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  1. XBGuy

    Attire Expectations

    Wow, that sounds terrific. Have a good time.
  2. XBGuy

    Attire Expectations

    Bon Voyage, Glenn. You'll have a great time. Where are you cruising to?
  3. Your question now makes perfect sense. Thanks for coming back and responding to my question, and, most importantly, have a great cruise.
  4. XBGuy

    Bad weather

    This west coaster has been getting pretty cranky about all the rain we've had here the last five or six days. Apparently, all those storms have headed east and are dumping massive volumes of snow. Oh, and we are looking at temperatures in the 70s/80s, tomorrow. That is why I live here.😁
  5. XBGuy

    Sabatini's New Menu

    Dani, you are our kind of diner. About a year and a half ago, we were on the Grand Princess and visited the then new Sabatini's Trattoria twice. I do want to give you a bit of a head's up on one of the menu items--specifically, the appetizer. First of all, it is sensational. Here is the description from the menu: warm rustic whole-wheat loaf, tuscan zonzelle with roasted tomato & bell pepper passata, prosciutto crudo, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar. To be honest, I really did not read the menu description that closely on our first visit. There was no other choice. In fact, the server just automatically places it on the table while the diners are reviewing the menu. So, bring it on. Well, there are these little dough balls that are boiled in oil. I later learned these are the zonzelle. They are amazing. We ate all of them. I say "we," but I'm sure my wife stopped after the first one. She is much better than I am about pacing. So, I had four or five of them--not really sure how many were in the basket. I could have easily pounded down another basket of them. About the the time our "Secondi Piatti" arrived those zonzelles had "exploded" in my stomach. I did make a dent in the Porchetta and, subsequently, whatever dessert I had. However, laying in bed, that night, I was one sore puppy. I thought hard about what had happened, and I, pretty much, concluded that it was those seductive dough balls. On our second visit on that cruise I limited myself to only one of them. I did much better, that time. All our subsequent Princess cruises have been on the Emerald Princess or the Ruby Princess. Both those have SHARE (which, of course, we enjoy very much) instead of Sabatini's. I am, however, looking forward to our September cruise on the Royal Princess so that we can go back to Sabatini's.
  6. You are, of course, correct. I, personally, see pre-cruise purchases (e.g., excursion reservations, dining reservations, cabin flowers) as being different from on-board expenses. Maybe that is what has the OP concerned.
  7. XBGuy

    Ultimate Balcony Dining

    One other option that I can think of is the cocktail choice. Each diner can pick one cocktail. Also, a glass of wine can be the cocktail choice. Mrs. XBGuy and I always have multiple bottles of our own wine in the cabin. We, generally, also get into those when we are enjoying the UBD. One of these days we are going to get a call from the bridge that they need one of us to pilot the ship. I don't think you'll want to be a passenger on that cruise. 😉
  8. Hey neighbor. I've rented tuxes for cruises on Princess and Celebrity. As others have suggested, you might get a more accurate response on the MSC board. My wife has never investigated renting formal clothes for herself. I am thinking that is less likely, but I wish you luck there. Have a great cruise.
  9. OP, when you get a chance, please come back here and explain the significance of the difference between an "online payment" and an "offline payment." It seems that the difference is whether your card is swiped or your card number is keyed in. I am really interested in why you want to make the distinction. Unless, if you are thinking that when you key in your card number for shipboard expenses as a part of the general passenger information that you have to complete prior to leaving on your cruise, you will see charges on your account before you even board the ship. Is that it? If that is your concern, then, of course, a couple posters, above, have indicated that there will see no charges prior to embarkation.
  10. XBGuy

    LOVED our 1st Princess Cruise but..........

    Wow. Very cool. Thank you, Riff.
  11. XBGuy

    LOVED our 1st Princess Cruise but..........

    Riff, thank you for taking the time to report your impressions. Here's a question. What is the "Opera Show?" I have been on a dozen, or so, Princess Cruises--albeit, all of them out of the U.S. West Coast--and I cannot recall ever seeing anything called the Opera Show advertised in the Princess Patters. It certainly sounds interesting.
  12. XBGuy

    Is This the New Norm for Princess?

    Regarding the announcements, I think that AF-1 identified the issue. I know that I have heard the announcements that passengers can leave the ship, but I also know there have been port stops where I haven't heard it. The ships do have the capability to limit the range of public announcements--specifically, they can make shipboard announcements that are not broadcasted into the passengers' cabins. Often, I have been in our cabin and could hear that there was an announcement, but it was not loud enough for me to hear in the cabin. Other times, it is loud and clear in the cabin. As a general rule, my observation has been that bridge announcements are delivered to the cabins and Cruise Director announcements are not. My wife likes to sleep in most mornings. She really does not care if at 8:00 am passengers may leave the ship. Also, I would not be surprised if the policy could vary from ship to ship. I can't comment on the OP's other questions.
  13. XBGuy

    Ocean Ready - for Ocean Medallion

    Completely optional. You do not have to use the app. You do not have to scan your passport, you do not have to submit a picture of yourself. You don't have to tell them your favorite color. You can use the medallion exactly the way you use the card key--boarding/leaving the ship, opening your cabin door, charging on-board purchases. Yes, you will still have to enter your credit card and passport numbers into the personalizer. I have no "medallion" cruises scheduled. I am a reasonably smart guy, and I am reasonably technical--40 years in the industry. However, I never want to be on the bleeding edge of technology. I am happy to wait for the "early adapters" find all the bugs before I step up to use it.
  14. XBGuy

    Full Suite Questions

    Reba, I think you have had all your questions answered. I just wanted to add a comment. Last month cruised the Mexican Riviera on the Ruby Princess. This cruise was our first experience with an aft-facing suite--C749. The Ruby Princess and the Crown Princess are sister ships. So, there might be some similarities in our experience. We found that dining on our balcony was very pleasant. Specifically, we had no problems with wind. Twice we ordered dinner from room service off the dining room menu, one evening we enjoyed the Ultimate Balcony Dinner, one evening we grabbed some pizza from the Lido Deck and some salads from the International Cafe and one morning we enjoyed the Ultimate Balcony Breakfast on our balcony. We have never enjoyed our balcony so much--mostly, because it is, usually, just too windy. I hope you enjoy yours as much,
  15. That has happened to me, but, once again, there is no consistency in Princess operations from ship to ship. I have pre-ordered the UBD on three cruises. The first time I did it, the Room Service Manager called our room and requested permission to visit our cabin to make the various arrangement--e.g., menu selections, time. I really thought that was good attention to detail and was impressed that he took the responsibility upon himself to finalize the details. On both of the next two occasions I found a note in our cabin on embarkation day advising me to call Room Service 24 hours prior to our dinner and make those arrangements over the phone. The first time we did it was before the pre-cruise reservation mechanism was in place. On embarkation day I called the DINE Line and made the request. The DINE Line agent filled out her form with all the options right then and there.