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  1. We were thinking of doing an extended family/multi generational trip but the youngest child is 18 months - rest are adults. Are there any splash or play areas on any of the NCL ships for babies? We won’t need to leave the child in care - lots of family to give mom and dad a break, but also want the young family to enjoy the holiday.
  2. We were looking at doing a multi generation cruise with extended family but the youngest will be 18 months when we were planning to travel. Do any Carnival ships have splash areas for kids in swim diapers? We don’t care about being unable to leave the child in care (lots of family to help give mom and dad a break), but just wondering what they might have to do.
  3. Since the recent unrest in Mazatlan after the arrest of El Chapo’s son, has anyone noticed any changes to security on this coast, in particular Cozumel? I realize Mazatlan is on the other coast, etc, but just curious if there has been any effect on the Cozumel area.
  4. I'm guessing this triple offer didn't get extended... Was thinking about getting some Cruise Next on our upcoming cruise next week.
  5. Anyone on board with current info? Curious as well! Especially anyone on Breakaway!
  6. Hi there… I’m considering allowing my son to bring a friend on a future 2024 cruise, but as they are all young, new to job market, I’m aware things sometimes come up. Is it ever possible to add or remove a person from a reservation, in case his friend for some reason can’t come? If his friend couldn’t come, could he add a different person? Just wondering how that works.
  7. Are the water parks on the ships open and useable in August? We were thinking of bringing a teen on NCL Bliss.
  8. Looking for opinions on the the Sun for an August Alaska cruise. We are a middle aged couple with no interest in water slides or go-karts, but would really love to be able to watch the passing scenery in comfort. We do enjoy some evening entertainment such as shows, country/popular music-type performers and comedians. We don't tend to visit specialty restaurants and just prefer the ease of the buffet as we're not really focused on food too much - as long as it's decent.
  9. How is the observation area on the Sun? Thinking of doing Alaska on this ship.
  10. Thank you so much!!! Yes, not sure if family wants them as well, so thought before I offered to buy them...
  11. Hello, does anyone know if there is a maximum number of cruise next certificates one may purchase, and if so, is it per person or per stateroom? Thanks!
  12. Does anyone have any idea what that additional free offer is? I see that on my edocs as an option in addition to Cruise Next.
  13. Sorry, one more question... If we have CNDs, do we need to book THROUGH NCL? We usually book through our points plan to redeem points for travel.
  14. Possibly dumb question, but can you apply more than one voucher per cruise per person? If I buy $1000 worth of vouchers, can my hubby and I apply that to deposits for one cruise? Or would it have to be 2 cruises? Or is it 1 voucher per stateroom so that would be 4 cruises?
  15. Loving your review! We are sailing soon so would love to see dailies from day 1 and 2!
  16. If we book the fancier main (complementary) dining room dinner on embarkation day, do they still enforce the no shorts/t-shirts rule? Wondering about if we get our luggage before our 5:30 reservataion.
  17. @Sthrngarythank you so much for the informative review! Looking forward to going on this ship in January! I also plan on buying the streaming premium internet - do you think I have any hope of being able to stream a college basketball game?
  18. So I wonder what will happen for the staff who used to receive cash tips for delivery? I wonder if they will continue to get cash tips on top of the 20% added gratuity. I feel like they're probably the ones who will lose out.
  19. Are there any shade areas in the Spice H2O area? Or do you have to pay for Vibe for shady adult areas?
  20. Hi there! I was wondering, I know it's possible to upgrade your wi-fi package, but is it best (or possible) to do it before you leave? I just want to upgrade to unlimited for one device. Thanks!
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