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  1. From that page: "Please ensure that your personal details (in particular your mobile phone number and address) are up to date on My P&O Cruises. We need your mobile number because your results from the COVID-19 test at the terminal will be delivered to your phone." I hope they aren't going to make having a mobile phone mandatory, as I don't have one.
  2. It would make sense if they said that those in the highest tiers where you need so many nights within the last couple of years wouldn't have those nights expiring, since cruise has not been possible. But as I haven't reach those giddy heights, I don't know whether they've done that.
  3. Using Chrome, My Loyalty worked for me. I didn't try My Cruise History.
  4. Normally, I think it would be in March. But of course these aren't normal times, so they might decide to delay it.
  5. I'm short-sighted enough that I've never managed to spot the sea life that other passengers were excited by!
  6. I've done several river cruises. In addition to what others have said, I'd add that there normally aren't any sea (or I suppose river) days. Often you travel from one stop to the next overnight, though sometimes a half-day will be spent in going from place to place. Also the scenery when you are moving tends to be a lot more interesting than on a sea day when you are in mid-ocean. One con to set against the pros is that in my experience the cabins tend to be more cramped, though that might be because I'm travelling as a single. (But there are some deals where there is no or only a small single
  7. Case numbers have now started to decline in the UK too. But I suspect that Christmas celebrations (and no doubt a lot of illegal New Year's Eve ones too) will lead to a spike in cases in January.
  8. Mediterranean tier and up for the slippers, I think.
  9. Having received the documents today for the cruise I had pre-registered and am now booked on, I was happy to see that - even though I'd booked through a TA rather than direct, something I hadn't done for quite a few years - the FCC that I thought I had coming (but which had never been confirmed by P&O by email or letter) has been knocked off the outstanding balance. Admittedly the FCC was only from a 5% deposit, so only amounted to just over a hundred quid, but every little helps.
  10. My P&O mini-brochure has finally arrived this morning - far too late to be of any use, since I pre-registered for a cruise a week or so ago.
  11. Same here. But a cruise-specialist travel agency helpfully sent me a leaflet with quite a few of the new P&O cruises, and which gave prices for solo travellers (which I am). So I pre-registered a cruise that I fancied via them.
  12. I was on that cruise too. The silver lining was that, with the subsequent full refund, it became a free 5-day cruise, and everyone was given such a large amount of OBC when it became known that the cruise was being aborted that on the last evening I bought a bottle of champagne for my table of eight at dinner (club dining) so as not to leave too much of it much unused.
  13. Looks pretty good. I assume that you are happy with tendering, as I suspect that Stavanger will be the only place where a ship the size of Iona can dock.
  14. I hope that too. I find it much easier to look through a brochure for cruises of possible interest than to try to track them down on the website.
  15. They might be doing maintenance on the site. I'd try again tomorrow.
  16. Do we know if there's going to be a printed brochure sent to people through the post as well?
  17. Yes, the piece says that there will be waiter service rather than self-service in the buffet, which to my mind makes it no longer a buffet but simply another MDR (though maybe with a different range of dishes from the traditional MDR).
  18. The link posted in this thread works for me. "you will only be permitted to dine with your travelling group or household" That's going to make for a rather lonely experience for those of us travelling alone.
  19. Crete is far, far bigger than Corfu, so is likely to have a far greater range of things to do. Of course if all you want to do is relax on a beach in the sun, then that's not a factor. One thing: I was looking at the BBC news web site a little while ago, and I think I saw something about a spike in Greek Covid-19 cases. So there might be a risk that Greece will be moved by the British government into the "red" category and that you'd have to self-isolate on your return.
  20. Me too. The vaccine will still have been stringently tested, I'm sure. It might only be 99.9% safe instead of 99.99%.
  21. 1. It might well be prior to Fidel Castro seizing power in 1959, as I think Cuba has been pretty much off-limits to Western cruise ships until recently. 2. Perhaps because P&O are owned by the American company Carnival, and Carnival might not want to risk the US government not looking kindly at what they might view as a dodge to evade the ban on US cruise ships.
  22. Bolette?! FO must have run out of sensible names for ships that begin with B.
  23. It was a bit strange that she was so anti the cruise industry as, since she was filmed outside the offices of the Miami Herald, she presumably works for that paper. And if cruising collapses, the economy of Miami is surely going to take a massive hit. I know it's a major holiday destination even apart from cruising, but even so cruising must be very important.
  24. Yes, I'm sure that cruise ships were a very minor factor in comparison to air travel, which had far more people travelling between countries a whole lot faster. (And they were still sending cruise ships out not just in the first week of March but the second, the Aurora cruise I was on leaving Southampton on the 11th IIRC - of course we didn't get very far.)
  25. The Baltic can get pretty warm in the summer.
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