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  1. I mailed mine on 7/17, it was received on 7/20. I got it back today 8/14 exactly 4 weeks from start to finish. I did pay the expedited fee. This was a renewal. I hadn't even realized it was expired until I got it out to check in for October cruise!
  2. Ya'll are brilliant! Yes, that was exactly what it was $2.22 per person difference in port fees. Thanks for the replies! 😀
  3. Yeah I know I have had a ton. I the only thing I can remember needing refunded for this one was the water park tickets and I have received that in the correct amount. I hadn't purchased anything else. I mean I'll take anything they want to give me, but I have no idea what it is or why in the world it would be such a strange amount. 🤷‍♀️
  4. I received a credit in the amount of $6.66 on my credit card from Royal. Not sure if they are trying to tell me something or what..... Any ideas on what could have possibly been refunded in that amount? I have had multiple cancellations like everyone else, but I think I am even on all. Most recent was Mariner for spring break in March. We lift and shifted so the only item I had to be refunded was a cruise planner purchase of water park tickets which was also refunded in the correct amount. Thoughts anyone?
  5. I think we just lucked up then. It was on final payment for an October cruise so in July. The rep at Royal seemed a little surprised too when I called to see why I hadn't received the FCC back that it had been processed that way. I have had so many refunds and it didn't match up to the amount of the future cruise credit so I just assumed the refund on my card was from another cruise. I called them to see why I never got the FCC back, turns out I did but in cash refund only $55 short. I have a feeling I will never see that $55 again. It is a full time job to try to keep it all straight. The price on the Symphony dropped to lower than what we paid for the Harmony after we switched and they keep saying I will get the difference back in some manner but haven't seen that either 😞
  6. We applied an FCC from a cruise cancelled in March to a fully paid Harmony sailing in October which generated a refund back to my credit card. So it may not be standard procedure but it apparently happens. The refund was $55.50 less than the FCC though. We lift and shifted the cancelled Harmony to Symphony for 2021 and I fully expected to receive the FCC back but instead it was credited to my card as a refund. They said the missing $55.50 went towards an increase in taxes but on the same phone call they stated there was no increase in taxes so who the heck knows what happened. I have requested the $55 back in some form or another either FCC or refund but haven't received either yet. Good luck!!
  7. This is our first. We have always wanted to. I work for the school system so limited to 1 week at spring break 1 week at fall break and summer vacations. It is usually cost prohibitive in the summer to do 2 weeks but we got a really good deal on the Brilliance and haven't really been anywhere since a trip to Universal last December due to Covid so we have been saving $$ 🙂. I really wasn't interested in 2 full weeks on the Brilliance with an 11 year old but we can stay a bit longer on the Independence.
  8. I can't keep the categories straight. But I would be concerned as well. I'm guessing maybe too it may have to do with cabin capacity. It is me, my mom and daughter so we have a triple. They will have to put us in our category or higher in a cabin that will hold 3 so maybe that has something to do with it. Someone in our fb group posted they received a category upgrade not sure of the particulars but they were happy with it. I really would have been fine with most anywhere they put me at this point. I am happy with the ship change and just keeping fingers crossed that this trip actually sails!
  9. We also received ours early this morning. We were hump balcony 8th deck on Brilliance and were assigned aft balcony same category same deck on Indy. We just booked the 6 night prior to our 8 night this week after learning of the ship change and are in a 7th floor aft balcony. I was happy with the new cabin, but just wanted to be in the same one both legs so called first thing this morning and they switched us over to the 7th floor same cabin. Invoice was not correct though so be sure to be on the look out for that.
  10. USPS no signature with all supporting documents (birth certificate custody papers etc) back in same envelope with new passport and old passport together. I had signed up for updates which I never received and passport status never changed online from "not found"
  11. Exactly. Just like they have reworked the theme parks to open without meet and greets, parades and fireworks.
  12. Good to know. I don't think we have ever done less than 5 nights so I thought they were all 90 days and this was just shorter because of some Covid policy change. We have a 4 night scheduled for spring break so I am glad to hear we have a little extra time for final. I am getting weary of paying and then waiting on refunds 😞
  13. Well that would be an excellent idea! I wish they would take your suggestion! We paid our final for Harmony 10/20 only to be cancelled shortly thereafter, didn't have a lot of money tied up in that one though since we used FCC from our cancelled Adventure March sailing for the final. We booked this November on a whim when the others were cancelled thinking things would be normal by fall, we were a little too optimistic. I work for the school system and have a daughter in elementary school so for now we are tied to school breaks so the 3 night after Thanksgiving just worked for our schedule. We have the Mariner booked again for 4 nights over spring break which is short too but my daughter has a dance competition the first weekend of our break so we couldn't leave until Monday. We have talked several other dance families into going with us so keeping my fingers crossed for that one for sure! I have spent countless hours trying to track down money owed, money returned, just like everyone else. It would also be nice if they would let you know which reservation the credit is tied to. The way they return money it is next to impossible to keep it all straight. We have had 5 cruises cancelled some booked with an agent, some direct with more than 1 cabin booked so I am managing mine, my friends and my mom's and they are all on my credit card. The agent booked ones Royal will not even tell me if the credit goes with those reservations. It is just a big hot mess. At this point I just hope the March trip goes and we won't be booking anything else until ships sail successfully. We are just going to try for the beach next month for fall break at least we will see water! Good luck to you! I hope you sail soon.
