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  1. You are correct, CruiseMH. NCL and other cruise lines will suffer if the sailing public dislikes their behavior in this situation. Before Social Media, we the Public only caught glimpses of events like this. Harsh and arbitrary treatment based on contracts like NCL's slipped under the wire. Active cruisers for years, we have sailed on or in anything that floats, once arriving at Venice's Luna Hotel in a soda and beer barge, disembarking over a fence onto a restaurant table. Not exactly a luxury entrance. Currently Gold on NCL, we are booked on the Joy for November in the Caribbean. The horrors of Asian travel are unlikely. However, I am concerned about Company Policy that expects guests to walk into what might turn into the Diamond Princess. Cancelling and not booking another cruise is a powerful option. Mary
  2. Greetings from South Beach. We and two friends sailed the Spirit in 2006 on an 11 day cruise soon after she was relocated from Asia to the US. We four occupied a pair of extremely luxurious suites at the end of a hallway lined with staterooms. Instead of a private restaurant, we got several complementary invitations to specialty restaurants and dined with officers once. Otherwise, it was the MDR. We had no designated deck chairs and used the same ones as everyone else. Since we avoid the sun, it wasn't too hard to find space. Still, the lounge hogs were aboard in force. One sea day morning at 7:30am, I saw stuff piled on chaise loungers already. Mary
  3. How about Brennan's? 417 Royal Street. Wonderful food, fabulous street. P,ort of New Orleans, 2 miles from Brennan's. I just love this place. So does everybody else. You may need a reservation, 1(504) 525-9711. Mary
  4. Thank you, mitsugirty, for a fascinating thread. We haven't sailed NCL in a while, and you have persuaded me that I made the right choice this time. We live on South Beach about 25 minutes from Port of Miami. Not fans of flying, we take advantage of the situation and usually chose to cruise with lines based here. When I looked for dates that matched my husband's birthday, one on NCL's Joy popped up. I am looking forward to more immersion in your family's adventures. Mary
  5. Greetings from South Beach, rwmartin. Get involved with the Roll Call for your cruise if there is one for starters. That is also the place to explore excursions and sometimes get information. Just have fun.
  6. Thank you Liljo22 for the excellent answer. I thought sail away might be some sort of champagne party on deck. I am really looking forward to this cruise. There are so many new things since 2007, our last NCL voyage. Our most recent adventures have been on Oceania and Regent. On Oceania, everyone has a mini bar filled with soft drinks that are constantly replaced, although now water will be in refillable bottles. If you order beers or not included drinks, you just have to pay up. On Regent, everything is included, even gratuities.
  7. Greetings from South Beach, Everyone. Reading this thread has been educational. Thank you all for all that info. Our last cruise on NCL was a 2007 15 day Barcelona/Miami TA on the Jewel in a two bedroom, two bath accommodation in The Villas. There were ten or twelve, and a huge apartment. A precursor to The Haven, it had a small gym, pool with automatic waves, private restaurant for breakfast and lunch, and other goodies. We had bottled water all the time, brought by our butler. My favorite perk was our personal coffee machine that ground regular and decafe beans, and produced several coffee styles, including expresso. At that time, NCL had launderettes aboard that certainly made packing light easier. I will miss that because Oceania and Regent have them. Obviously, there have been many changes. In 2007 there were fewer activities, but enough to keep us busy. We watched NCL's new terminal under construction, and its debut fireworks display was longer and louder than RCL's. We will be sailing from it in November. Our voyage is only seven days, chosen because a significant event occurs right in the middle. We are in The Haven and expect it to be quite nice.
  8. What is drink package, not sail away? This is our first NCL cruise in some years, and they predated drink packages. Thanks. Mary
  9. Try Brennan's , 417 Royal Street. Great food, charming setting. You may need a reservation. Worth every penny.
  10. Thanks for the information, Everyone. This thread has been educational for me. My husband and I took our first NCL cruise on the Dawn 15 years ago. It was magic. All the art on the ship was real.from Van Gogh to Andy Warhol. The ship was gorgeous, the food was excellent, and customer service was impeccable. It was such a special experience that we booked the same cruise for the next year. In all, we sailed NCL five times, ending up Latitudes Gold. It has been about ten years since our last NCL cruise, and I am rather concerned about I read here, I am also glad to have a head's up about is happening to NCL. We are booked on the Joy in The Haven, November 7, 2020, for a seven day cruise. A significant date is in the middle of the voyage and that is why I chose it. It is also Miami/MIami, a definite plus for us. We live 25 minutes from the pier. Customer service seems to a problem now. That is worrisome. Unworkable safes is inexcusable. The Purser should provide a safe alternative. That happened to us once. Our valuables were protected, although getting them wasn't very convenient. I haven't read Joy reviews yet. That's next, and I will return here frequently. We also sail Oceania and Regent, also NCL products, but their dates were not exact. At first, I was sorry this cruise was so short. Now, not so much. Mary
  11. What a lucky thing that your son was treated before it was too late. You and your family did the right thing. Knowing you are there will help him recover. We had to cancel two cruises because of a medical emergency, one days before sailing. When we book a cruise, we always insure it, So far, we have only needed the insurance that one time. Compared to losing the cost of these trips, it's worth it to us. May your son have a full recovery, and soon. Mary
  12. We flew from Manhattan to South Beach many times from LGA, and Jet Blue was a better choice. Getting to/from JFK can be a horror, while the drive to/from FFL is usually acceptable. MIA is one of the worst airports anywhere. Many domestic flights leave from Terminal D, and getting there is no fun at all if you are short of time. A poster was complaining about the drive from FFL to P of M. The new State bird of Florida is the Construction Crane, and there are many throughout the Miami area. They nest everywhere and cause serious delays. Their eggs are cement trucks, also everywhere. Paradise has a dark side. Fortunately for us, we live on South Beach, South of Fifth, and it is a 25 minute drive to the P OF M. In fact, we have been following the construction of NCL's new terminal. It will probably be finished my our November 2020 cruise on the Joy. We are Gold on NCL but haven't sailed with her lately. Mary
  13. Greetings from South Beach, Everyone. Noro virus is extremely common, and an obvious problem should it surface on a cruise. That said, if people feel anxious about cruising, don't. We have taken many cruises, in all seasons, and everywhere. In over fifty sailings we have never encountered noro virus, Planes are another source for it, but the symptoms don't show till later. I don't know if people who have symptoms and say so can easily get a refund for their cruise if they don't have insurance for it. It would help if that policy existed. If not, it is reasonable to get on board and hope the condition will pass. Just a thought. Mary
  14. Greetings, Everyone, from South Beach. This is a very interesting thread for me. When we lived in Manhattan, we booked a seven day cruise in 2003 on the new NCL Dawn for my birthday. We loved it. The whole ship was decorated with fine art, all real. For example, we dined under a Van Gogh and a Renoir. in the French restaurant. Every elevator landing was decorated with original Andy Warhol''s series, Marilyn Monroe, the most famous and two others. The next year, we repeated the cruise and again loved it. Later we read somewhere that the fine art we saw had been removed. We sailed three other NCL cruises, the last in 2007 on the Jewel's 15 day TA in The Villas. We enjoyed NCL at that time very much. We are returning now because special occasions fuel our ship choices and there is one that occurs during this one. That we don't have to fly is also a plus. This cruise in only seven days and we are not in steerage. Thanks for all the information. It has been educational. Mary
  15. We have sailed many TAs and IMO, they are definitely not the right place very young children. Save your sanity. Do Disney. Mary
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