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  1. To get AmEx perks, it has been necessary to use the card for the deposit and the rest of the cruise, as well. Last week I booked an Oceania cruise directly with the line, and will transfer the booking to Platinum Travel Services. I will get the cash benefit and the dinner at the French restaurant. Membership Rewards points will also accrue because the cruise is a purchase. Maybe things have changed and they accept mixed cards for payment now. Call and ask a Rep.They have always addressed my concerns. Mary
  2. Greetings from Miami Beach. I will not be surprised if cruise lines chose to leave the US for various foreign ports. Companies are leaving the worst states for business in droves. Mexico is not high on my list of favored places. If leaving the US is an option with many lines, some may end up in ports I like better. My husband and I owned a condo in Paris, and spent extended times all over the world. For example, we sailed from Copenhagen seven times when we were in Germany. So, boarding ships everywhere is not new to me. Once, when departing from Venice, we did not use any of the ship's servic
  3. Hello, NateFish95. My sister and I have a December cruise on the Joy in the Haven. I booked that category because there are always people around. It makes sense because with what the Haven costs, most guests use it. Somehow masks and social distancing don't fit the narrative. We may take the cruise anyway. I live in a resort, South Beach, South of Fifth, SoFi for short, and am 20 minutes from Port of Miami. I hear farewell horn blasts all the time. Disney's are the best. To me, those blasts sound better when I am on the ship. We will decide what to do before final payment. Reviews by cruisers
  4. Hello, Susiesan. My husband and I sailed on Dawn twice when she was new and had a fine time aboard. We were dining in the French restaurant, Le Bistro I think, when I said to the waiter that the Van Gogh above our head looked real. It was, and so was all the art on board. We sailed on her again the next year. All the real stuff was still there. Later, though, the master pieces were removed. We also sailed Oceania and Regent. One thing you may miss on NCL is the minibar filled with complementary soft drinks. Water is also complimentary. Riviera and Marina, Oceania's largest vessels, carry at c
  5. Hello, Everyone, from South Beach. This is the first time in history that this country shut itself down for a virus. You know, looking at the devastation this has caused, I think our ancestors were much smarted than we are. The huge cruise industry has been essentially dead. As an avid cruise fan, I certainly hope for a positive outcome. Cruises are dependent on other industries that are also batterer. Looking at the condition America is currently in, I lack confidence that the government that caused it will be able to get things working again. It's kind of like a modern Humpty Dumpty. There
  6. Happy New Year, CarolinaMamma. I am familiar with the precursor to the Haven, the Villas. We have also sailed in Penthouses on Oceania and Regent. These accommodations are on higher floors so they have a wider range of motion than those closer to the waterline. The best solution for people sensitive to motion is medication. Why take chances when it isn't necessary? Enjoy your cruise. My sister and I are in the Joy Haven in December of this year. We lived on a boat in the summers when we were children. So far, we have escaped sea sickness. However, sailing up the Mexican coast on the way to
  7. There are people who are unable to take vaccines for health reasons. For example, my sister nearly died from a flu shot reaction, ending up in the ICU. She is a nurse and was advised by her doctors to avoid flu vaccines. For people in the same situation, negative covid tests should be enough. If everyone is covid free at boarding, and excursions are led by the healthy, there should be no problem. No vaccine is perfect, and there are none for some really terrible illnesses. Think AIDS and ALS. Perhaps common sense and reasonable care are the way to go. Disease has plagued humanity
  8. Greetings from South Beach. I am a recent widow who will be cruising with my sister. When my husband and I traveled together, we only took ship's tours when there was no other option, as on a Ocean Pearl China cruise in 1992. It is understandable why the rules have changed now. The stories about people trapped in staterooms for weeks on ships with covid victims was the stuff of nightmares. All this has been extremely hard on the cruise industry, and the people who work in it. A cruise ship is a small town floating on water. Keeping it happy takes the same kind of support the landl
  9. Greeting from South Beach, Everyone. I've noticed that environmental meddlers always want to deprive people of things. Mary
  10. Greetings from South Beach. It's a lovely day here. My condo is 25 minutes from the Port of Miami and I watched as NCL's terminal was built. My sister and I have two reservations for 2021 cruises that depart from Miami. Hopefully, we will sail on them and depart from the new terminal. Cruising has been a huge business here and its loss has been painful. Hopefully, the resumption of cruising will lead to better days. I miss the horn blasts that signal the departure of cruise ships. I like the sound even more when I hear them from a ship I'm on. Mary
  11. Thanks, luv2krooz. Wow! That was a super fast response. You are absolutely right about the course we will take. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Mary
  12. My sister and I are booked on Bliss departing February 7th. I live on South Beach, 20 minutes from POM. It will be easy to see when port activity resumes. My sister's Delta tickets were paid for with points and can be canceled almost anytime. The problem is this cruise is to celebrate a significant birthday that occurs mid cruise. A later cruise will be ordinary. so potential disappointment is unavoidable under the circumstances. Mary
  13. Having life jackets at muster stations is a great idea. In a real emergency it removes the need to return to a stateroom to retrieve one. In 1992, my husband an I were on the Ocean Pearl in China when it was disabled by a fire while we were out touring. We were not allowed to return to the ship. All our belongings were returned to us. Since then, when traveling I always carry a very tiny cloth bag with credit cards and a few other items helpful in an emergency. I had it with me in 1993 when we returned to the Ocean Pearl and I didn't need it. A few years later, I was in a hote
  14. Greetings from South Beach, Everyone. One reason so many people are being diagnosed with the /virus is testing. Most of these people are asymptomatic. In the beginning, only the symptomatic, and essential service workers were tested. The plague, famine, war and taxes have been around since Man began recording Life and our species is thriving. IMO, the economic and political damage dome to the USA has been catastrophic. The plague, famine, and war have been around since we appeared on Earth, and our species is thriving. Too bad cruising is collateral damage. I saw a list of when
  15. Greetings from South Beach, Everyone. My sister and I are sailing (hopefully) February 7th on the Bliss to celebrate her significant birthday. We are not planning to wait for a vaccine, although it would be nice to have one before our departure. For us, it will be Bon Voyage, with a glass of champagne, or maybe two, as we sail out to sea. Mary
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