  14. Could be, it's a 3 night. I have never done a cruise that short, so I figured it was a Covid thing?? Who knows! I just keep hoping they will make the next announcement prior to 9/13 so I don't have to decide to pay final or not! 🙂
  15. Mailed my daughter's renewal the end of April. It went to the El Paso agency which is actually in Sterling Va. I got it back today finally! I never received the email saying it was being mailed and the status never changed online. I just checked it Monday and it still said "not found". The old passport and birth certificate came back in the same envelope as the new one which is not how I have received it in the past. I have always gotten mine back and her last one back in two different mailings days apart. I am just glad to have it!! I was afraid I would never see it or the birth certificate ever again!
  16. Sorry I am slow tonight......I have gone back to work after a 5 month spring break and trying to figure out how to socially distance 1200 middle schools in a limited space and keeping them masked, while attempting to figure out how to plan to switch everything over to virtual "just in case" has just about drained every ounce of intelligence from my brain! So we paid a $300 depo, applied 2 $654 FCC's, applied a $495 credit from the travel agency and then paid $768 at final. Making up the $2871 total. The invoice Royal sent for the new cruise was $2062. I'm not really following how that would work?
  17. Another vote for Wanted on Anthem. Loved them and they were all very kind to my then 9 year old. I think they appreciated the fact that a kid knew all the Bon Jovi lyrics! Raising her right 🤣
  18. Sorry if this has been previously addressed but I did not see an answer. If a shifted cruise has a price drop making it lower than the lifted cruise does Royal offer a price adjustment? Original cruise was Harmony 10/20 it was paid in full using a combo of FCC from a cruise cancelled in March and cash. We moved to Symphony 10/21. The new invoice I received from Royal is about $800 less for the Symphony than the original Harmony. I have priced it out as a new trip as well and at this point it is about $300 cheaper. Am I entitled to a price reduction? If yes in what form? FCC, OBC, or credit refund. Second issue, my child was listed in my friend's cabin so that my friend could take advantage of our discount. She had paid her cabin in full well before final payment, well before this Covid mess all started (payment was made on my credit card). I was told if I applied my daughter's FCC to this reservation that it would automatically generate a refund due to "overpayment" and that refund would go back on the card used to pay (mine). I have not seen any refunds at this point, and now I am worried that I will see neither the refund or the FCC again. I want one or the other! Preferably the refund! It has only been about a month though so it may just be to soon. I just want some reassurance that I was given the correct information regarding the refund being automatically generated when applied the FCC. Thank you!
  19. I let a lady get in front of me in the bingo line to purchase cards. Paper card....she won the free cruise. That is typically my luck! 😇 At least I did a good deed. I have gotten several of those t shirts they give away when your free spin at the slot machine doesn't win enough to get any money 😂
  20. Yes I did so she probably has it thanks! It actually showed up in my planner about 20 minutes after I posted! 😀 this lift and shift thing was way easier than the fcc and refunds!! Still waiting on money from May cancellations. Now if Covid will just go away so we can actually go somewhere.....
  21. I did a lift and shift yesterday online for one of the new October cancellations that were just announced and I haven't even received an email conformation 🙄 I am worried now that it didn't work! I did get a successful submission screen at the end.
  22. Great! Thank you Ken you are always a wealth of knowledge. I'll be ready as soon as they cancel. We all know its coming 😞
  23. Is it possible to Lift and Shift a fully paid cruise that Royal has cancelled or are you stuck with refund or FCC at that point? Thinking about lifting and shifting from Harmony (fully paid) 10/20 to Symphony 10/21. I know Harmony will not sail in October but I just can't seem to accept that and bite the bullet to change the reservation. If/When Royals cancels in the next few days are we still eligible to do this or do we need to do it prior to the cancelation? It is my understanding that current lift and shift promo ends 8/5 so there is that to consider as well. I am hoping that date will be extended. TIA for any answers and speculations!
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