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  1. Hi Brenda! So glad to hear from you. I'm on The Adventure out of Nassau on 3 July. Had booked the Vision out of Bermuda for the same date but all of the Vision cruises out of Bermuda were cancelled from lack of interest. I really preferred that itinerary but as long as I can get my 2 needed points I'll be smiling. How about you? Have thought about you quite a bit. Sound like Galveston is cranking up to restart and I know you like cruising from there. Have a TA on Rhapsody on Nov 30th if Spain opens up and an Enchantment out of Baltimore in Feb. The big one is a b2b2b on Ovation and t
  2. Is there an email for the loyalty ambassador?
  3. I love the main dining room. If you are not crazy about the entree choices, you can order 1, 2 or more of the appetizers, 1, 2 or more of the salads and soups and a dozen desserts. You will not be hungry. There are usually one or 2 nights in a 2 week cruise that I do not care for the entrees offered... 2 shrimp cocktails and an escargot with a salad and desert more than suffice... You can be creative!
  4. I was on a carnival cruise (one time only) and we stopped at Miami. 4 of us went to a delightful botanical garden. I don't want to cruise Carnival again but I'd love to go to Miami again.
  5. I hate needles, too but honestly, I did not even feel the 1st shot and the 2nd one wasn't bad either....but I did feel it a little. sore arm each time after about 6 - 8 hours and it lasted for maybe 12 hours. Just felt like a bruise.
  6. I have both of mine. I read earlier in the day that The Odyssey would require anyone 16 or older to have the shot(s). I don't mind wearing a mask and distancing either. Just would like to cruise again SOON!
  7. Certainly wouldn't be the first (nor last) time. Being kicked out of the CL/SL just gave me the incentive to cruise more... One more solo night and I'm IN!
  8. I've been wondering about keeping the 3 drinks during Happy Hour time on the Diamond's Sea Pass Card and having the Diamond (Plus) Lounge for D+ and Above. That would eliminate 1/2 the folks in the Lounges for distancing but still allow Diamonds to get their free drinks at any bar. Just mentally trying to solve Royal's crowding issue.
  9. I've sailed on the Grandeur quite a bit (mostly during the winter) and really like the ship. Next to the Radiance class the Vision class ships are my favorites. Very friendly staff. The weather on deck can be chilly (maybe cold to some) but the solarium where the adult pool is located is warm and cozy. My cabins have nearly always been midship and I don't think ever in the bow but I have never noticed any excessive rocking. I have been on the Harmony and I did not like the layout or the size. Even my very athletic 14 year old granddaughter, who was with me, hated the long lines she had to
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