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  1. My advice based on our own experience on a 10 day Medallion cruise is this: If you normally operate within your Elite minutes budget then don't bother buying the Medallion Net package. It is designed for people who just *have* to stream videos and such. We didn't come close to using up our Elite minutes.
  2. 10 years ago Princess Fine Arts was an in-house division of Princess, and the experience was quite different. We purchased quite a few pieces back then and several have increased in value since, and some didn't. Since Princess outsourced to Park West running the auctions the artwork has deviated from our taste, and the few auctions we attended seemed more like carnival barkers were in charge. We will preview the art and browse the gallery for the enjoyment, but were pressured to sign up for an auction paddle when we sat down to watch the auction. (your cruise card used to be your "bid paddle" until Park West). We don't cruise to be pressured into anything. Having made these comments, the key to any artwork is whether the beholder likes it, and thinks it worth the price. But beware, the auctioneers will quote an "insure at" price that exceeds what the bid is - and that's a sham. Insurance companies will insure a painting at either what you paid for it (less seller's premium) or based on a current written valuation estimate.
  3. I've posted some formal polls here in the past, and there has been a shift over the years from very formal (tux/long sparkly dress) to what used to be considered semi-formal (suit and tie / cocktail/black dress/ slacks and nice top). Personally I wear a suit and tie, which takes up no more room than a tux. What you have chosen for dining also will affect the attire. My observation is people who have chosen Traditional dining tend to dress a little fancier, however in our last cruise Dec. 2019 I saw very few men in tuxedos in the Traditional dining room - most wearing suit and tie. Women tend to look good in whatever well dressed attire they choose to wear and it has never been an issue - you'll be fine. One other thing - bring a tie to wear with the sport coat unless he wears a turtleneck. The tie can always be taken off if uncomfortable. The key to enjoying the "Formal evening" is to enjoy dressing up for each other, as the intent is to provide an atmosphere that is somewhat special and even romantic. Consider it as being out on a really nice date with each other, and have a great time.
  4. While we have also at times recommended the steward just do the minimum, we also have to keep in mind the many things they do that maintain the health of the passenger, like cleaning surfaces, changing sheets, and sanitizing toilets. So we let them do what they are supposed to do, and don't sweat the details. Talking with some of the stewards, we learned that supervisors will randomly inspect their work, and will require both a high standard of work and that required tasks are done.
  5. Ombud was correct in that Princess must submit their passenger list 60 minutes in advance of sailing and they close the main gangplank at 90 minutes. These are due to government regulations. If your travel plans (which are within Princess guidelines) to the port are delayed then do not hesitate to call the "In Transit Delay" phone number. They can advise you what to do and what your options are. But first, make sure any flights are within Princess guidelines for arrival.
  6. Plastic ice bucket. Ice bucket type is not an Elite perk.
  7. Back to Back (B2B) cruises are typically two separate consecutive cruises where one can book both. Occasionally the same total cruise can be offered by Princess as a single cruise. The optimum such B2B cruise will offer different itineraries for each leg. As an example look for consecutive 10 day cruises to the islands in the Eastern Caribbean. The ship will visit a slightly different set of islands each 10 days giving an attractive B2B option that can be booked as two separate 10 day cruises or one 20 day cruise. If the 20 day option is offered it may be more cost effective, and one still gets Captain's Circle credits for 2 cruises. The biggest disadvantage is on the day of return to the home port. Princess must empty the ship of all passengers, which usually means B2B passengers must either get off the ship for an excursion or just Florida sightseeing, or be part of a group which is marched off the ship through immigration, then right back onto the ship. That usually kills half the morning, and while one can relax and enjoy the ship in port, there are few amenities open (e.g. the buffet reopens around noon). Otherwise Aus Traveller summarized it well.
  8. We were on the Crown in December. Cabin C710. Same old bedside lamps, no USB ports.
  9. Also being from Texas, I totally concur. The ones I tried on Crown Princess were inedible. The tortillas were greasy (only one per taco). The filling ranged from tasteless to gross and the meat was hard to find. Taco Bell tacos are better. The whole Salty Dog menu rated a firm "F" grade for us. Someone sold Princess on fancy recipes, and totally missed the mark for a poolside grill. Even the hamburger tasted like a bready meat loaf, and who the heck thinks chicken has to be marinated in olive oil to be good? The terrible new menu for the grill rated a negative review from us on our post cruise Customer Survey, and took away one of our simple light dining options.
  10. Perhaps I'm missing something here, but if you are using a FCD, then you also have an onboard credit associated with it. Does you TA indicate whether you lose the OBC if changing to non-refundable deposit? Most times the non-refundable deposit is associated with a special offer, but in my experience we can still use the FCD even if after final payment. However your post suggests there is part of the story you haven't shared - where did the extra $100 savings come from?
  11. Having worked for a computer manufacturer I found the need to change passwords to be self defeating. We couldn't use previous passwords, and had to write down the current one because it had to change every 90 days. As a developer, the best password scheme I ever saw was one where, after a certain sequence, one could enter and use an INVALID password. But, alas, now I must go devise a new password for Princess. That I will forget. That I will have to write down. That I will have to enter into a computer file to remember. Whatever happened to "let the buyer beware"?
  12. You might be lucky. Had new mattresses on the Crown Princess and had backaches every morning.
  13. I'll be in the minority here, but we are well satisfied with the Captain's Circle benefits we get with Princess. The extra OBC for more cruises is both welcome and nice, and I would wish it to be per person. Whatever system is in place, there will always be someone who learns how to game the system. I do not begrudge those who get benefits because they play in a casino, or take shorter cruises - that is their choice. There is no system that is totally equitable to everyone. Personally we found the dual measurement, cruise days / number of cruises compensated for much of the apparent inequity in determining loyalty. Even the benefits we have will have differing personal value. One poster above would gladly trade away their laundry benefit, which to us is the most useful of the Elite benefits. To each his/her own. Princess will add benefits that promote better business return, with loyalty being the best return.
  14. Great reason to login at the airline website and select their notification options. Actual flights are out of the control of EZAir and may change. We got a notice at 2 a.m. the morning of our flight that there were issues and our flights had changed (thanks, Delta). Other things that can be done on the airline website may include seat selection, and entry of your personal frequent flyer club information.
  15. Sailing Nov 27 - received Medallians by FedEx today Nov 8. Unfortunately the Medallian Class app on my Android phone, which had worked originally, had gotten an update which causes the main screen to crash. Tried downloading again but it just says that the latest app is present. Has anyone tried just nuking the existing app and downloading a fresh version? What I am concerned about is having to re-enter all our personal information. Thanks, Bob
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