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  1. First, I will point out that, at least for now, we all as cruisers will have a lot less freedom with shore excursions due to Corona (and not the kind we're used to in Mexico 😉). Part of the health and safety regulations in the US and other countries I'm sure will require that people are allowed to leave the ship on tightly controlled ship-sponsored excursions. So we won't be able to wander around like in the past (for now...). In Cabo, it is a tender, but from the tender you could walk to downtown shopping (and there is some other shopping that's not exactly downtown but is close
  2. There might be some small places that can’t handle dollars, but anytime we’ve cruised in Mexico (including Stone Island) dollars are fine. They also list prices in dollars for things generally.
  3. Haven’t tried it but doesn’t seem like Endanada would be good for scuba/snorkeling. I would recommend the canopy tour, it was pretty fun. Your boys sound like the right age. Haven’t done kayak by La Bufadora, but that could be very fun!
  4. From what you’re describing I would say that you would likely be fine. All the roads we traveled on in Ensanada were non-dirt (paved, cobblestone, etc.). I only saw dirt out of town on hike, adventure types of areas. If you’re going to La Bufadora, for example, everything will be paved.
  5. I would agree, I think we’ve done it before when our kids were younger, but I also would not advertise or make a big deal out of it. If you have Little’s, people are usually understanding.
  6. Like they said, on the other side. However, I’ve been there, too. They have some great tours of Mayan ruins if your family likes the cultural stuff. You can get more info on that other board.
  7. When are you going? If you’re going during whale watching season season, that’s really fun in Cabo. Puerto Vallarta has the Malecon, which is really walkable, plus a cool church and some market areas.
  8. I would also look at Wild Cabo Tours. We did a pirate ship whale watching excursion through them which was really fun, pirates and whales, what could be better!
  9. Haven’t done that tour, but have been to PV and I would think if you’re done at 3:30 and don’t sail until 8, you would have plenty of time to make it down to the Malecon.
  10. The big thing everyone talks about there is La Bufadora or the Blowhole. It's about a 20 minute ride there by bus, taxi, whatever. To see it itself is free, there's a market on the walk there and back, with lots of shops and restaurants. It's kind of fun, but touristry. The cost to get there and back isn't too bad, either. Depending on your sense of adventure, there's a newish zipline with ATV rides and something else. It was pretty fun. The price wasn't awful, but we were also there off-season, so keep that in mind.
  11. When? I ask only because Mexico has a different daylight savings time start and stop time. And I would say if you can get the early tender (we waited and got tickets the day before), I think you’re fine. It mostly depends on how close it is to the tender. You can take a water taxi if it’s on the other side of the harbor and still be quick.
  12. We did that very one with the same time for tender (though only on one day). We had a blast. It was a great time. Would highly recommend especially with a 4 year old. They do local time at least when we went (on Norwegian last March). You’ll need to get on an early tender (we got tickets the day before), and the pirate ship is located on the other side of the harbor, so take a water taxi (right next to where the tender goes on shore. We make the mistake of a half-hour wall the long way. One nice thing is the breakfast is very delicious, so you save time getting ready in the morning. And I thou
  13. We sailed on NCL this past March and it was basically the same itinerary (they didn’t change it, that’s what it was). Idk why though. I figured it had to do with when different ships were in port. What was nice is we were the only ship in 2 of 3 ports.
  14. We did it. There’s plenty to see and do, plenty of taxis and tours on the docks. In Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlán, we did and they were fine but not the greatest. I will say the best tour was in Cabo that I booked ahead of time (whale watching on a pirate ship), also the most expensive (well worth it). I would say it depends on what you want to do, I would have an idea before you go (part of our problem). In general, I’ve always done well booking ahead of time, when I find something on shore it’s hit and miss. Also had luck finding our own adventure!
  15. We did the pirate ship in Cabo, it was fabulous (also did whale watching given the time of year we went). If you’re considering it in Vallarta, I would check it out https://www.buccaneerloscabos.com/boat.html
  16. We went around that same time last year, it wasn't a problem. But then again, we were with Norwegian, so it sounds like that would make a difference. We had a short stay in Cabo, so I couldn't do a long one anyway, I'd just stick to ones where it likely won't be an issue. We did this whalewatching one (right time in March), it was one of the best excursions we've ever done, and made it in plenty of time walking (had to hustle off the ship and water taxi would have been faster): https://www.buccaneerloscabos.com/watching.html
  17. They recommend it in case of an emergency (like medical) and you need to evacuate by air. However, unless that 2% chance happens, no need to obtain a passport. My wife and I have it for other reasons, but never got for kids and never a problem!
  18. Cozumel is an island, which I would say ironically makes it less of a problem (though that other post may have a point on a specific excursion). We went in the summer, July, and I don’t remember any bugs or needing repellent anywhere (I would see where you might use it to be safe). Haven't been to Progresso, but our other stops in the Yucatán were another story. The towns are basically surrounded by jungle, so mosquitoes are pretty common. That’s where I might get more concerned, but I would check it out more before deciding anything. Hope that helps, plus checking other boards.
  19. Yes, you can look it up for sure, but I think it's about January to March. I know we went in mid-March and were able to go on a whale watching trip, but I think the season only goes for a couple of weeks beyond that. I'm just not sure when it begins. We saw plenty of whales when we went on our excursion and like it said, mid-March (happened to be our spring break).
  20. We did a private excursion (not offered on our Norwegian ship, plus we usually like independent ones). It was also a whale watching one since it was in March. Had a blast, couldn’t have been more fun. We did with a family, but would be great on a girls trip. We did whale watching (and just sailing), but I know there are other activities such as snorkeling. With a delicious breakfast and an open bar included, a highlight of our trip. The name of the ship was the Buccaneer Queen and the tour operator name was Wild Cabo tours, if it’s the same one Princess offers. Good luck and have fun!
  21. We went to Mazatlan in March. Finding a taxi will NOT be a problem. We took a package (that we just bought in port) where we went to Stone Island, so I couldn't tell you about the Golden Zone taxi rates (I kind of wish we would have done all that downtown stuff in retrospect). But like the other poster said, you will have no shortage of taxis and other people movers willing to take you there. Other threads on Cruise Critic might have taxi pricing. Other than taking the usual precautions (that you would take in the States, quite frankly), I didn't feel unsafe at any time. Espe
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