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  1. Agreed, many people in a real emergency, panic and I doubt one in person drill would change that.
  2. My only concern with the in-person drill is we were crammed into an indoor space, and it was sweltering, not enough chairs. I felt like I would pass out. Not to mention, I'm not super germ-wary but any airborne virus would have had a heyday in there. I agree it's important to prepare everyone, but I wish there was some better method than in the person drill where you are either on deck, sweating, or crammed like sardines into a lounge, also standing and sweating.
  3. Yes, I think for now a mini suite for the family of 3 especially as it includes the tub which might be better for the preschooler, and a balcony for my hubby and me would probably fit the bill the best. As long as we are sort of close, I think that works - don’t have to necessarily connect. Thank you so much for your insight on the Window suites. That’s probably why they are so hard to find on the website!
  4. Sorry - it would be a total of 2 parents and a preschooler in the cabin. My DH and I will have our own.
  5. I’m thinking mini suite is the way to go… or window suite would work but for some reason the website won’t let me select that to try a mock booking to get a price.
  6. Is it possible to get a cot if they do this? Don’t really want a small child in a pull down bunk.
  7. Hi there, considering bringing my daughter, her husband and their 4 year old on a cruise on the Caribbean Princess, but every room I search seems to have only twin beds as an option? I understand a bunk drops from the ceiling for these rooms, but I don't think that will work for the 4 year old. Do I need to search mini-suite or higher for a sofa that converts into a bed or does anyone have a suggestion?
  8. Ah, ok, the rules changed for bids made in February where the card is charged automatically, I believe.
  9. I am sailing with my pregnant daughter on Princess this spring. She will be 19 weeks, so definitely before the 24 week cut-off indicated by Princess, and we will definitely get the required doctor's note, but how does this work? She is very tall and might not look all that pregnant at 19 weeks if she carries anything like I did, so they may not think to ask. Will there be a box on some kind of check-in form? I just booked this online, I don't have a PVP or TA. I just want to make sure that we do everything we are supposed to.
  10. That's what I'm hoping, too! On NCL Breakaway in January, we had to do an IN PERSON drill crammed into an indoor venue. I was NOT happy.
  11. Either/or... at home, I just add it separately to my salad and then mix it with the salad because I don't want to dirty another bowl, lol... some people pre-mix it in jars. Both work fine, I think.
  12. How is Princess doing muster drills these days? Back to in-person or check in at a station/watch the drill online? We are sailing on the Discovery Princess at the end of April.
  13. I am going on the Discovery Princess and bid on M1 Reserve Club Minisuites and they are all midship, I believe. You would have to go through each category you are interested in and see where the cabins are. But I agree with the previous poster, I'd rather have a midship anything rather than a far forward or aft room if I was prone to seasickness. You never know how the seas will be.
  14. I loved the Breakaway, and would definitely choose her for another cruise. We ate at O'Sheehan's, Moderno, the MDR and the buffet and all were quite good, IMO. It was crowded around the pool deck, but not unlike other ships I have been on. There did seem to be a reduction in the amount of staff - the room stewards seem to have more rooms and so I noticed the housekeeping wasn't as good as usual (had to request soap dispensers be refilled - which was done promptly but just something I noticed that if the steward wasn't as busy, he probably would have caught). But overall, I greatly enjoyed the ship atmosphere and would not hesitate to sail her again.
  15. Affogato though! If that’s included - yummm
  16. How difficult is the Skytrain to manage with luggage for an average person?
  17. Were you notified your bid was unsuccessful? I’m just wondering how it works?
  18. You can change your bid, or add or remove bids on other categories. Doesn’t seem to be a limited thing.
  19. Will this be the same for the Discovery Princess?
  20. Can you book per day only instead of the whole cruise? We are on Discovery Princess 4 day LA to Vancouver so was thinking of maybe booking it on the Victoria port day as it's such a small area and I've spent the week in Victoria before. Anyone have an idea on price?
  21. I'll be curious to see if this changes the amount of bidding and the ratio of successful bids (if less people are bidding). Will the average successful bid go down since people may be less willing to risk more cash? I wonder...
  22. Hello! This is my first Princess cruise and I've heard it is more relaxed than say NCL or Carnival, but I was just wondering what the vibe was around the main pool deck? Is there live music, any cruise activity staff hosted activities? We will be on a 4 day Pacific Coastal in late April on the Discovery. Thanks!
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