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  1. My last few cancellation emails had a bit in it saying: "Alternatively, you can request to receive a refund for all money paid on your booking, forfeiting the bonus FCC, through this online form ❯. If we don't hear from you by December 15, 2020, you will automatically receive the higher value FCC." (Link is removed since it comes with personalized metadata I can't safely sanitize.)
  2. Modification to my above comment regarding the deposit: "If you paid us a deposit, we will return it as a Future Cruise Deposit to put toward your next cruise." No idea if these are refundable as cash though; all my refunded deposits predate that line. Anybody gotten one back since they started saying that?
  3. Mexican Riviera on 26/12/2020 is cancelled: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/pause-extension-dec-31-2020.pdf I find it intriguing that they appear to not be refunding the deposit, and for anybody who got PVP for a non-NA voyage, then you're out that too. And casino bookings are still waiting to see what's going on, since that document doesn't include them.
  4. I haven't cancelled them of my own volition, but the fully comped ones I've had cancelled for me did full refunds on the taxes, port fees, and deposit... eventually. I had to chase down one of them that they evidently couldn't find in their system. I don't recall the timeline on them off-hand, but 4-5 months should be in the general area. They've also claimed that I'm should get the minimum value apology-FCCs (100/ea), though I've been getting the roundaround on all of them so far. Running total: 9/11 refunds, 1/12 FCC, 1/1 reimbursement, 1/1 EasyAir
  5. However, it also specifies "comprehensive plan for the eventual restart of cruising in North America." and "Whenever we restart our cruise operations in the U.S. ..." which would sounds like they're referring specifically to NA operations, contrary to the header/subheader which sounds like all operations (relevant to the cruiser).
  6. ...Is that supposed to be their way of saying that "all cruises on these five brands that are based in NA are suspended through" or "NA cruises on these five lines are suspended" through Dec31? Their wording is so delightfully ambiguous (given the body of text) and avoiding the rather crucial distinction, since there are routes not yet cancelled that are scheduled to run through December that don't touch NA.
  7. Well that's interesting... most of my voyages (all of which that are missing happen to be 7d+, ranging from Dec2020 to Nov2021... though not necessarily originating under CDC jurisdiction) disappeared from my Upcoming Cruises page sometime in the last few hours. Any bets on whether it's a system issue or the precursor to some announcement regarding them soon?
  8. This is normal, as far as Princess is concerned, for at least the last four years: At time of booking, you pay [taxes and port fees, plus deposit] per person, that gets returned to you as onboard credit. Sometime in 2020, they upped it to 200/pp. Not sure when it was changed, but I had bookings made in Nov 2019 for mid-2020 at 100/pp deposit. You can get that OBC back as cash though, if you're so inclined.
  9. Some details-- My voyages are always through the casino department, so I only pay taxes, port fees, gratuities, and the deposit (which, as I'm sure we've all heard the speech about, you get back as onboard credit), which really screws with the kind of refunds you get (and, I suspect, relates to why I've been getting the runaround on the promised FCCs for months, even on cabins I paid extra for upgrades and whatnot). As such, I try to do B2B trips to minimize the extra travel overhead, so I was on an eastbound Panama Canal, followed by a westbound PC, and no flights involved. The mass shutdowns
  10. Well, finally got my reimbursement for the flight I had to take due to a return leg being cancelled in February... However, they did feel that checked baggage was an unnecessary upgrade and refused to cover it. Also, to anybody scheduled to be on the Golden or Star Princess affected by the transfer of vessels to P&O... did they tell you that a cash deposit is only going to be refunded via FCC? (Other monies paid could be refunded, I was told, but not the deposit.) Running total: 8/9 refunds, 1/9 FCC, 1/1 reimbursement, 1/1 EasyAir
  11. Got money back for a May 30, 2020 on the Caribbean on the July 3, 2020 according to my CC statement... and paid for it back on 12/16/2019, so they got to hold onto it for half a year. Really not getting FCCs though, which is leaving me wondering what's going on on that front. On another note, looks like they're trying to get people back on too: An exclusive offer just for you: FREE Balcony‡ + $1,000 Casino Free Play† + Princess Plus†† with drinks, wi-fi & gratuities included Running total: 6/8 refunds, 1/8 FCC, 0/1 reimburse
  12. I've been missing emails since at least September 2019... some of them were very obviously missing, since I got one of the hosts to re-forward me the email I should have gotten from her personal work email, as opposed to the regular departmental mailing. No idea why. Still happening. And it's a fairly widespread problem, at least in some circles.
  13. So I just noticed a different post talking about this and it got me wondering-- what are the FCCs listed as? I only have one listed as 'Used For Goodwill Fccs', but there appears to be some discussion as to what the compensation ones are labelled as. Running total: 4/8 refunds, 1/8 FCC, 0/1 reimbursement, 0/1 EasyAir
  14. I also just got 2 refunds in, listed as originating 6/18/2020 from the card company, reaching my account 06/21/2020. The cruises in question are for dates April 25 and May 23. Running total: 2/8 refunds, 1/8 FCC, 0/1 reimbursement, 0/1 EasyAir
  15. What were the dates involved like? On top of my cancellation refunds, I'm also waiting on a flight reimbursement for a B2B return trip cancelled on March 15 (submitted March 17 or so) that I haven't even gotten any kind of acknowledgement that they've received.
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