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  1. Crete is far, far bigger than Corfu, so is likely to have a far greater range of things to do. Of course if all you want to do is relax on a beach in the sun, then that's not a factor. One thing: I was looking at the BBC news web site a little while ago, and I think I saw something about a spike in Greek Covid-19 cases. So there might be a risk that Greece will be moved by the British government into the "red" category and that you'd have to self-isolate on your return.
  2. Me too. The vaccine will still have been stringently tested, I'm sure. It might only be 99.9% safe instead of 99.99%.
  3. 1. It might well be prior to Fidel Castro seizing power in 1959, as I think Cuba has been pretty much off-limits to Western cruise ships until recently. 2. Perhaps because P&O are owned by the American company Carnival, and Carnival might not want to risk the US government not looking kindly at what they might view as a dodge to evade the ban on US cruise ships.
  4. Bolette?! FO must have run out of sensible names for ships that begin with B.
  5. It was a bit strange that she was so anti the cruise industry as, since she was filmed outside the offices of the Miami Herald, she presumably works for that paper. And if cruising collapses, the economy of Miami is surely going to take a massive hit. I know it's a major holiday destination even apart from cruising, but even so cruising must be very important.
  6. Yes, I'm sure that cruise ships were a very minor factor in comparison to air travel, which had far more people travelling between countries a whole lot faster. (And they were still sending cruise ships out not just in the first week of March but the second, the Aurora cruise I was on leaving Southampton on the 11th IIRC - of course we didn't get very far.)
  7. The Baltic can get pretty warm in the summer.
  8. I was tempted to mention Southampton, as by the end of a cruise I'm usually looking forward to going home. 😉
  9. I was on the Aurora cruise that must have been just about the last to leave Southampton, back in mid-March, and which had to return there five days later because P&O couldn't cobble together an alternative itinerary when Norway closed its ports to cruise ships. AFAIK, nobody went down with Covid-19 on board. In fact there seemed to be far less coughing and sneezing than usual on board, perhaps because P&O was checking everyone's temperature on embarkation. It was the healthiest cruise I've ever been on!
  10. I've always opted for set dining. I've felt that, being on my own, it would be a bit daunting to have different table companions every evening. Also on recent cruises, P&O have always allocated me to a table of all solo travellers, which has been nice. It means you don't get left out of the conversation, as can happen when all the others on the table are couples.
  11. Assuming you booked direct with P&O, then they should do. I paid my deposit on my cancelled cruise using my debit card and the balance via my credit card, and the deposit was refunded to my bank account and the balance refunded to my credit card, both on the same day. That was in spite of my debit card having time-expired since I used it for the deposit, and having been replaced by one with a different long number. So I was quite impressed. Less impressed by how long I had had to wait for the refund, of course.
  12. jh1809


    And I've now been refunded! The transaction is dated last Wednesday, i.e. the 20th, but it wasn't showing up when I checked just before the bank holiday weekend on the 22nd. I haven't had an email notification yet, even though they have my email address and on the 19th I received their form letter that they sent to everyone apologising for the delay.
  13. I imagine that P&O would have preferred to delay the next batch of cancellations until after they had finished paying the refunds that are outstanding from the current batch, but given the glacial speed at which refunds are being made it doesn't look as if that is going to be possible.
  14. jh1809


    No refund yet nor any email saying it's being processed, but going by the two messages above it looks like I shouldn't have to wait much longer.
  15. It's anybody's guess whether the cruise will be able to go ahead. But if it does, I'd be surprised if P&O didn't have to tweak the itinerary a bit.
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