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  1. Time will tell on the Studio Lounge it would appear. The Studio Lounge on the Breakaway class was way too small while the one on the Epic was too big. During the social hours you couldn't find space on the Breakaway but had plenty on Epic. I don't see how what appears the Studio Lounge might be could fit all the guests either. For someone who likes space, this design isn't a seller for the studios for me as yet. I will keep my eyes open for whatever the big reveal may be come 5/12.
  2. Scratch her being docked at Black Falcon. She's on the move now... 😞
  3. Gem is out of dry dock as previously reported. She's sitting at Black Falcon terminal at the moment although her AIS shows her heading to Charleston, SC at some point soon.
  4. A man could dare to dream. She's out of dry dock in Boston and sitting at the Black Falcon terminal for now. Her AIS says she's headed off to Charleston, SC. Have to pay closer attention to where these ships are going in the future I guess!
  5. Thoughts or speculation: How fast do you think they're going to get the Gem out of US territorial waters when dry dock is over? I'm just wondering if they'll let her stay around Boston for a bit or sail her straight back towards Aruba. Sadly our COVID count is going back up by leaps and bounds so I don't think they'd want to stay to take any risks. I know the crew is likely not getting off the ship in port. I do hope they're minimizing the contact between those on the ship and shore-side.
  6. Just don't knock a crane over! I remember that incident fondly as I met up with crew from the Jewel at the time and showed them around on their off duty time. I honestly wish I could've brought myself to login her earlier than this to know she was here last weekend. I would've gone down and taken my family too. We could use a pick me up... even if it is just staring at her!
  7. The vaccine news is great but it'll be at least the mid to late 2021 before everyone is vaccinated enough to allow cruising to occur in that type of situation (mask free). Until then it'll be proof of vaccination and testing and even that is not foolproof sadly (see Sea Dream).
  8. Anyone know if the Gem is running on schedule for her dry dock? The last time the Gem and the Jewel were in Boston for dry dock... things didn't go as planned! 😐
  9. Thank you to both of you for your reply. I haven't been on and just came on looking for the easiest thread for ship movements! Sad she'll be out of here by the weekend. I was hoping to see her this weekend. Take a drive over and social distance and such. Would've been nice to see her before she left!
  10. I can't believe I missed this. Not working in the city of Boston due to COVID means I don't get to take my walks down Long Wharf to see what cruise ships are in. I haven't looked at AIS data for a while as it was too depressing. I did today as I was a bit bored and imagine my shock when I saw the Norwegian Gem was in dry dock! Yay! Question is, does anyone know how much longer she will be in Boston?
  11. The travel insurance providers were not covering people cancelling voyages for fear of travel of getting the virus. They only kick in once you have it and need medical attention while on the ship or during your travels. However, now with the US State Department issuing this finding... it could give these swindling travel insurance companies more of an "out" to not cover anything that happens while on any cruise vacation now. You specifically need to purchase cancel for any reason insurance in order to have the trip covered if you don't want to go. Premiums for those plans have been
  12. Outside of Genoa being a major cruise hub for MSC, I would suspect the cruise lines entirely pulling away from any northern Italian ports on either side for the time being. The last thing any of the cruise lines want is another Diamond Princess situation on their hands. I doubt MSC will be calling on Genoa for too much longer. Venice is a wild card on the Eastern side of Italy. I suspect soon enough given rail travel's extensive use in Italy and Europe, this will spread. Air travel has some restrictions whereas the train stations don't have similar which means more people coming and going and
  13. After reading all this, this was my thought exactly. If the OP signed up for the Meet and Mingle, MSC has the information on who the cabin steward was. While the OP might not have thought they would harm the person, if they cross-reference the available information... the cabin steward will likely be terminated anyway. 😐
  14. OP: Thank you for the photos. I sailed on her a few times when she was the Oriental Lady. Now she's just another NCL ship. What made her so special is gone. She had lots of quirks when she was converted to the American market, however, those made her unique. The pictures I've seen of the Bliss Lounge are not flattering. Maharinis was a much better hang out. Good work on the casino though and making it smoke-free. The rest of the ship has been touched up to remove any feel of the Asian decor. The worst part is the atrium... what the heck NCL? You stuck a huge screen to make money pl
  15. I fear her unique Asian decor is going to completely disappear after this. There was a hallway I'm sure will go. The ship's LeBistro which was an after thought might actually fit in with the rest of the ship post-refurb though. I loved the Spirit when it sailed out of Boston. Took her twice to Bermuda and then once on a mystery cruise out of New Orleans (hurricane caused that). She had the best crew, CD and Captain at the time! Heck, the last time I sailed on her Klaus was filling in for the HD and he was the unlucky one to have to deal with the irate passengers who didn't like being stuck at
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