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  1. My passport expires Jan. 2021 and I’m looking at a possible July 2020 cruise. Will I need to have my passport renewed since it will expire in 5 months?
  2. I’m looking at a cruise on the Zaandam Dec 2020. Any ideas what some of the upgrades will be? We did a week on the Maasdam in 2015 but have been spoiled being on newer ships since then. The piano bar and main stage are nice but we’re worried about two weeks of few entertainment options. However, maybe we should just relax and enjoy being on vacation.
  3. I loved listening to the captain talk! While going to get on a tender at Lerwick, he was standing at the top of the stairs and I had an opportunity to chat with him. I wanted to chat with him longer but I figured the people behind me would push me down the steps!
  4. I was on the 14 day part of this cruise (Copenhagen to Copenhagen) and I love reliving the parts that we also went to. We had a private tour in Akureyri also and thankfully got away before the buses. We were able to see the rainbow in the waterfall and passed the masses as we were walking back down. Dewan was our cabin steward and he was wonderful! Thank you for sharing your pictures!
  5. Any problems using an American Express card? Or would it be better to stick with a MasterCard?
  6. I’m interested in hearing more. We have a 10:40am flight out of CPH and figured if we walk off with our luggage in the first group, we can catch a cab to the airport. We are also flying business class and hoping that will expedite us through check-in and security. We fly through Canada to get to the U.S.
  7. If it’s nice out, I like to find a deck chair in a quiet spot on the Promenade. There are some nice places in the Crows Nest and Explorations Cafe but sometimes they get crowded. I’ve gone to the classical music venue (it isn’t usually used during the day) and find a seat by the window. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. We are also coming in on the Zuiderdam and have a 10:40 flight on Air Canada to Toronto. I’m wondering if we used some sort of luggage direct service if that would save time at the airport. We are flying business class - will that help us get through an expedited security line like it does in the U.S.?
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