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  1. I feel the same way. We did all we're supposed to do and will get the booster when we are eligible. I can't deal with the mask wearing for more than about 20 minutes at a time, such as grocery shopping etc. I'm certainly not going to spend thousands of dollars and then have to wear a mask on a cruise ship, with fully vaccinated passengers and crew. Aside from the discomfort, it just doesn't make sense. I would love to book a cruise for next Spring but not if the mask mandate remains in force. We'll stick to traveling in the RV for now.
  2. As much as we'd like to get a cruise in place for sometime during the bleakest months of winter, we are holding off until things start getting better. We're not going to spend thousands to have to wear masks on a cruise ship. I can barely tolerate them for a trip to the grocery store. I wear them when I have to but I'm certainly not going to pay and then have to do that. For those who don't have a problem wearing a mask on vacation, have a good time. Pre-cruise testing is less of an issue, we would do it if required.
  3. I retired 6 years ago. I worked in IT in a support capacity, network and desktop support. When I have a computer issue now I have to research it first; it's no longer second nature. I swore I was done with Microsoft when I retired, and now use Mac and Linux exclusively as my daily computing platforms. I still have friends who come to me with their Windows problems and I say to them I haven't touched a Windows PC in 6 years, so you're better off taking it to someone who has kept up. I do just fine in a non-Microsoft world. Zoom and Go To Meeting work fine on a Mac. My smartphone is an old Samsung, works fine. I use multi-factor authentication for the few financial transactions I make on it. I do have to admit that depositing checks via smartphone is a really nice feature and I use it on the few occasions someone writes me a check.
  4. Ok, so here's a question: what about sparkling water, in cans? Like Lacroix, Bubly, etc. It's water, with some carbon dioxide and flavoring, in cans. From what I read it should allowed, up to 12 cans. Anybody know?
  5. So here is how the media lie. Marketwatch.com leads with a click-bait headline saying it is Royal Caribbean, implying a second cruise ship infection...until you read the article and discover RC owns Celebrity. I called them out in a comment on their sensationalist click-bait headline ...and they deleted my comment. Believe nothing that you read. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/two-vaccinated-royal-caribbean-cruise-passengers-test-positive-for-covid-19-11623442162?utm
  6. Absolutely correct, it's the ONLY way forward. My fear though, is the cruiselines' fear of losing revenue from the anti-vax crowd and caving to the almighty allure of the dollar. Greed trumps public health as we've all seen over the past year.
  7. Princess removed the second chair IN THE CABIN, not on the balcony. This was done for regular balcony and below categories. It was done under the guise of "safety", but the real reason was to get people out of their cabins and spending money. This is the main reason we dumped Princess.
  8. Coral Princess was our first ever cruise, an 11 day partial Panama Canal. Fun and sad at the same time to see the ship again. Thanks for posting.
  9. Personally, I think the cruise lines will fold like a cheap tent and allow anyone on board. I don't see CCL requiring anyone to be vaccinated. I think CCL knew this was coming and decided to wait rather than state a policy of mandatory vaccinations. How it plays out in foreign ports remains to be seen. I am very leery about boarding a ship where everyone is not vaccinated. Only because the last thing I want is to experience a Diamond Princess nightmare.
  10. This 67 year old was proud to be a "lab rat" for the Covid vaccine. My parents (since passed) were research scientists at Johns Hopkins, U of Illinois, Northwestern Medical School, The NIH, Marine Biological Laboratories. I witnessed what they went through to get results published and peer reviewed. While these vaccines have been developed in a shorter time frame than most, I have no doubt that proper safeguards were utilized and prioritized as a baseline for vaccine development. Had those safeguards not been able to be met for the vast majority of the population, the current vaccines would never have been developed.
  11. So, how can the CDC mandate masking protocols on cruise ships when it has now eliminated indoor mask requirements? Are we looking at a significant change in policy over the next few days regarding cruising? I'm more confused than ever.
  12. Yep. So be it. We're hoping for fall 2022 but even then...who knows. I just know we're not spending thousands of dollars on a cruise, only to have to wear a mask on a ship if everyone has been vaccinated. It just doesn't make sense.
  13. Bottom line, we're not cruising on any line that requires masks. With everyone, pax and crew, being vaccinated why the need for masks? Enough is enough, either the vaccines work, or they don't. We did our part. We wear our masks when required. We got vaccinated. Those that don't want to get vaccinated, stay home. It's time to move on with our lives.
  14. Yep, just "living their life" with no regard or consideration for others. Sounds like my brother-in-law. He refuses to get vaccinated and his job is driving seniors and disabled people to their doctor's appointments. SMH
  15. Why does it need to be random? Send it to every HAL account holder. It's a marketing decision, not a controlled medical trial.
  16. Not sure how per-person port charges work but I would think the loss of that revenue would be substantial. And could be possibly be more detrimental to the local economy in the long term than loss of revenue to restaurants, gift shops, etc?
  17. Personally, I think HAL should send the survey to every person with a HAL account, whether they have a cruise booked or not. We HAD a cruise booked last year, cancelled because of Covid. That 2020 cruise was to be our first HAL cruise. We will not book another until HAL requires vaccination for all crew and passengers. They need to know this. I'm sure we're not alone.
  18. All CCL has to do is mandate vaccinated passengers and crew and the pressure on the CDC would increase to the point to where it can no longer be ignored. Bookings would skyrocket. I don't get it, it's like the CDC and the cruise lines have some sort of hate-on going with each other. And I really don't understand CCL's refusal to mandate vaccinations for passage; it makes no sense!
  19. Are you ok with being quarantined on a ship for a month, ie., Diamond Princess, because someone refused to get vaccinated and caught the virus? Or refused entry into a foreign port? No one wants to see that happen.
  20. True, and who wants to be quarantined on a ship a la Diamond Princess for weeks because some passenger or crew tested for or came down with Covid. That is my fear of everyone not being vaccinated.
  21. Let's hope things are starting to improve! https://www.marketwatch.com/articles/citi-starts-carnival-at-buy-ahead-of-cruise-restart-consider-the-london-shares-51617287750?mod=mw_latestnews
  22. We may be looking at a jump to Celebrity or other "vaccination required" line until CCL gets its act together. I do worry about the airlines though. As a CCL stockholder I'm a bit disappointed CCL hasn't addressed this yet. I think it would go a long way to getting CDC approval if they and other US departure lines would adopt a "No Vacc, No Sail" policy. Maybe I'm oversimplifying the issue but it doesn't seem like rocket surgery to me. 🙂
  23. If the cruise lines and travel industry in general simply required everyone be vaccinated before traveling, this would less of an issue. I would feel quite comfortable on a cruise knowing all (staff and pax) were vaccinated. Unfortunately it's beginning to look like the travel industry doesn't want to go this route. Expect more delays and financial pain...
  24. I only fly when there is no alternative (like to/from a cruiseport I can't drive to), but yes, I will wear a mask when flying. I ALWAYS catch something after flying, usually a nasty cold. It won't be easy on a long flight, but it is what it is.
  25. If masks are required even if vaccinated, we will give up cruising. Sorry, but we won't do it. We're fine with mask wearing as a temporary, necessary requirement but if it becomes "the new normal", count us out. The same goes if it applies to shopping, concerts, etc. I'm ok with a mask for an hour or so while shopping, after that I start having breathing issues. No way we can see doing this on a cruise ship for 2-3 weeks.
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