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  1. Hope you got the answers you were looking for. When you look at the cabin selection for your cruise you can see the difference between an aft cabin (port or starboard) and an aft view cabin, looking out over the wake. I don't think "stern" comes into the description when looking at cabin selection. To me there is a huge difference between aft view and aft section. Hope you find the stateroom you want. Cherie
  2. In February when we were leaving the cruise ship early for a flight to IGR we reserved an Uber the night before to make sure we would have a car at 5:30 a.m. There is a small charge for the reservation but it is still less than the scalper cabs at the terminal. Cherie
  3. I can't think of anything better than an aft facing stateroom. I would take Deck 6 aft in a nano second. The fact that there are so many Deck 10 Spa staterooms available is an indication of how desirable these staterooms are. Being at the front of ship, to me, means more wind on the verandah. We don't mind the walk from the aft to the Thermal Suite. JMO. Cherie
  4. You might find some suggestions for private excursions for your group on the Ports of Call, Alaska forum. You can post a new thread for your ports or find threads already there. It looks like your Roll Call is not very active but you might check other roll calls for Alaska to see if there are suggestions. And, then try posting for private tours on Trip Advisor. I don't think HAL offers discounts for the number in your group but private tour operators usually do. You'll have a great time. Cherie
  5. Thanks Sueseabe for the link. They also have a really fun online store. We were there in the 90's. Cherie
  6. Our first pain killer was at the Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke. The captain and my husband and young children jumped out of the boat, swam to shore and came back with the delicious drink (of course the kids had virgin pina coladas). We later stopped at Pusser's in Tortola and that's the recipe we use, it's printed on their coaster. In January my husband had one on the Oosterdam at the Lido Bar and it was a one and done. We'll definitely try other options on our next cruise. Thanks for this fun thread!!! Cherie
  7. Hi Norris, The aft wraps are so great. We reserved the last one available on the Noordam and did not have an option port or starboard. That was important to us on the SA/Antarctica cruise and we chose the cruise because of the cabin. I haven't seen which is a better side for the Islands of the South Pacific cruise, but I am watching for a deck 6 or 7 aft wrap. You have good taste!!!! Cherie
  8. Hi Bimmer09, We love the aft wrap Neptune suites, they are amazing. I don't think you mentioned which deck you booked. We had a Deck 8 aft wrap on the Oosterdam. I think that the Noordam is a sister ship. On the Oosterdam aft wraps on Deck 5 are almost covered and Deck 4 aft wraps have window washing machinery outside their balcony. We love aft wraps and have a Deck 8 aft wrap reserved on the Noordam in 2026. I'm posting this because if your aft wrap is on a deck you do not prefer just keep checking. We were able to change ours from Deck 4 to Deck 8 when there was a cancellation. Have a great cruise. Cherie
  9. Hi, We did Sentir Patagonia and it was $500 per car for a private tour. We did not want to spend time at lunch but wanted to see the wildlife and scenery. A packed lunch was provided. We were able to ask our driver not to stop at the Visitor Center first where all the busses were, and we would stop if we had time on the way out. Our Sentir tour was all day and if you want more details I can give them to you. Cherie
  10. Should there possibly be a new thread re the changes in service/or not? I hope the Op has received some good answers to this thread. It's been interesting to read and such different opinions. Thanks to those that were on the cruise that responded!! Just because you've cruised this inside passage before and it was foggy does not really matter for this cruise. Just because you would prefer to cruise on the west side of the island doesn't really matter or make the Op and those who planned on cruising the east side of the island think "wow" I never thought of that. There have been some very good responses re whether the compensation is fair. JMO Cherie
  11. Absolutely not, if you read the U.S. government rules, many apply to foreign airlines flying in or out of a U.S. airport, this includes delays, changes, and cancellations. I have personally experienced and used the U.S. Department of Transportation rules with 3 foreign airlines flying to/from the U.S., with no problems. You and I will not agree on this so let's just let people enjoy their cruise and air travel and do the best research they can on what to do if something happens. If you are not booking directly with an airline, which has published policies, ask your TA for written details of how they will help you. Happy cruising, Cherie
