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  1. Wow. What kind of slip is that? You have eagle eyes @Colorado Coasty Actually I have been able to enjoy My Wine Dining for quite some time on Princess. I love their policy for carry-on wines. No SmartPhone software needed.
  2. I am, pretty much, in agreement with @Tedferg's comments, above. I believe that My Way Dining was conceived to optimize the utiliztion of the dining rooms. A lot of space was underutlilzed in the rooms dedicated to Traditional Dining for several reasons: A Traditional Dining party booked an alternative dinner on board Specialty Restaurant Ultimate Balcony Dinner Chef's Table Winemaker's Dinner A Traditional Dining party decides to go to the buffet for any of a number of reasons They returned late from a shore excur
  3. Not only am I a California wine bigot, I am an absolute Zinfandel fanatic. So, talk about today's wine hitting my sweet spot. The Bedrock Wine Co. is a truly outstanding producer of Zinfandel wines Owner/winemaker Morgan Twain-Peterson is brilliant. He also is passionate about preserving California old vine vineyards--many, if not most, of which are heavily planted to Zinfandel grapes--and, so, is a driving force in the Historic Vineyard Society. Most Bedrock wines are sold direct to consumer, but a few bottles find their way to retail stores. As @TiogaCruiser and @
  4. As a regular Princess cruiser, I can report that when they eliminated the wine stewards from the dining rooms--and that was quite a few years ago--all wine service and sales responsibilities fell onto the servers. Interestingly, the specialty restaurants did not have wine stewards. Rather, the headwaiter would always offer assistance in making a wine choice and, then, would serve the bottle. When the wine stewards were eliminated from the dining rooms, I noticed that the specialty restaurant headwaiters stopped offering consultation. More often than not, the servers in the specialty restau
  5. It would be close. I would suggest that your test be with a room temperature liquid. No shame in that. Mrs. XBGuy just prefers white wine, and, specifically, those from Chardonnay grapes. It's just what she likes. So, often, there are two bottles of wine on our table--a red for me and a white, oops, sorry, a Chardonnay for her. If I happen to open a particularly distiictive red, I'll suggest that she might enjoy a taste. She welcomes such invitations. More often that not, her reaction will be something like, "Yes. that is goo
  6. @TiogaCruiserChew tea leaves. That will give you a good idea of what Tannin tastes like. It may seem awful, but, when it is balanced by other dimensions in a wine, it become very important to the wine's enjoyment. Luce della Vite is a terrific wine--and this is coming from the guy who is very upfront about his California wine preference. Luce della Vite is the result of a partneership between Robert Mondavi and the Frescobaldi family in the early 1990s. (You can thiink of it as almost being the Italian analog of the Opus One partnership bet
  7. The Bouscasse is a terrific wine at that price point. Attention Costco shoppers, I have purchased Bouscasse at my local store. Heads up, however. As you can see today's wine has a high Tannat content--as is typical of wines from the Madiran region. Tannat wines come with a lot of tannin. This seems to be true of Tannat-based wines from Uruguay where the grape is widely grown and most California example. where just about every grape is grown somewhere and some winemaker will use those grapes to produce a varietal bottling. If tannin puckeriness is off-putting to you, you might
  8. Alfredo's is the best. We are eager looking forward to our next cruise in January on the Grand Princess.
  9. I wish. Speak for yourself, LD61. Also, I can't put much of the blame on Mrs. XBGuy. 🤣🤣🤣
  10. October 1976--honeymoon. About a month and a half prior to our wedding, we started thinking about a honeymoon. Mrs. XBGuy had, pretty much, planned everthing out but that. We talked about it for a couple days, when one of us--more than likely, it was her--suggested a cruise. Neither of us had ever been on a cruise, and we did not know anybody who had. The following Saturday we drove over to a local travel agent. Can you believe it? In those days, you could drive to a local business, walk in, and sit down with somebody who could give suggestions on what kind of va
  11. One of my favorite bits of triviata: Thomas Crapper (baptised 28 September 1836; died 27 January 1910) was an English businessman and plumber. He founded Thomas Crapper & Co in London, a sanitary equipment company. Crapper held nine patents, three of them for water closet improvements such as the floating ballcock. He improved the S-bend plumbing trap in 1880 by inventing the U-bend. The firm's lavatorial equipment was manufactured at premises in nearby Marlborough Road (now Draycott Avenue). The company owned the world's first bath, toilet and sink showroom in King's Road. Cra
  12. I wanted to add my endorsement of this wine. We first had this wine while on a cruise. If I'm not mistaken, this was not Mrs. XBGuy's first choice, that evening. They did not have either her first or her second choice. When it arrived, she was quite pleased. I had a glass with my appetizer and was quite impressed--lots of stone fruit and terrific acidity made it wonderfully refreshing. So, fast forward a few weeks later. We were on a reprovisioning run to Costco. Naturally, I wandered by the wine section to see what they had--and, no, I do not buy all my wine at Costco. but
  13. @minaI have read numerous reports here on Cruise Critic in which posters have received satisfaction by reporting problems to the Princess Customer Relations Desk. Why don't you give them a chance and send a detailed email to custormerrelations@princess.com? (I think that is the correct address. I'm going from memory.)
  14. I agree that an elephant has weight. However, my thinking was that an elephant does not."weigh anything" with, for example, a scale I'll scratch my head a bit longer on this.
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