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  1. That's odd, as a couple of weeks ago I was able successfully to make a reservation for Sindhu for my cruise on Aurora in March.
  2. I'm familiar with ESTA, and it's as the others replying have said. But what's ETA? Unless it's something brought in only recently, then assuming you're going only to the US and Canada you shouldn't need it, as I didn't need it when I did the corresponding cruise a couple of years ago.
  3. Yes, that is really weird. They are presumably only going to contact the next-of-kin in an emergency, so are surely going to want to phone them rather than write to them. And if they did need the address for any reason, they could always ring them up and ask them.
  4. I complained about this a month or so ago, either on this thread or on another one that was also devoted to the new CP. I hope that the reason people have been unable to login to it today might be that it's temporarily offline while they work to fix some of the problems.
  5. I'm the same regarding my reason for sticking with club dining, but differ in that I like to dine early and am not too fussed as to whether it's 6:30 or 6:00.
  6. Yes, most odd. What platform and browser are you using? I'm using Chrome on a PC. If you have a choice of platforms or browsers, it could be worth trying a different one. As we're well within three months of the cruise leaving, I assume that you did remember to pay off your outstanding balance?
  7. St Peter's is open, so long as you don't turn up when they're in the middle of a service, but the museum - including the Sistine Chapel - is closed.
  8. I'm on that cruise, and it's showing excursions for me. You did log in using the new cruise personaliser at https://my.pocruises.com/mycruise/login ? Excursions are now shown under "Shore Experiences".
  9. I meant that they hide the "Discover More" link well, which as the previous poster explained does allow you to view all the excursions for a particular port.
  10. Thanks for that tip. But they hide it well, don't they?
  11. I managed to book some excursions for my March cruise a week or so ago, though the stupid new categorisation system didn't make finding the most suitable ones at all easy.
  12. And a little belatedly from me.
  13. Could it be that delays to other ships arriving at / leaving from the terminal Aurora was due to use meant that they had to make a late switch? Or was it always planned for her to use City terminal?
  14. I usually use the stairs for descending, or for going up a deck or two, but I do draw the line at walking up five or six decks to the Crows Nest! Yes, let's hope that the passenger is OK.
  15. IIRC, the dirham is the currency of Morocco. It's a "closed" currency, and so is only supposed to be obtainable in Morocco itself. I say "supposed to be", as when I went on a package tour to the country a couple of years ago, one of our group had somehow managed to get some dirhams back in the UK.
  16. "...an amazing intimate dinner with 14 other passengers cooked by Marco Pierre White..." I hadn't realised that cannibalism was in vogue on Britannia! ☺️
  17. I've just been inputting the required details for my upcoming cruise, and whoever designed the application had no idea about ease of use. Every time you enter your country (which you are forced to do a lot), you have to choose it from a drop-down list in alphabetical order, and of course "United Kingdom" is near the bottom. Why on earth couldn't they have put it at the top? When you enter the dates of issue and expiry of your passport, the month is to the left of the day of the month. When I entered my insurer's emergency number, I found you can't enter it in the standard international format for UK numbers of +44 (0) followed by the number. It looks as though it will only accept digits. Why does it want the postal address of the person who you put as your emergency contact as well as their phone number? Surely they don't plan to write to them rather than phone them if there's an emergency!
  18. I passed outbound through Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport in mid-November, and they were playing a non-stop diet of Christmas songs. Ugh! They were still playing them when I returned last Sunday, though by then they had rather more excuse.
  19. I'd guess that they contracted it out to whichever IT firm put in the lowest bid.
  20. ISTR that the station in Sintra is about 500 feet (at least that's what it looked like) below the historic part of the town, so the P&O excursion may be a better bet. The historic town is certainly a lovely place to visit, though it gets very crowded with the huge number of tourist coaches that go there.
  21. I've been away on holiday and returned home to find three emails from P&O, one for each of my future cruises, encouraging me to try the replacement for Cruise Personaliser. I've had a quick look, and wasn't too impressed. What genius thought that when entering your date of birth as part of the login process it would be a good idea to make the year scroll down from 1882? Are P&O expecting many people in their 130s to book cruises with them?!
  22. I would avoid a maiden cruise, or indeed a ship's first few cruises, both because the crew may still be learning about the ship and in case of any equipment problems that they haven't yet had a chance to sort out.
  23. I think a whole new crew all in one go would be a recipe for chaos. :)
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