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  1. The travel insurance providers were not covering people cancelling voyages for fear of travel of getting the virus. They only kick in once you have it and need medical attention while on the ship or during your travels. However, now with the US State Department issuing this finding... it could give these swindling travel insurance companies more of an "out" to not cover anything that happens while on any cruise vacation now. You specifically need to purchase cancel for any reason insurance in order to have the trip covered if you don't want to go. Premiums for those plans have been skyrocketing the last two weeks.
  2. Outside of Genoa being a major cruise hub for MSC, I would suspect the cruise lines entirely pulling away from any northern Italian ports on either side for the time being. The last thing any of the cruise lines want is another Diamond Princess situation on their hands. I doubt MSC will be calling on Genoa for too much longer. Venice is a wild card on the Eastern side of Italy. I suspect soon enough given rail travel's extensive use in Italy and Europe, this will spread. Air travel has some restrictions whereas the train stations don't have similar which means more people coming and going and getting in contact with each other. Let's hope Italy contains this quick enough but i fear they won't. South Korea is another glowing example of it not being contained fast enough. My thoughts are with all of you who are fretting about the upcoming travels. I hope you've invested in travel insurance to deal with any sudden itinerary changes (embarkation / debarkation points in affected hot zones).
  3. After reading all this, this was my thought exactly. If the OP signed up for the Meet and Mingle, MSC has the information on who the cabin steward was. While the OP might not have thought they would harm the person, if they cross-reference the available information... the cabin steward will likely be terminated anyway. 😐
  4. OP: Thank you for the photos. I sailed on her a few times when she was the Oriental Lady. Now she's just another NCL ship. What made her so special is gone. She had lots of quirks when she was converted to the American market, however, those made her unique. The pictures I've seen of the Bliss Lounge are not flattering. Maharinis was a much better hang out. Good work on the casino though and making it smoke-free. The rest of the ship has been touched up to remove any feel of the Asian decor. The worst part is the atrium... what the heck NCL? You stuck a huge screen to make money playing Deal or No Deal and other game shows there and took out the beautiful staircase for the crappy one I've seen? Wow... all for a buck! SMH... RIP Oriental Lady!
  5. I fear her unique Asian decor is going to completely disappear after this. There was a hallway I'm sure will go. The ship's LeBistro which was an after thought might actually fit in with the rest of the ship post-refurb though. I loved the Spirit when it sailed out of Boston. Took her twice to Bermuda and then once on a mystery cruise out of New Orleans (hurricane caused that). She had the best crew, CD and Captain at the time! Heck, the last time I sailed on her Klaus was filling in for the HD and he was the unlucky one to have to deal with the irate passengers who didn't like being stuck at sea for extra days due to weather! Great ship with great memories for me. She'll be missed.
  6. The Best Things I've found in the Seaside and Meraviglia Cruises I've taken (2 with MSC so far): - Nightlife - Best party atmosphere at sea (especially on the Meraviglia). - International Mix of Passengers - Minimal announcements - MSC for Me app! It's super handy and convenient with schedule of events, show bookings and more! - Pizza - Osso bucco - Value for Money - Entertainment Shows on Seaside - AMAZING! (Meraviglia not as good.) MSC Seaside was my 45th and Meraviglia was my 47th cruise overall!
  7. I received mine from the Meraviglia repositioning cruise two days after the sailing and it came from their Fort Lauderdale office and an MSC Cruises USA email address. Be sure to check your spam email and whatever email you used for the cruise. If your TA did your paperwork for you, it might've gone to them if you used one.
  8. Sailed on the Meraviglia for the repositioning cruise and there wasn't a sewer smell. The only place I smelled the sulfur was in the aqua park but this was tucked right behind the smoke stack. There were also pieces of soot falling into the aqua park when the smell was occurring. Other than this one place, I never smelled any sulfur anywhere else on the ship.
  9. Meraviglia repositioning cruise we asked for them and were told they were not giving them out anymore only to discover Aurea and YC folks had them right along.
  10. It's also Bring Your Own TISSUES! It seems like fleet-wide from Fantastica rooms on down, there's no more tissues in the rooms. This was implemented on the Meraviglia prior to sailing but seems (based on reviews) to have spread to Seaside and Divina as well. This likely means MSC has decided to institute this policy fleet-wide. What a dumb way to cost save. I really wish the CDC tracked the number of respiratory illnesses and not just norovirus. You'd see how quickly MSC reverses course on this dumb decision.
  11. Nikki - I saw the stowaway on Deck 7 forward outside. I loved that deck and mom did too for walking around. It was shaded by the lifeboats and didn't have as many smokers as the walking track upstairs. I hope the poor bird wasn't hurt. He didn't flinch when we so much as walked by. He just sat there. We didn't report him either. Hope the fella made it to wherever he was intending on going. The tissue situation was what got so many sick on the ship. In reflection, I could see people throwing them down the toilet and if they are not flushable... this might have been the cause of why they removed them. However, a solution needs to be found. It's amazing how many people came off the ship sick. I avoided the lifts but the buffet and the really sick lady in the tour van in Grenada is what did me in. I was finally better as of this past Wednesday. It was a mean little bug! Mom is finally feeling better this weekend. I snuck into the Aurea spa space on the last sea day and was surprised at how small it was and how windy it was. I was hiding out opposite on Deck 18 forward by the glass dome roof to the Bamboo Pool. It had the best wind shield as the Yacht Club was taking the wind one deck higher. Sorry you ended up missing some of the events with the delayed notices to the door. It seems like a lot of the folks who posted on the roll call were on the starboard side of the Sky Lounge for the CC Meet and Greet. By the time we arrived, there was only space on the port side to sit down. Didn't help with meeting too many folks! Happy Holidays!
  12. I saw both and Viaggio was very slow and when it built up to something... it ended. My opinion, the best show is SONOR. It's high energy and intense at the outset and continues the energy throughout the whole production.
  13. You are understanding correctly, you can tap twice for the FunPass cardholder to pay for someone else who is not a FunPass holder. You can also use the Fun Pass for the Flight Simulator as well. I don't know the cost of the Flight Simulator as it went upside down and I wasn't about to do that! If you have bad weather for one or more days during your voyage, you'll get your money's worth out of the FunPass. On the repositioning cruise I burned through most of the FunPass in the first three days as the weather was still chilly sailing out of NYC. By the time we hit the Caribbean, I only had $10 left on it to use!
  14. They like making balls out of food. All the appetizers which were in the form of them were good. They had a Greek variation of meatballs (kefeta?) and those were tasty. The spring rolls are also good! For the main course, the beef dishes during formal night were great! The Osso Bucco was also great! The strip steaks on the always available menu I would steer clear of, they were like Grade D meat with more fat than actual steak. Steer clear of the Chicken Cordon Bleu... it was out of a Sysco box and tasted like cardboard. Best advice is to ask your waiter what is good. Our waiter on Mera (Lino) was pretty spot on with his recommendations.
  15. MSC did something very similar with the Meraviglia's repositioning cruise from NYC to Miami. The ship was still 1/3 available three weeks out and they discounted the prices heavily for a nearly 2 week cruise down to $399 per person for a balcony. While a great price, just keep in mind what that might bring in terms of types of passengers. The discounting brought some very interesting folks on the repositioning cruise. Some didn't make the whole voyage.
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