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  1. What if vaxxed pro-vaxxers come down with an infection causing the cruise to terminate early? Also, please try not to politicize cruising.
  2. Was this as bad as the depression? Being frugal is good anytime. Being paranoid? Not so much.
  3. Ultimately I suspect market forces will make the decision for us. With recent talk in the media of people still getting COVID after having been vaccinated, new strains, the possible need for a booster (or annual boosters), and reconfirmation that the fatality rate of this disease is extremely low, the COVID vaccine will soon become the flu vaccine in terms of peoples' interest. And when that happens, companies will be reluctant to deprive themselves of the significant customer base who doesn't want the vaccine.
  4. I'm gay so I understand probably better than you that people don't choose to be gay. But if there was some kind of mob mandate, or a government mandate empowered by a mob, a gay person could "choose" to hide who they are. A jewish person could as well. And that's the point of my post. We are supposed to be a nation of free people. Forced medical procedures are not indicative of freedom. I disagree with the statements here about how deadly COVID is. It has a fatality rate that is less than other diseases that are more prevalent. If you are in a high risk group or afraid, then get the vaccine. Y
  5. Does this seem arrogant to anyone else? See if you're comfortable with these: 1. Being Jewish is absolutely a choice, but someone who chooses Judaism has to face the consequences of that choice. 2. Being gay is absolutely a choice, but someone who chooses to be gay has to face the consequences of that choice. 3. Being vegan is absolutely a choice, but someone who chooses to be vegan has to face the consequences of that choice. Of course you would not be. Now, please spare me the "but think about [other people/grandma/the vulnerable]"
  6. I don't want the vaccine but I am not opposed to sailing with other vaccinated people. It's important to protect yourself if you are at risk. I think the cruise lines will be ok, the problem is likely going to be the countries visited.
  7. We're starting to look at cruises in early 2022. What do you think the odds are HAL will require proof of vaccine to cruise? Have they issued any public statements about this? I know airlines have and stated they would not require proof of vaccine.
  8. Damn. I saw "streaker" and got excited.
  9. I'm just needing a cruise. I'm sure you can relate. What HAL cruises can I book right now and which have the best chance of sailing? Summer Alaska? Summer Europe/Med? Early Winter Caribbean out of Ft. Lauderdale?
  10. Many of the officers speak Dutch. I remember walking into the Lido one morning and an enthusiastic passenger greeted the Capt. with a big, loud GOEDEMORGEN!
  11. So happy I bought more CCL. I need to get back on a ship!
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