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  1. As of today I have now received the full refund and FCC for my cancelled May 2 cruise on the Ruby. Received the paid amount back on my credit card on May 27, received the 25% FCC on June 2, and received the refund on my FCD today. The FCD I had used had an expiration date of March 8, 2020.
  2. Received full refund yesterday for a May 2 cruise on the Ruby. Still waiting on the 25% FCC. Did not dispute charge or contact Princess, just waited.
  3. All of my EZ Air bookings seem to ticket at exactly one month before departure. On my upcoming cruise I noticed a new link in EZ Air, if you access the flights and click Add or Modify there was an option at the top of the page that said Request Early Ticketing. I decided to try it being close enough to the 45 days and with an itinerary and fare I was quite happy with. It will give you a warning that you need to agree to, basically saying it will no longer be flexible. By the time I had logged out of Princess and pulled up my reservation on Delta the tickets were issued, less than a minute
  4. I have been waiting patiently for this epic and I'll be in it for the long haul. Thank you for taking the time to share it with us. Also, I wanted to thank you as I took my first non Princess cruise this year on the Silhouette and your previous review helped me prepare and know what to expect. I liked not feeling like a total newbie cruiser again.
  5. I was in F721 in 2017. The window was about 3/4's the size of the one that geoherb posted, but room layout the same. There was a constant light hum in my cabin, due to being above a mechanical room. It was not bothersome to me, but a light sleeper could have issues with it. I loved the location of it.
  6. My last EZAir reservation was ticketed at 28 days before the flight.
  7. I have had Adam Love on one of our cruises as the Entertainment Director, he was fairly quiet at the start, but as ED he didn't need to be front and center. I would guess he was just filling in the CD role until Corey could get to the ship.
  8. On my last EZ Air booking the flights weren't ticketed until 28 days before departure.
  9. I just got off the Silhouette yesterday from my first Celebrity cruise, and while I haven't been on the Sapphire Princess I have been on the Diamond which is the sister ship. The staterooms on the Silhouette are much better than on Princess, with the exception of storage space. To get a sofa in a Princess cabin you need to go to a mini-suite on most ships. I found the Silhouette to have little movement in the moderate seas we saw on a couple days of the sailing. Nothing felt unstable at all, same for any of the Princess ships I have been on. I would say that the MDR food was b
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