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  1. Our condolences to you. Stay strong and remember the good times.
  2. Seen it for a long time. Sometimes you’re lucky and have the port to just your ship but getting more rare especially in the ports you just mentioned.
  3. What is Tapas? Is this new or did I just miss it.
  4. Did you organize this on your own or go with a tour group? If a tour group, who did you use? Thanks for any info you can share
  5. I loved our location a few cabins down from the lounge. It was so convenient to pop in for a snack or early morning coffee.
  6. Does it work the same way in Brazil? 25% on goods and less on the liquor?
  7. Mine didn’t show the PPG either but It won’t until after final payment if at all on my online account. It’s usually on the little cards you sign in your cabin. Nice OBC paulchili.
  8. Thank you. What a letdown. It sure takes a lot of cruises to get to the next level. Silver has much nicer benefits. After my next cruise we’ll have 114 days onboard and still won’t be Silver. I wish they would change it to if you travel in a penthouse suite you should get more O credit than the person in a balcony cabin (me) and so on. Just feeling irked at the moment but I’ll get over it
  9. I looked up my reservation online today and this is what it shows for OBC pp Additional obc $50 pp Additional obc $400 pp Now I know that my travel agent did not give us $50 pp The $400 pp is included in the Olife. When I look up Bronze all it shows is additional ship board credit but no amount. So is this the new OBC for Bronze? $50???? Our cruise is after November 2019
  10. I recently sailed the Reflection which is the same class ship as Silhouette and it turned me off from cruising for awhile. The service was excellent, the food was good but it was so crowded. 3000 pax and now Celebrity is offering kids sail free. Whoa! It’s a totally different experience from Oceania. Celebrity is more geared to entertainment and has some very fun venues but for me, I want to relax on my cruise not have to work my way through the crowds. I don’t want to work that hard on my vacation. I think Celebrity is perfect for a younger crowd. That class ship is so large that unless you have a cabin by the elevators you’ll be doing some long hall walking. I do like they’re loyalty program which is much better than Oceania but now for me not worth feeling so crowded in.
  11. We'll be going Miami to Rio.
  12. Noooooo! I have 7008 booked for our next cruise. I did research and nowhere did it mention that the balcony got wet. We did have a forward cabin on deck 7 (not as far forward as 7009) once and there was a lot of spray but other posters who have stayed in these cabins 7008, 7009 said they didn't get sprayed. I may have to change cabins if this is the case.
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