  12. The cruise and cruise segments are also on the HAL site. Some of the segments look amazing, for those of us who cannot do the entire cruise. Cherie
  13. It's always good to familiarize yourself with FlightsRights.gov, and the US Department of Transportation Aviation Protection Rights. They are good sources of info as to what is and is not required by government of airlines and travel agents. What is not required of an airline or travel agent can always be asked for and requests may or may not be accommodated. Cherie
  14. Have you thought of getting a cruise TA that will help? We did this for our 21 day HAL cruise and it was fabulous. We cannot name TA's on CC but you can pm those who have good TAs. One other post today said that they got 4 different answers from 4 PCs. I think the HIA is pretty detailed as to what is included when you book a cruise. Our HIA is different for our 2026 cruise than it was for our 2024 cruise. There are awesome CC members who can recommend a good TA or PC to help you. Enjoy 47 days cruising. Cherie
  15. Mary229, That has not been my recent experience and unfortunately I have been at the airport when those who booked with a 3rd party were last to be helped or told to contact their 3rd party. I have had good friends experience this also. I am happy that you were able to work things out for your sister. What I am saying has been true for me and others I personally know. Cherie
  16. But if you have the HIA it's not that hard to stop by a bar or two and take glasses of wine to your stateroom. Put the wine or other beverage in a container if you want. I like golden rum and tonic so would get cans of tonic from the bars and double shots of golden rum. Took it back to our cabin and enjoyed it. They would also give us limes. Hope you have a great cruise. Cherie
  17. One other thing we realized a few years ago is that if there is a problem with flights the airline will help you if you booked directly with them, otherwise you need to go thru your 3rd party. Have a great cruise. Cherie
  18. I would never do that. I hope your flights work out for the price you are hoping for and you have a fabulous cruise. Cherie
  19. I totally understand a price looking great, but I no longer go thru a 3rd party. Many times booking with the airline direct gives you the same price. There have been good and bad experiences posted with Flight Ease. If I am going on vacation and know my itinerary I do not want a 3rd party deciding when I get to my destination and how many stops I make. Vacations and cruises are expensive and peace of mind is important. You're going to have a great cruise and will decide on the flights that you are comfortable with. Cherie
  20. BadgerRedux, I just looked at Skyscanner.com for flights from DTW to ANC on July 18. United has several combinations listed but none that match your details, United definitely has flights from DTW to ANC on the 18th, possibly just not thru ORD now. Of course skyscanner does not list all flights but I use it as a start. Hope you work it out soon so you can relax and enjoy the planning. I would probably book my own flights unless you are obligated to Flight Ease. JMO. Cherie
  21. 0106, I'm with you on minimizing our footprint on the world and support your post #7. But if there is already a paper charge slip but you will not sign...how does this stop the charge slip from being printed? It won't be signed and the bar tenders deal with it but it does not eliminate the paper printed. Hopefully HAL will figure this out. Cherie
  22. LAFFNVEGAS - when will we next be invited to your dinner table? Such a fun thing to look forward to. Cherie
  23. We're like you and were able to bring some nice wine on in Chile for the cabin. I think the question has been asked if you can substitute so many drinks a day for a bottle of wine. Can't remember what the answer was, I'm not 35 any longer. Have a great cruise. Cherie
  24. I don't remember. All I remember are posts about how horrible it is so we just put it in the closet. It might have been fine for adding to OJ in the morning for a mimosa. But, in a Neptune Suite, the mimosas are complimentary. Sorry I cannot help you more. I think on our next cruise we will request a white, rose(not sure if this is an option), or red. Cherie
  25. I have read that we could request this but with the HIA we just left our sparkling wine in the closet when we left. Next time we'll do that. Cherie
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