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  1. Congratulations on your wedding. We took our first cruise on the Royal Princess just a bit over a year ago, and enjoyed it tremendously. We are somewhat food-oriented, and, so, I am going to make a few comments on dining on the Royal Princess. Somebody has already mentioned that the buffet on the Royal Princess is very extensive. On thing I enjoyed was picking up my breakfast at the buffet and carrying it the Horizon Terrace at the stern end of the ship and sit in the fresh air. There are drink stations where you can serve yourself, but there are, also, servers who a
  2. That might be presumptive on my part. Does that weaken my argument? I'm not really sure one way or the other,
  3. I somewhat disagree with this. The goal is to reach herd immunity, in which, 80-85% of the general population achieve immunity. That immunity can come from vaccination, the desired method, or by other, riskier, means. Over the course of time, a very large percentage of people who do not receive the vaccination will contract the disease. There are two possible outcomes of contraction. If the person survives, he/she will develop immunity protection, and, so, the numerator of for the percentage calcution increases. Increasing the numerator (i.e., the population w
  4. I stand corrected, Thank you, Skynight. I ordered the pork chop once quite a few years ago. Unfortunately, I thought it was dry and without much flavor. So, I never looked for it, again. "No big deal," I thought as I finished up, "The berry cobbler dessert will rescue my evening." You guessed it. That was the night that I learned that the cherry cobbler was no longer on the dessert menu. Talk about first world problems. 🥴
  5. I was so pissed when they took the berry cobbler off the dessert menu. I don't think there have been any changes to the entrees in the last seven or eight years, but I do think they have swapped out a few of the appetizer items.
  6. There has not been any additional stress on our relationship. We just celebrated our 44th wedding anniversary. We have no kids. We are completing our 10th year of retirement. In the 13 years prior to retirement, we both worked out of the house for about 10 of them. So, we are pretty used to being around each other. In fact, since the pandemic started, I can argue that we have never been closer. Since we don't dine out, these days, we have made the evening dinner a special event every day. We also have been having a glass of wine outside our front door
  7. OP, thank you for posting that video. Frankly, I was not going to look for it. It took me one viewing to realize that instead of watching the waterline it was more instructive to look at the horizon beyond the ship. When I fix my focus on the horizon, it sure looks to me that the stern is moving up and down.
  8. ' Interesting. I took the UST on the Emerald Princess--a Grand Class ship.
  9. Makes sense. Thank you. I have, in fact, taken the UST a few years ago. I do not recall them pointing out that device, specifically, and, at the time, the question had never occurred to me.
  10. On our only Medallion cruise, the Princess Patter was still delivered to our cabin every evening. However, I can see a scenario where that stops. In that case, passengers who desire a printed copy of the Princess Patter would be able to find them at the Passenger Services Desk. It seems to me that I have read reports of that protocol here on Cruise Critic, but that is a pretty fuzzy recollection. I like the printed copy of the Princess Patter. However, if it is not delivered to my cabin, I am OK with that. I can see where the room stewards would cheer if this task was taken of
  11. I was visiting New Orleans in the summer of 1969 and was surprised to find that the pay phones there only needed a nickel.
  12. I suggested that in my post very early in this conversation. It is not clear to me that this has actually been proposed as a function of the Princess@Sea or Medallion or anything like that. I do know that there are chain restaurants in the U.S. who are having diners order on their smartphone. I, like you, am not really crazy about the idea. When my wife and I go to dinner, we do not go to just eat. We like to linger over our meal. When we sit down, we like to peruse the menu at our own speed with our first glass of wine. We also like to banter, a bit, with the servers.
  13. For the last few months my opinion has been that I am not interested in returning to cruising before 2022--and not January 2022. Availability of a vaccine by 2Q21 would be an indication to me that my 2022 target date is still good. I suspect that I would not be eligible for the vaccine--or, even, desirous of getting it--for several months after initial availability. My hope is that a enough people will be vaccinated in the twelve months after introduction to make cruising safe. Even with a vaccine, though, restrictions such as masks might cause me to further postpone my return t
  14. If you're not paying for it, think how happy you would be with a bottle. 😁 Just for grins, I ballparked a glass of that Petrus based on the prices of other wines that they offer by the glass. I'm saying $1375.. Then, of course there is the 18% gratuity. Now, supposing you ponied up the dinero, Hank, and Princess went for it. They sell you a glass of Petrus for $1375. Now what are they going to do with the four glasses that are still in the bottle? I suppose they could send it to the galley to use for cooking.
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