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  1. I passed outbound through Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport in mid-November, and they were playing a non-stop diet of Christmas songs. Ugh! They were still playing them when I returned last Sunday, though by then they had rather more excuse.
  2. I'd guess that they contracted it out to whichever IT firm put in the lowest bid.
  3. ISTR that the station in Sintra is about 500 feet (at least that's what it looked like) below the historic part of the town, so the P&O excursion may be a better bet. The historic town is certainly a lovely place to visit, though it gets very crowded with the huge number of tourist coaches that go there.
  4. I've been away on holiday and returned home to find three emails from P&O, one for each of my future cruises, encouraging me to try the replacement for Cruise Personaliser. I've had a quick look, and wasn't too impressed. What genius thought that when entering your date of birth as part of the login process it would be a good idea to make the year scroll down from 1882? Are P&O expecting many people in their 130s to book cruises with them?!
  5. I would avoid a maiden cruise, or indeed a ship's first few cruises, both because the crew may still be learning about the ship and in case of any equipment problems that they haven't yet had a chance to sort out.
  6. I think a whole new crew all in one go would be a recipe for chaos. :)
  7. I;m among those who like him.
  8. Thanks for a very interesting and comprehensive review, Richard. You certainly seem to have got the most out of your cruise.
  9. I fall into that category too, and felt the same until I saw what Saga were charging. Though there are lots of single cabins, they still seem to attract a very large single supplement compared to the per person price for "regular" cabins.
  10. Doing a Websearch found one site saying it finished on 31st Dec and another saying it finished on 1st Jan, so it's anybody's guess!
  11. He wouldn't be disappointed in the quantity of food in Sindhu, as added up over all the courses the amount is such that even for me - who has a very good appetite - it's a struggle to finish it. At least, that has been the case on both Aurora and Arcadia and I don't suppose Ventura would be any different. On the cruises I've been on, Sindhu has usually opened for lunch on the last couple of sea days of the cruise, with an announcement being made in Horizon to that effect a few days previously.
  12. I don't think you can use it to buy foreign currency.
  13. The times are listed in Horizon every day. As they occasionally vary, it's always one of the first things I check.
  14. I'm surprised, as when I was on Aurora back in April the food in the MDR was far better than that. Maybe there's been a change in the head chef since I was last on?
  15. Every day. But perhaps P&O are considering shutting it just on port days, which would make more sense.
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