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  1. I'd want fried bread and hash browns. :) So I don't see them as alternatives. Regarding ONT-CA's point "Further, comparative reference is made to hash brown or fried potatoes", I think there "fried potatoes" is referring to saute potatoes. In other words, potatoes cut into thin slices and then fried.
  2. jh1809

    Atmosphere on board

    95%? I don't think I've ever paid a supplement of more than about 60%. But even that is more than enough, and of course is still a lot more than 15%.
  3. jh1809


    I fear you may be right. Once all of Oriana, Arcadia, Aurora and Oceana have gone (which hopefully won't be for quite a few years yet), I shall have to look elsewhere, as I wouldn't want to cruise on anything substantially bigger.
  4. jh1809

    I think I might pack up cruising!!!

    I think you must have been very unlucky. In half a dozen cruises with P&O I've never had a problem with my toilet (touch wood).
  5. jh1809

    Atmosphere on board

    As another solo traveller who likes Aurora I have always found outside cabins to be relatively reasonably priced, but I have steered clear of balcony cabins because those do seem to be very expensive.
  6. jh1809

    Ventura MDR breakfast menu

    Many people don't, but some of us do. I don't regard 8am as early; at home I generally have breakfast at around 7. Though retired, I've never really managed to shift myself to a later-rising lifestyle. So I hope that P&O don't make the MDR breakfast start later. Even on sea days, there's always a queue outside the MDR at 8am in my experience, though admittedly quite a short one. On the cruise I've just been on on Arcadia, the get-together with coffee for solo travellers was scheduled at 9:30 each day. Now that did seem ridiculously early.
  7. jh1809

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    I got back from a Mediterranean cruise on Arcadia on Saturday. When we arrived at the final port of call - Ceuta, a Spanish enclave in north Africa which is apparently like Gibraltar in being duty-free - it was announced that any alcohol that passengers brought back on board would be treated as souvenirs and wouldn't be impounded till the end of the cruise. So it seems that P&O are prepared to show a little flexibility.
  8. jh1809

    Canary Islands shore excursions

    It would help if you said which islands you will be visiting.
  9. It's a great shame if they are doing away with the Costa coffee card. As someone whose paid-for soft drinks are limited to one or two small coffees per sea day, there's no way that the new soft drinks package at £19.95 pp/per day would make sense.
  10. jh1809

    Rating the ships

    They may go from the P&O fleet, but I can't see them disappearing entirely, as there are still plenty of people like us who prefer midsize and smaller ships. So I'm sure that there will always be a number of companies operating them. And if the worst comes to the worst, there is always river cruising, where only small ships are possible.
  11. jh1809

    Rumours again....

    In my case that wouldn't add that much. I don't drink soft drinks and, though I would typically drink one or two small coffees a day on a sea day, using a Costa coffee card the total amount spent wouldn't add an awful lot to the cost of the alcohol.
  12. jh1809

    Rumours again....

    I used to think that I was a moderate drinker but, having seen how much many posters drink, I've realised that I'm actually a light drinker. When cruising, I'll have a glass or two of wine with my dinner, and maybe if it's a sea day a cocktail during the afternoon, but that's about it. So purchasing a drinks package does not appeal.
  13. jh1809

    St Petersburg options?

    I'm surprised. I did a Baltic cruise a few years ago, and Tallinn was my favourite stop.
  14. jh1809

    The end of PSQ's

    If this board was run by P&O, you would need to say that it's Excellent news for your comment to count. :)
  15. I'm also a solo traveller, and feel the same way.