Some folks think she is just the right size- not too big or small. We ate at both of the specialty restaurants (Chops and Giovanni's) and thought they were great with excellent food and service. I would sail on her again. She is well loved and taken care of.
  4. We took the RCCL bus tour that just went to Peggy's Cove. The trip on the bus was excellent. The tour guide had on his Scottish kilt and gave much background on Nova Scotia and Peggy's Cove. He was very informative and made the 45 minute bus trip fly by. We could definitely tell how much he loved Nova Scotia. Peggy's Cove is beautiful but hilly. You should be able to get good views just from the parking lot near the bus. I think the bus trip would be easy and a good way to learn about the area especially since your Peggy will get to learn about the Peggy's Cove Peggy which is a very interesting story.
  5. I love, love, love Royal Caribbean corn beef hash, so I can relate! I have it every breakfast. Thanks for the review. I will be on Harmony the first week of December eating corn beef hash!
  6. My husband had a fluid overload due to heart failure while we were docked in St. Thomas. We also had to leave the ship (Oasis of the Seas) and go to the hospital. I just want to share my agreement that the Royal staff was excellent during a very stressful time. The St. Thomas port authority was excellent as well. The people hired to deal with these crisis situations are very well trained and do their jobs well. Even the ambulance driver was a delight. I had a mini tour of St. Thomas given by him on the way to the hospital. I called this the "Ambulance Excursion" that is only offered to a select group of passengers. He may have just been trying to distract me from worrying, but he was proud of his island and certainly should be. I want to encourage everyone that, if you have a medical crisis, there are many wonderful, caring people who will support and help you. We also had trip insurance and had a fantastic experience with that organization as well. It is well worth the peace of mind even though you probably won't need to use the benefits.
  7. Sandy beaches, crystal blue water, rum punches, time with your family, a ship that is a floating resort...what's not to like? You will have a blast while your friends are sitting at work wishing they could be in the Bahamas!
  8. We went on the Saint John Foodies Walking Tour by Aquila Tours on our August 24th cruise. It was excellent and I would recommend it!
  9. We did the Foodies walking tour in Saint John. It was a great way to get to know the history of Saint John which is very interesting and also see some great architecture. We got to try an abundance of food including Beaver Tails and Lobster rolls. This was an excursion sponsored by RCI and done by Aguila Tours. The tour guide was excellent and knew the history very well. There was walking, of course, but doable. Two couples with strollers were with us, and they seemed to manage well.
  10. Just finished the same voyage last week. I loved the ports. We went to Peggy's Cove on an excellent excursion from Royal Caribbean. I really learned a lot about that part of Canada. All the ports are quaint, easy to walk around in, and residents seem to love living there. The ship is fantastic. The servers in the Windjammer were very friendly and enthusiastic. We also ate in Chops and Giovanni's and would go back to both. Have a wonderful trip with many great memories with your family.
  11. The picture of Gianna is the cutest picture I have seen in long time. She could sell tons of soft serve! We leave on the Adventure in August. Your fantastic review is getting me excited!
  12. My husband and I are going on Adventure of the Seas for the first time at the end of August to Canada and Maine. You are getting me excited. Enjoying your trip is a way to make mine start early! Thanks for taking time from your cruise to help me enjoy mine!
  13. We always use RoamRight. They have a 500,000 air evacuation policy which is adequate enough if that is needed. Fortunately, we haven't had to use that part, but we did need their services when my husband and I had to leave a ship so he could go to the hospital when he had congestive heart failure. The insurance company was very easy to work with and covered all expenses. We just needed to submit receipts. They didn't question anything and even accepted my husband's regular doctor's signature on the paperwork since getting the ship doctor's signature and the doctor signature in St. Thomas would have been quite difficult.
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