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  1. This is what we should all be expecting & accepting as reality. Thank you for being the 'voice of reason'. BTW. I think you said you were booked on the Star out of Buenos Aires in January, 2021....we are as well. Doesn't look good....
  2. The only other place better than Nova Scotia is Newfoundland. Best people in the world... As an aside. I'm wondering why you asked me for information on Nova Scotia when as you stated you are already familiar with the entire area?
  3. I was born in Nova Scotia (Yarmouth) & I would make sure my trip back included Westport with a whale watching tour on one of the research boats. It takes a couple of ferries to get there from Brier but its well worth it. Don't let the morning fog turn you off if it occurs...just keep going and it will clear up. Biggest thrill of my life was going on that boat into the Bay of Fundy and having a Mom humpback with her baby play right beside our boat. Digby is all about the scallops! I'd actually plan my travel around the Digby Scallop festival! Peggy's Cove is beautiful & a stop a
  4. Nova Scotia isn't even open to most of the rest of Canada:-). Which is where we'd be heading if we could.
  5. Then people need to learn how to wear them effectively...end of problem!
  6. I will be disappointed if we have to cancel this particular cruise that we have booked for January, 2021. It is a 15 day sailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Antartica. But we have already accepted the fact that we will most likely do just that. I'm holding on until September 1st when our final payment is due just in case there is a slim glimmer of hope; but I don't see any way that we can commit unless things change drastically. Ah well, we are still on the green side of the grass....and that makes me happy:-)) Stay safe everyone! Sandy
  7. I think if the threat of the EU closing it's borders to US citizens becomes a reality on Tuesday it will be a big blow for all of the cruise industry.
  8. You and your husband are what the United States of America need more of. Keep it up....there is hopefully light at the end of this tunnel. It's not about the individual, it's about our entire society. And apparently you are aware of that. Stay safe....
  9. Hey Alibubba. I had the pleasure of spending some time in Oregon. Mainly Portland, Eugene and Oakridge. My husband was consulting on a fibre optics installation thru your state in 2001 & I travelled down from Alberta Canada to spend some time with him. Beautiful place...love your big trees. I do remember that Oakridge was in a downturn because of a forestry wildlife concern? Hopefully that little town has recovered....it was very pleasant. Cheers
  10. The only problem with that (at least for me) is that the same trip in 2022 is approximately 25% higher in cost. We got a good deal when we booked, and I'm loathe to lose it.
  11. I would...but I'd have to ask the Captain to put the ship in reverse to get there:-))
  12. We're actually booked on one of those cruises. Our final payment isn't until September so we will wait to make our decision then. I have several concerns. One being the cost of health insurance will probably be astronomical. Also at this point in time our country requires 14 days of self isolation upon return from any non-domestic travel. Having said that, we have yet to book our flights. We have some air travel vouchers from two trips we had planned this summer that we will attempt to use if we do decide to go. I hate to cancel this cruise since it's the one that goes to Antartica from
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