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    lots of fresh water fishing
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  1. Does Royal have any Casino rates? (i.e like Carnival)
  2. How much is the flight back from Barcelona?
  3. Keep checking, have any offer in October, Suites all booked but everything else open.
  4. Anyone jumping on any of these deals? Most from Fla-Tex, but some in Oct-Nov from Baltimore.
  5. Bought it, Used it after wife was in intensive care 3 days before sailing. Your probably going to lose that much in the casino so why no gamble that Something Just Might Happen.
  6. One other thing you might look at. Unless my eyes are playing tricks it will cost you 1200 point for $100 OBC, but you can get a $100 carnival gift card for 1000 points, which can be used as a partial payment for your cruise.
  7. In the past showed up on my cruise account. Took about two weeks. Try to save a screen shot or copy just in case and customer service can help you once your on board.
  8. Anyone hear when Port of Baltimore will open up for cruising?? And how about New Jersey?
  9. Just found a $10(YES $10) interior cabin rate on a 4 days cruise from Charleston, BUT it leave tomorrow. Which I lived close buy.
  10. Sure would, give me some washy washy stuff, a box of rubber gloves and I'm in. Just found a 7 day out of Baltimore leaving this sunday for 199 interior 299 window but wife wont go😪
  11. Thanks for your "BoneHead" reply. Just trying to make people aware of what they are getting or not.
  12. Please correct me if i'm wrong. If I elect the Free Drink Package it DOES NOT INCLUDE the 20% Grat charge. So Free Will cost me aprox. $250.
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