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  1. Hi there, just wanted to confirm you can still use OBC once you board to book a transfer from the ship to the airport? I saw on a 2022 post that you could charge such a transfer to your shipboard account. Can you do this on the app or do you need to stand in line somewhere? Thanks...
  2. Actually, I double checked and you do need to accept the offer before you are charged. The difference is accepting the offer triggers an automatic payment after Feb 24. I was just wondering if everyone who received an offer was notified of the exact stateroom location in their offer.
  3. Has anyone NOT been able to find out the location of their upgraded cabin before accepting offer? From what I’ve read on here, it seems everyone was able to tell the exact cabin they were getting for the upgrade before accepting the upgrade.
  4. On my cruise planner, it shows only LAX for an option and says no transfers are offered from Long Beach.
  5. Wow, as first timers on Princess doesn’t sound like we have much hope! I wonder if being on the Discovery LA to Vancouver short pacific coast cruise will increase our chances as maybe some will find it too cold? Though full sun is out for me - I burn. Do you have to choose the exact lounger or is it just a “pass” you get?
  6. Does anyone have any advice if we hope to book loungers in Sanctuary on the Discovery Princess?
  7. Are the restaurants by the pool (Discovery Princess) open on embarkation day? Or can you order food to your location?
  8. New to Princess! Are you unable to reserve entertainment (production shows) or ensure your entry to a show unless you go with the “Best” package? Is it just line up, first come, first serve? We are on Discovery Princess in April. Just used to NCL pre-booking these things…
  9. Leaving on a Princess cruise in a few weeks and wondering how this port is? Long lines, lots of standing? Hoping it’s better than the NOLA cruise port!
  10. Just thought I'd put it out there if anyone is interested... Just booked a quick 4 day Pacific Coast this April for $636 cdn per person for balcony including the "Better" package (drinks/wifi/tips and a few other less interesting perks)...
  11. Lol, I bought the package for the other perks, and I can assure you I won't be using a single fitness class!!! I have a feeling I'm not in the minority 😜
  12. Awesome! I can definitely live with those! Thanks!
  13. Hi there! I bought the package with the drinks under $15 included. Does anyone know what types of brands of vodkas and gins I can get with this package? Thanks in advance....
  14. Where do you even see your boarding group or how to do you go about selecting a time? This is my first Princess cruise and I'm finding it a little confusing. I'm in the "green lane" it says and I have luggage tags, but how do I find out when to attend the port?
  15. Hi there! We are flying into LA a day and a half before our Princess cruise, and were hoping to do a Hop On Hop Off tour. Are there any companies that come out that way or what would be the best way to find one that is most convenient?
  16. Do thermal suite passes usually sell out pre-cruise for the Discovery Princess or can I buy onboard?
  17. The second person on my booking is only 19, therefore can’t drink alcohol. Would that make any difference?
  18. Now this may seem like a dumb question, but I'm in a live chat right now with a Princess rep and he said he doesn't know if I can use the $100 OBC to pre-book a thermal suite pass. Can I only use it for specialty dining or shopping onboard then? Can I use it for the Sanctuary if I can get in? I got the OBC as part of choosing the "better" rate.
  19. How was the Sanctuary on this ship - did you get a chance to see? Also packed? Anyone have any idea how much that costs for a 4 day cruise?
  20. Is it $220 per person? We are on a 4 day cruise on Discovery Princess. And to confirm, there is no booking in advance? Can we use onboard credit? New to this cruise line, many thanks...
  21. Just booked a last minute cruise on this ship - my first Princess cruise... Did you get a chance to check out the thermal suite? Looks pretty small from what I can see...
  22. I was looking at booking this 3 hour tour through NCL. It indicates in begins with narrated tour of downtown Juneau and city highlights before heading to the Visitor Centre. Has anyone done this tour? I am just wondering how long we are at the glacier - is there enough time to do some hiking?
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