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  1. XBGuy

    Poolside Theft?

    I concur with the opinion that you don't leave anything of value unattended. I would, also. however, like to expand on the topic of a lost or stolen key card. As has already been recommended, if a key card is lost or stolen, your immediate action should be to go to the Guest Services desk and report it. You will, immediately, be issued a replacement card. The encoding on the replacement card is not identical to the lost/stolen card. That card has been "deactivated." If a finder/thief tries to use that card for a purchase, it will not work. I would assume--this may be incorrect--that the clerk/barman/crew member who entered the card at their device would also be alerted and instructed to confiscate the card. So, in addition to the picture identification capability, there is additional security. However, the level of that security is dependent on the person who lost the card, or was the victim of a thief, reporting the loss as quickly as possible. If it happened to me, I would check my shipboard account as soon as possible, to make sure there weren't any unauthorized charges. Then, a few hours later, I would check again. '
  2. XBGuy

    Missing Roll Call

    All three of mine are intact. I've received notifications, and I've been able to add posts.
  3. We are on the Ruby Princess in December. We will dine in both Crown Grill and SHARE--between the two of them, 3 or 4 nights of the 7-day cruise. I think the only dining experience that beats SHARE on any Princess ship is the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast. I have never seen SHARE very crowded. So, our experience is that service has always been top notch. (I emphasized "our experience" because I am aware of at least one report from a trusted source where the service was unacceptable,) We, also, love the SHARE menu. I like red meat. So, I am always happy to visit Crown Grill. Mrs. XBGuy also enjoys that venue because she just loves the Mussel Pot entree. Service in Crown Grill ranges from excellent to barely acceptable. Problems that we have encountered in Crown Grill are usually attributed to headwaiters who do not understand that they are in the hospitality business or large groups that seem to dominate servers' attention. We are "one and done" with both Salty Dog (did not care for the menu) and Crab Shack (horrible service and not impressed with the food). I feel bad about this comment because I know that many people really like these venues. So, feel free to ignore my comments. Whatever you decide, have a great cruise.
  4. XBGuy

    Favorite thing about Princess?

    I'll second most of the above favorites, and add VERY liberal carry-on wine policy.
  5. I'm going to parrot the opinion of most of the previous posters. We celebrated my wife's parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary in 1996 with a cruise to Mexico. There was a total of 10 people--much smaller than your group. There were four 70-somethings, four 40-somethings, one 30-something and one teenager. The only ones who'd ever been on a pleasure cruise, previously, were my wife and me. Arrangements were made to have Champagne and noshes delivered to my in-laws suite on embarkation day. That enabled everybody--some of whom traveled from out of town--to connect fairly quickly. My wife and I went to the dining room to meet with the Maitre d' to discuss dining logistics. We were able to arrange for a table for the 10 of us. In those days fixed seating dining was the only paradigm. So, we did not have to deal with people wanting to eat on their own schedule at different venues. We met everybody at dinner time, and that was, pretty much, it. Other than that. those who wanted to go on excursions did so, those who wanted to go to shows did so, those who wanted to go to the casino did so, those who wanted to sit by the pool did so. During the days my wife's parents and their friends did, in fact, spend most of their time together. My wife and I were on our own, her sister and family were on their own, her brother was on their own. If we did see each other during the day it was unplanned and, really, quite pleasant. Every evening, of course, we all met at the dinner table. It was nice because we all had discussion topics--namely, what we'd done that day. Again, we had it easy because there was no debate or quest for consensus on where to eat or what time to eat. You were just expected to be at the dining room at 6:00. I think your task is much more difficult in today's cruising environment.