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  1. My cruise for May 30th was cancelled and took the refund option on April 30th. I just received my $6,800 refund and cleared my account July 10th.
  2. I cancelled my 5/30 cruise the first day MSC announced it was being cancelled on 4/30. I received an email from MSC that I would be refunded in 60 days. Well that 60 days has come and gone and no refund. I paid in full $6,800 on Jan 15th for this cruise. My concern is that I paid $2,500 with my Visa card and the balance right out of my checking account with my travel agent. I emailed my travel agent and was told that MSC is backed up and are processing it and that I'm in the loop. I will file a dispute tomorrow with my Visa card, but I'm afraid I'm going to be screwed the balance I paid with m
  3. Our first cruise was back in 87 or 88 and was with Carnival cruise lines on the Carnivale and was a 3 night Bahama cruise. I do remember the servers coming into the main dining room with Baked Alaska, Also each night they were dressed in a different theme. And yes, I remember the midnight buffet with the ice carvings along with the fruit carvings. Can't say I ever remember skeet though.
  4. I disagree. I'm not saying he or his foundation is right or wrong or either side of the debate is right or wrong. I have not yet decided myself. I just have some trepidation. I like to think of it as critical thinking. I'm not one who can be told something without solid facts. Such as there is no doubt we all need water to survive or that the world is round. Right now this whole pandemic-vaccine thing is not a solid unison of opinion or fact in the medical field. For what it's worth, I am not anti-vaccine. I have my vaccinations and I do receive the flu shot each year. I'm just not jumping in
  5. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I'm going to be honest here, just that right there mentioning Gates has me worried. I'll leave it at that.
  6. I have to agree with this 100% I took the option for a refund for my May 30th cruise instead of the FCC and hope that I actually get to see my 7K refunded. It is almost inevitable that there are going to be cruise lines that restructure through bankruptcy and those still waiting for refunds and those with FCC are going to be considered creditors and out of luck. I truly hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see some of these cruise lines coming out of this any other way.
  7. I agree. I'm not happy at all waiting at least 90 days for a refund. I get it's tough times and a lot going on, but 30 days is sufficient in my opinion. 😐
  8. I did purchase travel insurance. However, I'm not sure if bankruptcy from a carrier would be included. Financial default would be covered since it means a company ceases to operate , but that is not the same with bankruptcy. I will give them a call since I don't see any mentioning of it in the policy. As for the bankruptcy, nobody really knows.This is an event no travel related business has ever experienced. We shall see.
  9. Your correct, the key word here is "Later." My sail date of May 30th was cancelled and with this it means I will not see a refund of my $8,000 for 90 days. I truly hope this is not a delay tactic with MSC because they are in financial trouble and are considering restructuring with a bankruptcy. I hope not, but there are certainly cruise lines that will have no option but to file.
  10. I may be missing something here. With what I read from MSC today it can be longer than 60 days. I was to sail on May 30th, and to my understanding the 60 day clock starts ticking at that time for me, meaning that I won't see a refund of my $7,000 paid in full since February. I understand these are difficult times, but there is no reason why it will take MSC up to 90+ days to refund my money. At this point I'm hoping MSC is not going to be one of several cruise lines that will more than likely be forced to file bankruptcy and restructure to stay alive. If they do that, there are going to be so
  11. There's not a chance I would make a final payment with any cruise line this year. I wish I wasn't paid in full for my trip May 30th. I personally think there are going to be some that are either going to fall or restructure with bankruptcies. Either way, those of us with FCC or refunds stand a good chance of never seeing their refund or FCC. I hope that MSC is strong, but I really don't expect to ever see my $8,000 I paid.
  12. Carnival has now given up on all cruises through June 26th in the United States. My prediction is cruising is done at least for the summer and once they are sailing again, it's going to be brutal for a long time. https://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/tourism-cruises/article241969146.html
  13. I am booked for May 30th but will not be sailing. Even if I wanted to, the airlines has made it almost impossible for me. My once non-stop flight now has me flying into Boston with an 7 hour layover with a connecting flight to Ft. Lauderdale that arrives late the night before. Then on the return flight back the only flight on Saturday is at 7:05 AM with an 8 hour layover in Boston before I head back to Cleveland. I'll pass, I cancelled my airlines. Now all I'm waiting for is the offer to receive a cash refund ( I hope). I'll book in the future, but I really don't want to tie up my money for a
  14. I'm taking the cash refund. The 125% is not that big of a deal for me, especially with it just being my wife and I and already booked in YC. That and if this year is wiped out for the cruise industry, there are going to be a few cruise lines that don't come out of this, or perhaps a few may restructure with a bankruptcy. I know that's negative, but it is a huge possibility. I'll take my refund and book another cruise when all this is over when I can see how the cards will fall.
  15. Why? Because while I think cancelling the cruises is the right decision, I've been waiting a year for my cruise and knowing it's probably the last my wife and I will spend with our daughter who's graduating from college this year. I'll never get that back. But again, I do understand and I do agree with the decision to do it, but I still hate it.
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