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  1. I was joking but I've seen many a berobed and beslippered guest in the Lido - especially on Carribbean cruises. I'm waiting to see one on Gala night in the MDR shouting for a 3rd and 4th lobster tail after downing their 5th Bud Light
  2. On a related topic - where can I eat on the ship wearing only my bathrobe and slippers?
  3. Thank you. So sad to hear about the other Bahamian islands.
  4. It looks like Dorian stayed mostly north of Half Moon Cay. Are there any official updates from the island? Any photos or video?
  5. Great photos. Love NA's large cabins. One of my favorite ships.
  6. I keep getting error code 500 and the page wont load. This forum is terrible after they did the update.
  7. HMC is beautiful. If they do this right, they may even improve upon the beauty by reducing the noise and exhaust of the ferry boats. I was worried OP was going to say that they are turning HMC into an amusement park like the other cruise line has.
  8. How is the Deck 8 corner wrap Neptune on Koningsdam?
  9. We were in 6082 which was a great cabin - very large and comfortable. It's right by the elevators and we didn't notice any excessive noise. Every once in a while you might hear some kids or loud talking in the hallway but that had nothing to do with the elevators. Be warned though, people can see from the glass elevators onto your balcony so you have to dress appropriately. If you're reading this, ma'am, I apologize for the show I inadvertently gave you in December 2018.
  10. People take grab and go sandwiches off the ship all the time.
  11. That happens on Carnival? Thanks for the warning. Sounds miserable!
  12. If you are the kind of person who will dwell on what you perceive to be an incorrect trivia answer for the duration of your cruise you should not be participating in trivia. Seems you've forgotten how to have fun and insisted instead on being pedantic. Let it go.
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